BTC Chapter 222 : Cosmic Expansion

Edited: XiaXue

Peter Parker : “[emoticon: wipe the sweat.]”

When it comes to energy, Optimus Prime also expressed his opinion and said : “Electric energy is too inefficient. We generally use high-polymerization energy blocks. And not only do they charge energy in energy storage devices, but even store energy in atomic structures.”

Red Queen : “[worship emoticon: big bang!]”

Creator Luke : “In this case, energy consumption is fast.”

He hit the nail on the head, and Optimus Prime said helplessly : “Yes, since we invented this energy block and atomic energy storage method, the energy on Cybertron planet was quickly exhausted.”

“If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t leave Cybertron to find new energy planets.”

Creator Luke : “This is the inevitable stage of every civilization. When civilization develops to a certain extent, it will definitely face an energy crisis. If it cannot be solved, it may face extinction!”

Luke’s turbid old eyes exude a wise light, and in his control room, you can see pictures from the Devil and Arad.

The devil world is a world of depletion of energy. If it is not by plundering the energy of other worlds, now it is only a dead planet with no life.

Optimus Prime : “This is the only way to go from planetary civilization to interstellar civilization. We have no choice! Even if we sacrifice our lives!”

Mr. L : “The topic is too heavy.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: rushing to the owner] Yes, it’s better to send a Red envelope to the crowd.”

Peter Parker : “Agree +1.”

Tony Stark : “It seems that I haven’t grabbed Red envelope of the owner for a long time. Well, I don’t mean anything else, just say it.”

Luke and Optimus Prime did not speak. Lu Zixin shifted the topic and asked the Creator Luke: “@Creator Luke, last time you didn’t get a four-level imitation of mechanical equations, how is the effect?”

Creator Luke : “Not bad, I re-created a super-war robot and made it a mechanical life. The reptiles who are now harassing in Silent City can’t even get in.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: The handsome owner is ready for Red envelope, but the ugly owner is still shifting the subject.]”

Peter Parker copied and pasted her emoticon, Mr. L : “Cough, I have to look at it first.”

Lu Zixin cuts the picture to the group activity interface. Fortunately, the activity level is increased by one level, and a Red envelope is added.

Originally this Red envelope he intended to send to Optimus Prime, but since today’s topic talked about this, simply send it.

So, Lu Zixin sent the random Red envelope into a group of luck red envelopes.

Group prompt : “Mr. L sent a password Red envelope, enter the password: ‘The owner is the most handsome!’.”

Red Queen first sent an emoticon : “[emoticon: stinking.]”

Then she copied the password almost instantly : “The owner is the most handsome!”

Red Queen : “[Upward finger emoticon: the above sentence doesn’t count!]”

Peter Parker : “The owner is the most handsome!”

Creator Luke : “The owner is the most handsome!!”

Tony Stark: “The owner is the most handsome!”

Optimus Prime : “The owner is the most handsome!”

Only Bruce Wayne is not online, so no collar.

Group prompt : “Mr. L’s password Red envelope has been received.”

Lu Zixin curiously clicked in and checked the collection.

The first is Red Queen, who won the exclusive group title of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Master of Fighting (Remarks) : The exclusive title of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group is a symbol of honor!

Red Queen quickly sent a punctuation mark, and on her name, the words “Master of Fighting” appeared.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: proud] Hahaha, now I am a master of fighting, who dares to fight with me?”

Lu Zixin is speechless. This title does not seem to have any practical effect. He replies : “You are happy.”

Next up is Peter Parker, who grabbed a tiny electromagnetic jamming bomb from the random password Red envelope.

Micro-electromagnetic interference bombs : “Using electromagnetic bombs to interfere with magnetic fields can cause electromagnetic signals to confuse or destroy electronic equipment in a short period of time.”

Creator Luke grabbed a “mechanical throne design” that showed the use of this design to create a high-sense and technology-based mechanical throne with defense, attack, and even the ability to repair life cells.

Tony Stark, on the other hand, got an “intelligent life detector” that possible to detect intelligent life within a hundred meters.

Finally, Optimus Prime, his luck seems to be better than others, he got a “quantum signal transmitter”, according to this signal transmitter, can carry out quantum information communication in light years.

The people thanked Lu Zixin together, and only Red Queen saw their rewards before they made a mistaken figure : “[I suspected that the emoticon of the machine: why am I so bad?]”

Mr. L : “haha, next time you grab the Red envelope and send it a hundred times, ‘The owner is the most handsome!’, luck will be fine.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon of little girl: pull it down!] Although I am a smart computer, I can’t talk to the ‘program’.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: the boat of friendship says it will turn over.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Overturn the boat of friendship and steal your lifebuoy.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: you unfilial son!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: You go away, I don’t have a stupid son like you!]”

Mr. L : “Okay, you cow.”

Tony Stark ridiculed : “It’s a master of fighting, and the group owner has no power to fight back.”

“The owner, do you dare to challenge my position and see the words on my head?” Red Queen said, the four words on the name sparkled – the master of fighting!

She sent a display of emoticon, the picture is the universe starry sky, with the text: “Cosmic expansion!”


After a wave of battle with Red Queen in the group, Lu Zixin withdrew from the group chat.

Just chatting with Tony Stark for a while, Lu Zixin also gained something. When a research lab was established a few months ago, Lu Zixin approved a research project to study wireless charging.

Up to now, there has been some progress, but the technology is still not mature. So Lu Zixin decided to make it even better, first of all, to make wireless access to small mobile communication devices, then electric motorcycle, electric cars.

To this end, Lu Zixin went to the laboratory in person to assist in the research. And RI-8901, now mainly responsible for camera technology, smart glasses and electric motorcycle manufacturing, with iron head.

Time flies, and a month has passed, and various research and projects have been carried out at different levels.

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