BTC Chapter 291 : Soul of Three Kingdoms

Edited: XiaXue

Plans for virtual projectors and virtual projection games were immediately put on agenda and began to be developed.

After two years of development, Red Letter Group also has more than 10 research centers and hundreds of laboratories, plus the reserve of scientific research personnel, and then the progress of research and development is much faster.

Red Letter Game Co., Ltd., the game development department is considering the type of the first virtual projection game.

“As the first virtual projection game, we must let players see it’s “exciting”, have a gorgeous visual experience and a refreshing sense, so I think the first virtual projection game is better for fighting games!”

“Like movie, the characters in the arcade run from the second to the third, and there is a real battle in front of you, more power!” one person suggested.

“This is a good thing. If the action of fighting game is well made, the projection of the virtual projection is like watching a science fiction movie!”

The people discussed together and finally decided to make a “Three Kingdoms” type of fighting game, taking out the well-known military commanders and writers, and making the characters in fighting to fight.

During this time, Lu Zixin stayed in Jiangcheng, and went to Red Letter Software Development Company to inspect it. The Red Letter software development is much better than Red Letter game.

Because of the opening of Red Letter mobile phone system, the business of Red Letter Software Co., Ltd. has directly increased by one-third, and it still maintains a steady upward trend.

Two weeks later, came RI-8901 news that the virtual projection technology has been successfully verified and equipment manufacturing can begin.

In fact, the current Science and Technology world has a certain level of virtual projection technology. However, there are still defects. The new technology developed by Red Letter solves these defects and can achieve the effect of small devices projecting under daily light interference.

With this news, Lu Zixin is not excited, because he has already seen Tony Stark’s virtual projection technology, and the virtual projection technology that works with artificial intelligence can make him feel excited.

But the people of Red Letter game couldn’t stand it. Several technicians immediately asked to go to Pengcheng to learn about the technology and then develop a virtual projection game.


Tencent game, in a tens of high-rise office, a man is carrying his hands, looking out the window and looking at the scenery over the city.

This person is the senior vice president of Tencent Group, Ning Shaozhen, who once hosted Red Letter game to seize Eat Chicken game market.

Recalling the time of previous year, Ning Shaozhen felt so incredible. A small game company, which is supposed to be the opponent of Tencent’s game, has risen under their oppression and become the top five game company in Chinese game market.

And Red Letter has also emerged from the game and has become the leader of the Chinese communications industry. It is a miracle!

During that time, his pressure was extremely great, and Tencent Group’s President number of times criticized him.

Fortunately, Tencent game did not fall, but improved the level of game production, plus a variety of activities, promotion, hard to survive the impact of Red Letter Eating Chicken game.

Then, Tencent game also launched a powerful game accelerator and other popular games. The Red Letter game has been declining after the popularity of Eating Chicken game, and it is profitable by relying on game channels such as game accelerator and red letter smartphone.

“We are still the boss!” Ning Shaozhen is very happy, the Red Letter Group has frequently reported in other fields, but in the field of games, Tencent is still short!

Tok, tok!” Someone was knocking at the door of the office.

“Come in.” Ning Shaozhen shouted, an assistant came in with the file.

“President Ning, the data of last month has come out. The top three online games and mobile game rankings are all our games. The mobile game “Moon Spirit” of Red Letter has already fallen out of top ten. The online game “Future Warrior” is even more greatly reduced, the top 20 can’t enter.”

“The current Red Letter game is no longer worthy of our opponent!” the assistant said happily.

“No!” Ning Shaozhen shook his head. “No one should look down on red letter. Don’t forget that the current Red Letter Group is already a giant!”

“President Ning, I think Red Letter Group estimates that it is giving up the game business!” said the assistant. “In the past year, Red Letter game has been going downhill. If it is not the channel provided by Red Letter and Red Letter software, they will have been closed!”

“The CEO of Red Letter has long been to Red Letter Electronics. This Red Letter game can only be a second-rate game company.”

“The second-rate is not enough, but in the next six months, when we completely occupy their game market share, they can’t even talk about second-rate!” Ning Shaozhen said with confidence.

Tencent games are booming, and recently there have been several popular games, especially since they have a long-awaited large-scale 3D online game “Sword Shadow”. Once launched, they will definitely lead the game again!

“President Ning, there is one more thing. The organizer of CHINAJOY has sent an invitation letter this year,” said the assistant.

“Very good!” Ning Shaozhen said, “Other games will follow the arrangement of previous years. The game “Sword Shadow” will be officially announced by this CHINAJOY.”

CHINAJOY, China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition, has reported more than a dozen circles, and now it has become a grand event in the game industry. All major game companies will attend the event and show their own games.

The number of visitors to the exhibition every year has also increased year by year, coupled with the attention of other media, this is an excellent promotional opportunity for the game company.

Like Tencent game, Red Letter game was naturally invited by the organizers. When CHINAJOY was last year, the experience of Red Letter game was not very good. At that time, Tencent’s “League of Legends”, “King of Glory” and Eating Chicken game interactive areas almost attracted more than 50% of the audience.

And Tencent game also invited a lot of net red, house gods and stars, and the momentum is several times stronger than red letter game.

This year’s Red Letter game is going to learn the lesson, and also invites a few popular stars, but the most important thing is to have a game that attracts the audience and show it to players all over the country.

“Soul of Three Kingdoms” from development department of Red Letter game, they have identified the name of the first virtual projection game, the developer is explaining to Lu Zixin.

““Soul of Three Kingdoms” is mainly a fighting game. We will produce military and civilians with different skills to fight on virtual projection map.”

“The game type is not new, but its biggest highlight is the naked eye 3D fight. Through the virtual projection, the game screen is really displayed in front of the player.”

“We made a concept video using a computer, you see.”

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