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Bruce Wayne didn’t have a big cold on Red Queen’s emoticon. It was still a calm tone. “This kind of artificial intelligence, I really saw it for the first time. She is more like an emoticon manufacturing program.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Show what you are talking about.]”

Mr. L : “This is just an appearance.”

Bruce Wayne : “Well, maybe we shouldn’t waste time on meaningless conversation. Since this is a Science and Technology exchange group, I would love to know that we can communicate in those areas.”

Lu Zixin thought about it and said : “Red Queen is proficient in artificial intelligence and life engineering, Tony Stark is good at military and mechanical armor; as for Peter Parker, he is a high school student with research in physics and chemistry.“

Bruce Wayne : “So what about you?”

Mr. L : “I am the owner!”

Bruce Wayne : “The owner? Mr. L? is also a mysterious character. Well, I can understand that many special people like to play this camouflage game.”

He finished, the little spider actually go online, and as soon as he appeared, he immediately said, “Hey, I seem to see you mention me?”

Later, he also sent an emoticon : “[emoticon: I seem to hear you say that I am handsome behind my back!]”

Mr. L : “Well, Parker is also taken by Red Queen!”

Peter Parker : “Wow, there is a new big man. Hello, Mr. Wayne, I am Peter Parker, I am in high school…”

He slammed a bunch of words, Bruce Wayne : “OK, your information is very detailed. You have been using super power to fight criminals? This is a good choice, this is what I am doing, I appreciate it. Young people.”

Peter Parker : “Thank you for complimenting me, but I don’t think I am doing enough.”

Bruce Wayne : “Learning and thinking, this is our most valuable asset. As long as you master it, you can continue to improve.”

Peter Parker : “That makes sense. Mr. Wayne, you must be a very wise person. Mr. Wayne, you also fight criminals. What is your super power?”

Bruce Wayne had almost no pause for a second and replied directly : “I am rich.”

Mr. L : “…”

Peter Parker : “…”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am speechless!]”

Peter Parker : “It turns out that you are the same as Mr. Stark. Now I feel more and more that the owners are right, they must have assets in order to better pursue their careers!”

“Speaking of it, the way the owner gave me idea is really good. Now I can fully pay for my own expenses, and I can even buy the Christmas gift she wants.”


They continued to talk and soon talked about the fight against criminals.

Bruce Wayne said : “Parker, have you thought about why you should fight criminals?”

Peter Parker : “Because they harm society.”

Bruce Wayne : “This is just one aspect. Why is this thing for you to do, not for others? Have you thought about it?”

Peter Parker : “Yes, no. I just did it when I saw it.”

Bruce Wayne was now incarnate as a spiritual mentor of the little spider, following the temptation : “Because you have this ability, your conscience prompts you to do this, and you can do it!”

Peter Parker : “You are right, my uncle also told me that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility!”

Bruce Wayne : “This sentence is very philosophical, your uncle is right. This is our responsibility…”

Lu Zixin and Red Queen dive silently, watching them chat and not being able to talk for a while.

Referring to the means of capturing criminals, Peter Parker said with a slight sigh : “My spider silk transmitter has been improved, and now the spider silk is enough for me to fight for two hours!”

Bruce Wayne : “This is a good invention. The new material, convenient and tough, is much more convenient than my bat claw hook.”

Peter Parker : “If you need it, I can give you the recipe for this material!”

Bruce Wayne asked : “This is your patent. Are you sure to give it to me? I can’t pay you a patent fee here.”

Peter Parker naturally said : “This is what everyone in the group does, Science and Technology communicate and help each other.”

Mr. L : “Yes, this is also included in the group’s mission. Mr. Wayne, you don’t have to worry, we are all in different universes, and there is no other influence on the interaction between Science and Technology.”

Bruce Wayne : “That’s good. Well, I am very willing to accept this rule.”

When he finished, Peter Parker sent him a Red envelope.

At this moment, in the DC universe, a parallel earth, the tallest building in Gotham City, on the Wayne Building, Bruce Wayne clicked to receive the Red envelope.

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received Peter Parker’s Red envelope and got a ‘special spider silk solution recipe’.”

Bruce Wayne carefully read the recipe and instructions, and his serious face showed a trace of surprise. “This strange new material, if used in weapons, is definitely very effective. Maybe I can make a bat launcher?”

He quickly replied in the group : “Thank you for your recipe, I can predict that this will be a very important invention.”

“Right, you just sent Red envelope, is the method of material exchange between the group members? I used to go to China in the past, there seems to be such a tradition.”

Mr. L : “Yes, that’s it. But Red envelope is not an equivalent transaction, just help.”

Bruce Wayne : “Although that’s the case, I still feel a little overwhelmed by accepting other people’s gifts. It’s better to send Red envelopes to you.”

Red Queen saw the news and immediately bubbling out : “[emoticon: Ask for Red envelope!]”

Peter Parker : “I am ready!”

Bruce Wayne : “Wait a minute, I need to look at this Red envelope feature and see if there are any small gifts for you.”

Everyone waited patiently, and in a few moments, a red envelope pattern popped up in the group.

This pattern is bigger than the Red envelope they usually send, and it shows luck Red envelope!

Before they sent Red envelopes to each other, they were all exclusive Red envelopes, and only certain group members could receive them. And the luck of Red envelope is the thing that grabs the inside by luck.

The fastest pick is Red Queen. As artificial intelligence, her speed are simply incomparable for Lu Zixin and little spider. This guy is a red envelope catching!

The second one is Peter Parker, who has super serum and is more responsive than Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin H1 serum is just a weakened version of small spider.

Lu Zixin finally got red envelope, just grabbed the last one.

“I still advocate exclusive Red envelope in the future.” He thought to himself that if he had a chance to play Red envelope, his speed was definitely better than that of others.

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