BTC Chapter 223 : Job Search

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The first, Red Letter mobile phone released the latest HX2S, 2S series improved the camera function after HX2, to achieve a full screen, screen camera, smart focus shooting, etc., while adding wireless charging function, these accessories will also New modules added to the modular phone can be replaced simultaneously.

The pricing of 2S is a few hundred dollars more expensive than HX2. As soon as the phone is released, it is sought after by consumers and the actual price is higher than the official website.

In China, Red Letter mobile phones have become synonymous with high-end mobile phones. If you don’t use red letter smartphone, you don’t feel good.

Moreover, the sales of Red Letter mobile phones in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are not bad. Once they are released, it’s very popular, it is the best one in the current red letter business.

Then, Thunderstorm home appliances smart home, the sales of intelligent controllers have been reduced a lot, but the sales of Xiaoyu smart speakers are gradually rising, people are more and more found that there is a smart speaker at home is more convenient.

Other smart home appliances sales have also improved, but not too obvious, in general, Thunderstorm home appliances has become the top ten enterprises in the domestic appliance industry.

For Red Letter software development, needless to say, the smart system does the wind, especially the Cloud host business.

As for the Red Letter game, the heat of the Eating Chicken game has been declining over the past few months. However, the Red Letter game has user drainage of the Red Letter mobile phone, and other mobile games are also okay, and it is still in fierce competition with game companies such as Tencent games and Net One.

Lu Zixin put the focus on the electric motorcycle. In a month, the plant and the production line could not be built right away, but with the help of RI-8901 and Iron Head, the multi-core intelligent high-efficiency motor, electromagnetic brake device, induction lock and other accessories have been sampled and only the production line has been produced.

Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, Lu Zixin’s office. Su Zhirong knocked on the door and said, “General Lu, someone is looking for you.”

She wears a sleek, professional attire, and her temperament is more and more glamorous. In the eyes of other employees, Su Zhirong is the legendary glamorous president.

Lu Zixin saw Su Zhirong’s eyes a little bit wrong and asked: “Who is looking for me?”

Su Zhirong said: “Your old friend from the island!”

She can said the “old friend” very heavy, which makes Lu Zixin feel puzzled and said: “Xu Wenbin? General Xu came? Did he come in advance notice?”

“No, it’s a beautiful girl!” Su Zhirong said. “It’s already in the company.”

“Who is it?” Lu Zixin wondered.

“Called Xu Xiuying, do you know?” Su Zhirong asked.

“Oh, it’s her.” Lu Zixin explained. “Xu Wenbin daughter, I don’t know what she is doing? Are you jealous?”

“Where?” Su Zhirong raised her head proudly. “Let her come over?”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin nodded, and immediately there was someone bringing Xu Xiuying from downstairs.

When Xu Xiuying came here, she didn’t wear her leather pants. She only had a neutral style, but her legs were long and shaped. I didn’t know how many employees were attracted.

Plus her face is not bad, no wonder Su Zhirong will be a bit strange.

From Xu Xiuying come in, Su Zhirong’s eyes stayed on Xu Xiuying, looking up and down at her, trying to figure out her intentions. Similarly, Xu Xiuying also noticed Su Zhirong. There was a fascinating look in her eyes, and Su Zhirong’s eyes were full of interest.

Lu Zixin felt bad, this Xu Xiuying’s sexual orientation was not right. Did she look at Su Zhirong, and he coughed and broke the situation.

“Mister Lu is good.” Xu Xiuying’s mandarin is not standard, Lu Zixin did not care, said: “How come you here? General Xu? He let you talk about business?”

“No.” Xu Xiuying said, “Mister Lu, I have nothing to do with Yayuan Telecom this time. I am here to apply for job.”

“Job search?” Su Zhirong’s tone is a bit cold. This is a woman’s natural vigilance. “That should go to the personnel department first.”

Xu Xiuying revealed a kind smile to her and said: “I want to go to the personnel department, but it seems like the personnel department of your Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology not the personnel of Pengyun Automobile.”

“Then I didn’t come alone, but with a few friends, so I just wanted to trouble Mister Lu. You can rest assured that I am not coming for back door.”

“What do you mean is interviewing for Pengyun?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah.” Xu Xiuying nodded and said: “After the last game, I still have some friends on motorcycle. I am very interested in your motorcycle technology. You know, I am a major in mechanical design and manufacturing at Beitai University.”

“My few friends, like me, have a good understanding of motorcycle, cars, and mechanical equipment. Among them, there are talents who have received professional evaluations in Europe and America. I heard that Red Letter established a vehicles company in the mainland, so we want to come over for job search.”

These are all Xu Wenbin said to Xu Xiuying. Xu Xiuying likes these motorcycle and mechanical things, but Xu Wenbin is keenly aware that the economy on Baodao has not been so prosperous in recent years.

There is such opportunity to let the daughter go to the mainland to develop.

Xu Xiuying heard that after understanding Red Letter, she immediately agreed. She and a few like-minded friends discussed it directly and came to the mainland.

Lu Zixin did not refuse this request. Instead, he said, “Let’s do it. I will let sister Jiang interview you personally. If you can meet the company’s entry requirements, let her arrange it.”

“Thank you Mister Lu.” Xu Xiuying quickly bowed and thanked, very polite.

She asked Su Zhirong next to him: “Is this an assistant to Mister Lu? Can you give me a contact? If there is something, I don’t have to bother Mister Lu.”

Su Zhirong nodded and gave her contact information. Xu Xiuying showed a satisfactory look, and then she said goodbye.

She left, Su Zhirong yelled: “Really promised.”

Lu Zixin smiled helplessly and said: “This is not a major event. And you can rest assured that this girl is definitely not looking for me to catch up.”

“I didn’t say that.” Su Zhirong seemed to have been pricked by him, and she said with a strong mouth.

“Hahaha, still said no, eyes drifting!” Lu Zixin smiled and whispered in her ear: “I have no problem, but you, pay more attention to her.”

“Why?” Su Zhirong wondered. “Does she have any problems? Commercial spies?”

“Where do you want to go!” Lu Zixin whispered. “This girl is not simple. She doesn’t like men. She likes women. She just looked at your eyes differently and wanted your contact. So, little Susu You must not have taken her beauty plan, and was abducted, then I will lose money!”

“Go, I am normal!” Su Zhirong said.

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