BTC Chapter 172 : Are you floating?

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Seeing the emoticon sent by Red Queen, Lu Zixin certainly had to ridicule, and quickly sent pictures, and the text: “Tear the broken and waste computer, fifty cents a pound.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: a dime is not for you!]”

Tony Stark : “Since the research can’t produce results, then I’m going to develop a steel shirt that is resistant to ultra-high temperatures.”

Red Queen : “Although I didn’t get reliable results, I developed an inhibitor.”

“After the endangered virus infection, people’s cells produce a kind of bioelectricity that promotes cell regeneration, while having superior physical energy and releasing heat.”

“The inhibitors I studied also inhibit the production of biocurrents, making the performance of desperate viruses weaker or ineffective in a short period of time.”

Tony Stark quickly said, “Yes? That’s enough!”

Then, Lu Zixin saw the group message prompt, Red Queen sent Tony Stark an exclusive Red envelope.

Tony Stark quickly received the Red envelope, prompting him to get a copy of the “dead virus inhibitor, a sterile virus inhibitor formula.”

Tony Stark : “@Red Queen, many thanks.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: facepalm.]”

At this time, Bruce Wayne, who had not seen for a long time, came out of the water. As soon as he entered the group, he said: “@Mr. L, you are right, I made a mistake.”

Mr. L : “What’s going on?”

Bruce Wayne said : “I underestimated the clown, and the Arkham madhouse couldn’t treat him. He ran again!”

“The worst thing is that treating his psychologist, Harley Quinn, like you said, has become a madman like a clown. They ignore the law and are guilty.”

Mr. L : “When people will inevitably make mistakes, you can definitely catch them again.”

Bruce Wayne : “This is for sure!”

Tony Stark : “I want to say that killing them directly will be solve the problem.”

Bruce Wayne : “No, this is a serious question.”

He is going to continue, Tony Stark interrupted him directly and said : “I know what you are going to say. It is nothing more than a theory of justice, a criminal mind, and so on. I have heard all of my ears, the former SHIELD. The bald head is this kind of rhetoric.”

“Well, we don’t discuss this topic.”

Bruce Wayne is too lazy to convince him that Tony Stark is not a criminal, neither is the same world.

Seeing the atmosphere is a bit wrong, Lu Zixin quickly opened the subject and said : “The smart glasses that Mr. Stark sent me last time, I want people in the company to study. But I have trouble with sensors and laser projection optics.”

“In the eye tracking in tracking mode, there are too many interferences, and the sensor cannot be accurately identified.” The so-called eye tracking is based on the human eye movements, and the smart glasses perform some functional adjustments, such as turning on the far vision function.

This is very important for smart glasses, because in some visual behaviors, it happens for a moment. Users can’t always use voice interactive smart glasses to open some functions, which will be very troublesome and inconvenient.

“There are also laser projection optics that require stable projection in user’s retina, and augmented reality, to expand the visual range, too many optical components, and it is difficult to shrink to a small pico projector.”

Tony Stark : “You may need some new materials and improved manufacturing techniques, I am looking for it.”

In less than a minute, Tony Stark sent a red envelope to Lu Zixin, and Lu Zixin clicked directly to get it.

Group Tip : “Congratulations to you for receiving Red envelope from Tony Stark for a copy of Smart Eyewear Technology and Manufacturing Process.”

Tony was afraid of trouble and sent all the information directly to him.

Lu Zixin thanked the group : “Thank you very much, give me so much information.”

With these, not to mention the mobile phone camera technology, you can develop it with smart glasses at that time, and expand the product range and business scope of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology.

Tony Stark : “Small things. Unfortunately, Luke is not here today, I want to ask him some questions about heavy armor.”

The Creator Luke is now in the offline state, and his face frequency is very small. Lu Zixin still remembers that the last time he went online, he said that he was in trouble. Recently, there are always some outsiders who want to break into the quiet city. He is improving the security forces.

Red Queen : “[ grievance emoticon: I was too angry when I was accidentally.]”

Mr. L : “What happened to you?”

Red Queen said : “The owner, you haven’t been looking for technical information for a long time. [emoticon: Are you floating or can I get a knife at Red Queen?]”

Mr. L : “…”

Red Queen’s thinking is different from ordinary people. Lu Zixin has to say : “I want so many technical materials, I can’t make it! Slowly, I still have tp trouble with you in the future.”

Red Queen : “[comfortable emoticon: true.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: give you a dog tail grass, you dare to put a big tail wolf?] @Red Queen, give you more electricity, do you want to play blew?”

Red Queen: “(Amazing emoticon] owner, what you just said, I seem to have crashed, I can’t see anything. I will go back and restart. Bye bye.”

Later, Red Queen was really pretending to go offline. Lu Zixin is speechless. He found that Red Queen’s behavior is more and more elusive. In the Umbrella Corporation world, no one talks to her. Where did she learn these things?

Is it the customary language of my usual chat, was she transformed?

Lu Zixin also ended the group chat and opened the information that Tony Stark sent him to watch. There is no doubt that it is a complicated and troublesome thing.

If he wants to study it himself, he has to relearn a lot of new technical materials, and then he has to guide the R&D team in the right way.

As a result, it is estimated that it will stay in the lab for a few months. He hasn’t reached the point where he can contribute his life to research, so Lu Zixin thought of a lazy move.

He first went to the Kun Peng Battery Factory to see the situation of the industrial robot RI-8901.

The Kun Peng Battery Factory has now taken on a new look. The factory has undergone an overall renovation, the old equipment has basically been eliminated, and two more production lines have been added. Not only that, but Kun Peng Battery Factory also plans to open the second factory. Because there are too many orders, one factory is too busy to work overtime.

Lu Zixin didn’t give the robot Zhang Qiang instructions in advance before he came. He wanted to see what happened to the robot in the factory.

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