BTC Chapter 173 : Master Zhang

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin went to the Kun Peng Battery Factory and found that Zhang Qiang was not in the factory. He called Bi Bosi and asked, “What about Zhang Qiang?”

“Master Zhang, he went to the electronics factory.” Bi Bosi said.

“Master Zhang?” Lu Zixin looked at him strangely. The “ID card” of RI-8901 industrial robot was only in his twenties, but the concept of Bi Bosi junior, before Bi Bosi called him or shouted Xiao Zhang’s, now becomes Zhang. Master, what happened?

“Yeah, Master Zhang!” Bi Bosi said with emotion. “Zhang Qiang is really a foreigner who has learned a lot from abroad. The knowledge of machinery and equipment is much richer than my old guy.”

“The factory knows that no matter which equipment has a problem, others can’t solve it. Master Zhang will solve it immediately! So everyone calls him Master Zhang.”

“Not only in our factory, but also in the surrounding factories, Master Zhang is very powerful. This is not the case. There is a machine in the electronics factory next to our factory. They have to pay for Master Zhang to repair it.”

“There is still such a thing!” Lu Zixin also felt a little surprised. This robot has developed very well, but it can still earn extra money!

He stayed in the factory for a while and checked the situation in the factory. After more than an hour, Zhang Qiang came back.

He did not come back by himself, but with workshop supervisor of the electronics factory was sent by car. He have been thanking for the factory and said: “Thanks to Master Zhang, our factory is rushing to fulfill the order, equipment is out of order, I thought it would take a few days to fix it and delay the construction period.”

“Who knows Master Zhang has come and repaired it in a few minutes! Thank you very much! We have to invite Master Zhang to eat. Master Zhang said that there is something in the factory, so I have to send it back. If you have time, we must ask Master Zhang to eat. Ok!”

“Old Zhao, you want to dig the wall! I don’t agree!” Bi Bosi said with a smile, and said to Zhang Qiang: “Working hard, Master Zhang.”

Zhang Qiang nodded and there was no extra emotion on his face. However, everyone has long been used to it. In their impression, Zhang Qiang is a muscular man who is introverted, does not like to talk and interact with people, and has high industrial technology.

“Zhang Qiang, come to the office.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yes.” Zhang Qiang immediately replied.

As soon as he entered the office, Lu Zixin locked the door. Asked: “Is there any problem lately?”

“No, everything is normal.” Zhang Qiang replied.

“Good.” Lu Zixin asked. “In your database, should there be a lot of industrial information?”

“Yes, Master.” Zhang Qiang replied.

“Is there any smart glasses made?”

“No.” Zhang Qiang reply was very concise. “My information library is mainly about mechanical equipment and chemical energy.”

Every industrial robot has a different field of expertise. Because industrial robots that work in different jobs need to have different functions, the information base and internal structure are completely different when designing.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin thought for a moment and asked, “So I will add this information to your information library. Can you master it? Learn to make related equipment.”


“Well, open your message to receive the signal, I will send the information to you.” Lu Zixin told him that to Zhang Qiang, his kernel began to receive technical information about “smart glasses” from Lu Zixin.

After a few minutes, these technical materials were added to his repository.

Lu Zixin said: “From today, you don’t have to stay in this factory.”

Zhang Qiang no emotion, Lu Zixin continued: “I was worried that you were behaving abnormally and would be surprised. Now it seems that there is no such problem.”

“I have passed this information to you now, and you go to the R&D department of the company to lead the development of this camera technology and smart glasses technology. Do you understand?”

“Understand.” Zhang Qiang replied.

Lu Zixin feels relaxed and has a lot of things to do with intelligent robot guidance! If you can find Luke to have a few more, then you can arrange one in the factory and several subsidiaries, which can solve a lot of troubles.

In this way, Zhang Qiang was arranged by Lu Zixin to the company’s R&D department to become a professional technical director.

As the company’s various businesses develop steadily, time has come to the end of the year.

Lu Zixin’s house in He County has already begun to be built, and Xue Yao is still looking for him from time to time to report on the progress. Lu Zixin also took time to go back, met a parent, and then returned to the company.

This year, he does not intend to go to He County, but to go to Shanghai, because that is where Su Zhirong’s parents are. After Su Zhirong blew the pillow, Lu Zixin agreed to go to Shanghai to see his father-in-law.

A week before Chinese New Year, Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong took the plane to Shanghai, accompanied them is Su Xiaomeng, who was on a winter vacation.

On the way, Su Zhirong is still on the spot with Lu Zixin’s parents’ preferences and habits.

“My mom is a good, has a good temper, and there is no prejudice. There is a gift I have chosen for you. It should not be a problem for her.” Su Zhirong said, “It’s my dad, it might be a little troublesome.”

“What’s wrong?” Lu Zixin asked. “Is he still arranged a blind date to you, so he is not satisfied with me?”

“Brother-in-law, you have seen more novels!” Su Xiaomeng spoke in the side. “Is there any rich second generation to come out to grab your wife!”

Lu Zixin took a look at Su Zhirong. Now she is more beautiful than before at Jiang University, he seriously said: “There is really such a possibility.”

“Nothing!” Su Zhirong gave him white eye and said: “My dad is a very serious person, thinking about his business every day. When I was studying, the profession was chosen by him, in order after I graduated to help him.”

“The results have not graduated, I went to Red Letter. He has been educating me.”

“Yeah, married daughter, splashed out of water. This has not married, it helps outsiders, regardless of her mother, it is really white for twenty years. If I let Old Man see the guy who turned my daughter I don’t pack him!” Su Xiaomeng was also a lively look. She shook her head and put on a sophisticated tone to imitate her dad’s tone.

Lu Zixin said without words: “I am lying and shooting.”

Su Xiaomeng comforted: “Do not worry, brother-in-law. At most, the old man is not pleasing the eye to you, but you and I will not say anything about the elder sister.”

“How are you so much?” Su Zhirong pinched her little face and criticized.

“Explain that I am smart.” Su Xiaomeng boasted.

“Smart, you are a big ghost, you are a ghost.” Su Zhirong spit.

Soon, they got off the plane and headed straight to Su Zhirong’s home.

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