BTC Chapter 289 : Red Queen’s brain hole game

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On the screen, Iron Man concentrated a circle of bats with a laser beam, and its virtual projection turned into a pile of fragments.

Bruce Wayne : “My armor is resistant to ray attacks, and the game is not designed.”

Tony Stark said : “Just show it, don’t mind.”

He then said to Lu Zixin : “Like this, moving the game into real world requires only a micro projector.”

In the method shown by Tony Stark, the game content is transmitted directly from computer room via a wireless network, and the projector projects the changes.

The operating device is also carried out through virtual keyboard of the projection. This method may be modified, but compared to VR game that Lu Zixin experienced before, I don’t know how many good times!

Mr. L  : “Good idea! Just virtual projection technology is hard to achieve? And it is still an operational virtual projection!”

Tony Stark : “Remember the virtual projection beads that I gave you? That small projectile can already do this. According to your company’s current technology, it should be enough for development.”

After that, Tony Stark sent Lu Zixin an exclusive Red envelope.

Group Tip : “You have received the exclusive Red envelope from Tony Stark, and congratulations you get “Full Projection of Virtual Projection Technology.”

Lu Zixin was overjoyed, first thanks, and then the thoughts spread again. If you wait for Red Letter to develop this technology, not just game, it has a very large purpose in other fields.

For example, scientific research, factory construction, virtual modeling, it’s role will be more extensive and powerful than the current flat projector! Every industry needs it!

It can be said that this is not only an opportunity for Red Letter games, but also a major innovative technology for Red Letter Electronics!

Red Queen : “I will!”

After that, Red Queen also sent a video. On the neat desktop, her synthetic virtual projection appeared.

The projection environment is a dilapidated city, bloodthirsty zombies wandering around the city, full of dilapidated and terrifying sights.

At this moment, a panda man appeared! Not a person who looks like a panda, but a panda who suddenly changed from 3D style to emoticon style, walked cautiously on the streets of the city.

There are two words on the top of panda head : “The owner.”

The owner walked in the ruins, was discovered by zombies, and then fought with zombies. The pandas had their martial arts, and the zombies who had been killed were in a row.

However, the game is not over yet, a red little Loli appears, with the title of “Master of Fighting”, cold said with a sneer : “The owner, today is your death!”

Said, the red Loli will launch the move, the first move “40 meters long knife”, a 40-meter long knife appeared in her hand, cut down against the panda.

The Panda launched a new skill, and there was also the name “Cheeky” on the top of head, which directly caught the attack of a forty-meter-long knife with his face.

The red Loli continued to attack, and a handful of Gatling appeared in the hand to the Panda. “Sudden”, Gatling emerged a blue fire, and numerous bullets designed the Panda.

The Panda yelled : “Let’s face the wind!”

Saying, there was a wall of blast behind the panda. However, the bullet was hit from the front, and the pandas were suddenly riddled with holes.

“Shadow of the body!” Suddenly, thousands of pandas appeared in virtual projection, laughing at the small red Loli.

In the red little Loli, a fairy ball suddenly appeared in her hand and shouted: “The decision is you, the orange tree!”

There was a flash in fairy ball, followed by an orange tree growing out of the ground, and countless oranges with funny faces drowned the pandas.


Lu Zixin saw a black line, such a strange style and plot, this is the most wonderful game he has ever seen.

Red Queen also proudly said : “The owner, have you seen it? This is my “Red Queen emoticon package wars master” game, sure many people like to play!”

Mr. L : “It’s better to play zombies!”

He finished, and when he saw the group prompt, Red Queen sent him an exclusive Red envelope.

Red Queen : “@Mr. L, the game was sent to you, and you will try to beat me soon. [emoticon: Come on, I am optimistic about you!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: erect middle finger!]”

Lu Zixin still collects the pothole games made by Red Queen. It is also good when it is casual. Of course, the premise is that it has virtual projection technology.

Lu Zixin took the “Virtual Projection Technology Solution” from Tony Stark from the group space and watched it carefully.

Most of the technical information books are about optical, semiconductor, microelectronics, etc. Lu Zixin can only know a little about it and know the extent of technology.

According to the data, darkroom holographic projection technology is relatively simple to complete, because the requirements for light and projection instruments are not very high.

The next step is the outdoor virtual projection technology, which means that the virtual projection can be clearly displayed under the interference of sunlight or other light sources.

Not only that, but the projection can also be designed in advance in the computer, like a movie. To this extent, it is already the leading technology for the current Science and Technology level.

However, this is just the beginning, and the virtual projection can be modified in real time, just like how Tony Stark operates, at that time, if you connect an external device, such as a mouse, keyboard or gamepad, you can intuitively manipulate the virtual projection.

Later, the virtual projection is operated directly by hand without any external equipment! This is the most technically demanding part. When a person’s hand touches the projection, it needs super-precise sensing equipment and information processing system to judge the person’s wishes, and then make corresponding changes to the virtual projection.

To this extent, Lu Zixin estimates that Red Letter will not be able to do it for a while, as long as it is outdoor virtual projection, this technology has a high value.

Real-time control, the virtual projection type of game is no longer a problem, not only that, life, research, work and so on can be used.

Lu Zixin’s plan is to reach the stage of real-time manipulation as soon as possible. He immediately sent the information to RI-8901. At the beginning, RI-8901 was responsible for the work related to smart glasses, and it was easier to handle this.

Early the next morning, Lu Zixin informed Liu Tong and others in the group that there was a countermeasure!

After the discussion yesterday, Liu Tong and other three people went back and forth and thought for half a night, still did not think of any good way.

I saw Lu Zixin’s news early this morning. I was very surprised. What did President think of?

The company’s elevator, Zhu An happened to meet Liu Tong, and both of them didn’t sleep well.

“Good morning, Zhu An, what do President think of? You know?” Liu Tong said curiously.

“I don’t know!” Zhu An shook his head. “I thought about my big head last night and didn’t think of a good way.”

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