BTC Chapter 290 : Ready to start work

Edited: XiaXue

“I see VR game, this road is still not working, we should shift the focus to mobile game.” Liu Tong said.

The two chatted and arrived at the company’s conference room. Lu Zixin hadn’t come yet. There were already directors and supervisors from various departments sitting and negotiating.

“Recently, Tencent Games has launched an anniversary event, and all its games are doing marketing together. The heat has directly crushed us!” said the director of marketing department. “President Liu, we have also planned a big event, will you look later?”

“Yeah.” Liu Tong nodded.

“Good morning, are you all right?” In the conference room, Lu Zixin pushed the door in.

“Good morning President.” Everyone greeted, and Liu Tong said, “All are here.”

“Good.” Lu Zixin said, “Yesterday, I talked with President Liu, Vice-President Zhu and Vice-President Yue all day, and wanted to find a new breakthrough for the current bottleneck of our Red Letter game!”

“Where we studied VR games in particular, we found that it was far from mass operation, and the drawbacks were still too many. But it also made me discover a new way of playing!”

Lu Zixin said this, lets people open the projector in the conference room and play two videos. These two videos are the game videos from Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Seeing the virtual projection of Iron Man VS Batman, you can understand that when you see the second red little Loli VS Panda, many people show curious expression, the director of planning department said: “This emoticon war is very interesting!”

After the two videos were finished, Lu Zixin asked: “What do you think about the game shown in the video?”

The director of planning department first said: “It’s very interesting. It directly moves the flat game into three-dimensional space, which can greatly increase the fun of players. It is also like watching 3D movies while playing games.”

“This projection effect, if I think, the size of the game screen is no longer limited by the display screen, it can be projected as big as the screen of the mobile phone, and in the room it can be projected even larger. This reminds me of virtual projection game in the card game.”

“If this kind of game can really be developed,” the planning director joked. “The game market is estimated to be crazy!”

Liu Tong asked: “President, what do you mean is by letting us reduce the physical movements of VR games into a traditional mouse-and-keyboard action game with VR perspective?”

“This really reduces costs and equipment constraints.” Zhu An nodded, “It’s indeed feasible!”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said, “I mean, just follow the video and make a virtual projection game!”

“As you just said, in some animation and film works, there is such a virtual projection game. As long as you have a projection device, players can play the game in any venue.”

“It can be a small game on the desktop, a big fighting game in the arena, or a adventure-related game in a special room. It’s all made up of virtual projections, letting the flat game break the wall and come to our 3D world!”

“Do virtual projection games?” Everyone is a glimpse, this game idea is great value, but the premise is to have that technology!

The current virtual projection technology needs to be carried out in the darkroom, and the required equipment and projection design are not as simple as VR games.

The director of technology department said: “President, I think this virtual projection game can be used as a research direction, but it is not suitable for immediate investment.”

“The matching virtual projection device, like VR accessory device, is very expensive, and the player can’t afford it, and we don’t have the technology and experience to make a virtual projection game…”

He said a bit from a technical point of view, and everyone nodded.

Lu Zixin simply said: “I know what your biggest concern is, the level of virtual projection technology!”

“Today I have another news to tell you that our Red Letter Electronics Corporation already has a mature virtual projection technology. It is expected that 360 degree holographic projectors will be made soon, and the performance of holographic projection equipment is one level higher, cost and size will be better than those on the market!”

“Even a smartphone-sized virtual projector is not impossible!”

“What? Our company already has this technology?” The executives of Red Letter game all stunned for a while, and they all saw the shock from the other’s eyes.

“Virtual projection game!” said the technical director, muttering, “I thought this game would take at least five years before it could be developed!”

“Is this true?” Zhu An felt unprepared. They thought about countless countermeasures yesterday. Today they are told that they have virtual projection technology and can do virtual projection games!

If so, what else to study, do it directly! Just use your toes to know that if red letter game can be the first to launch a mature virtual projection game, and use the civilian equipment to popularize the world, then in this new game field, the red letter game will be unmatched!

Everyone still feels unbelievable. A HX GLASS smart glasses has made them feel very powerful. Now even the virtual projections are there. The virtual projection game that Lu Zixin just showed will no longer be just a video and will be a real game!

“President!” Liu Tong has been with serious expression immediately opened, showing a smile, said: “President, this is really the best news I heard this year! You have to tell us early, I promise, we can open a new brand of red letter games in the game market, the first in the industry!”

“If you do, Tencent will call us father!” Zhu An exclaimed excitedly.

Yue Hui also showed an excited look and said: “The gap between virtual projection game and the current online game is like the difference between the previous roadside arcade game and the current online game! If it can be successfully made, I can conclude that it will be like that year. The online games are sweeping across the country!”

“President, can the company’s technology really support us in making virtual projection games?” the technical director asked again without confirmation.

“Of course!” Lu Zixin affirmed. “But it takes a little while, we have to make virtual projection equipment better, lighter and cheaper.”

“Great! I really want to go see it now!” Director of Technology is happy to say.

After a heated discussion in the conference room, Lu Zixin immediately established the latest direction for Red Letter game and began to develop virtual projection games and related game equipment.

As for the traditional online games and mobile game market, let Tencent games, Net One games and so on for a few more days, when the game industry changes, Red Letter games will re-declare their existence!

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