BTC Chapter 495 : Drug Research and Development

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It’s not convenient for Lu Zixin to disclose it. But several experts insist to staying and eager to study this treatment case.

Until now, they are not sure the new drug will work. Sometimes, drugs may rebound or make mistakes in the later stages of treatment, and more careful observation is needed.

These experts is very excited and they thought, they had found a cure for malignant tumors, but Red Queen had already told Lu Zixin that new drug could only suppress cancer cells and couldn’t cured it.

And in the later stages, the patient’s body may develop resistance, and the inhibitory effect will weakened. In short, this is a “life-saving medicine” that must be taken without interruption. Once stopped, the patient will die of cancer.

The next week, Xue Bai physical condition improved further. He can walk on his own and follow this situation. In a few weeks, he can live normally.

This situation surprised several doctors and experts, chasing Lu Zixin to ask, wanting to know the source of this new medicine.

“President Lu, I know this new drug is definitely a top secret! I shouldn’t ask, but…” Wu Huaide said urgently, “The significance of this new drug is too great! There’s many cancer patients in the world, especially in the late stage. Often, we can only watch them death!”

“And this new drug has already proved it’s magical effect. If it can appear in the market as soon as possible, how many lives can be saved! This is a great merit!”

“Mister Lu. Medicine doesn’t know national boundaries. We hope this new drug is released as soon as possible, or it’s research institutions can publish some research reports…” said Brewer and others.

Lu Zixin also somewhat helpless, and the synthetic production of this new drug is done by Red Queen. It’s impossible to made her mass-produced it. It’s okay for Red Queen to manufacture the drug in small part. If it’s mass-produced, it will require a lot of resources, and she will be discovered by the top management of umbrella company.

However, Red Letter Group, in terms of pharmaceutical manufacturing, is still a blank and unable to manufacture it.

He had no choice but to say: “Several people, I agree with you. I also hope this new drug will appear on the market, but it’s research institutes indicate that there’s still some defects in the new drug, not necessarily for all patients. So it’s also necessary for further improvement, if there is progress, I will inform you.”

Several people feel a little regretful, if they can participate in the process of cancer drug development or launch, they will all leave a strong mark in the history of medicine!

Brewer said: “Mister Lu, if you have any news, please let me know. Our Texas Cancer Immunology Research Center is willing to help!”

France’s Benoit also quickly stated: “French National Cancer Institute also willing to provide help!”

Lu Zixin expressed his gratitude. After having difficulty dealing with these experts. He went to visit Xue Bai.

In the ward, Xue Bai was lying on the bed, watching a projection movie, or a martial arts action movie.

“Dad, the doctor said you have to rest, don’t watch this fight!” Xue Yao groaned. She wore a light dress and sat in the ward.

“It’s okay, I’m fine! Haha, I just like to watch this!” Xue Bai said with a smile. His mental condition completely different from before. Even a little bit of a scar and the pain are forgotten.

“Uncle, you are recovering well!” Lu Zixin walked in, carrying fruit in his hand.

“Little Lu, haha, which is not bad, it is very good!” Xue Bai smiled and said: “I really want to thank you, I thought I had no cure. I didn’t expect you to get new drugs, I feel that after a few more days. I will recovered! Several of my old friends have said this is the manifestation of bodhisattva!”

“You are blessed.” Lu Zixin smiled and said to Xue Yao: “Don’t worry about it now.”

Xue Yao nodded and smiled. She took the fruit from his hand and said, “Eat Apple, I will cut it for you.”

Now her Father’s condition has improved. Xue Yao can finally breathe a sigh of relief and sleep well.

The two accompanied Xue Bai for a while and then returned to Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd. together.

In the office, Xue Yao put on her own professional attire. A classic pair of white shirts with black suits, and a close-fitting suit skirt outlined her sturdy figure.

“All the other medicines I got. I put them in the safe of Jiangcheng villa, enough for my uncle to eat for decades.” Lu Zixin sat in a leather chair and said.

“Yeah.” Xue Yao felt inexplicably moved. When she felt desperate, she could rely on someone. This feeling is good.

She leaned over and sent Lu Zixin a kiss…

For a moment, Xue Yao fluffed her hair and asked: “What are you going to do with the new medicine? Dr. Zeng, Director Xia, and the dean came to talk to me personally. After talking, they hope to learn about the new drug research and development institutions, even want to buy the first batch of this new drug.”

“What do you think?” Lu Zixin asked.

“If you can help, try to help!” Xue Yao sighed in a sigh, “I used to know that illness is very painful and tortures patients and family members. But after experiencing it myself. I realized this pain is far more than words can described!”

“Just the hospital we went to, there’s many cancer patients. My dad still has us to take care of. Some patients, I see they are just waiting to die! I can’t cure it and live desperately…If this new drug can really help them, why should we be stingy? It’s just not making money! Can you?”

Looking at Xue Yao’s long-awaited look, Lu Zixin smiled and said, “Of course.”

“Then how do you reject them?” Xue Yao wondered.

Lu Zixin explained: “They thought I wanted to make money, but it wasn’t. Now my wealth has reached the point where it can’t be spent. Just like you said, it’s okay if you don’t make money. But this medicine is only for your Dad, others, we are unable to manufacture it.”

“Why? Professor Wu said if we need it. State Food and Drug Administration has his friends and students, they definitely help us to approve for approval in the fastest time! Whether it’s research and development or production, it’s no problem to apply for national help!” Xue Yao asked.

“There’s many reasons.” Lu Zixin said too deeply, and could only say: “In short, I plan to invest in a medical research center myself and try to introduce this new drug early.”

“Well, I will definitely help you.”

The source of this new drug, research and development, Lu Zixin can’t explain to the outside world. Coupled with the technical secrets and problems in synthetic manufacturing, he couldn’t give it to other institutions, so he had to work harder and add a new research direction for Red Letter Group.

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