BTC Chapter 120 : Cooperation

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“The school recruits can of course cooperate. We also welcome Jiangcheng University recent graduates to work in Red Letter.” Lu Zixin said to Jiangcheng University school leaders that they are negotiating to make Red Letter a co-operative company of Jiangcheng University and participate in Jiangcheng University every year school recruits things.

“Good.” President Fan said, “I decided to make this decision!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “I hope to have a good cooperation in the future.”

It is very common for companies to work with universities. Especially in the high-Science and Technology field, they can also directly carry out research and development projects with universities. The level of research at top universities, as well as state-level laboratories, are second to none.

After talking with them, Tian Xiangshan also gave a simple speech to the students, and the prom was coming to an end.

“Today is not early, we will talk again tomorrow.” Tian Xiangshan and Lu Zixin agreed, talk again tomorrow, and then they will leave.


At 10:30 in the evening, Lu Zhixin lived in a high-end hotel apartment, Su Zhirong sat on the sofa and watched the phone, but in her heart could not calm down, Lu Zixin was sitting opposite her.

“Don’t you have something to say?” Su Zhirong asked, Lu Zixin just let her come for this reason.

Lu Zixin didn’t talk, but his mouth was slightly raised and he looked at Su Zhirong with a gaze.

Under the soft light, Su Zhirong sat on the sofa with a slight nervousness. A black rose-like dress with a fair complexion of white skin.

When she just graduated from the dance party, she inevitably drank some red wine. Su Zhirong’s face was already dyed with a layer of red glow, which matched the eyes of limpid autumn water.

In the face of Lu Zixin’s aggressive vision, she felt a little nervous, and a pair of white long, innocent legs were tightly held together, which made Lu Zixin’s hormones secretly secrete.

As mentioned before, after injecting H1 serum developed by Red Queen, all aspects of the body have been improved, including hormone secretion.

For the first time, he often couldn’t control his emotional impulses. Later, although he was stable, it was also suppressing himself. At this moment, Lu Zixin couldn’t help it.

There is a flower that can be folded straight and straight, and there is no flower and empty branches. Lu Zixin slowly approached Su Zhirong, looking at her in a condescending position and lifting her smooth chin.


Su Zhirong only made a dull voice and was already invaded.

The war has just begun, the enemy has already attacked the highlands, triumphant in the highlands, and claws.

Su Zhirong is powerless and can only let the storm plunder, and more and more places fall.

The venue of the war shifted from the sofa to the soft collapse, and the battle became more intense. Lu Zixin led the army to capture the Yumen Pass.

“Don’t.” Su Zhirong pleaded in his ear. “Not today.”



Looking at Lu Zixin’s disappointed expression, Su Zhirong blushes and whispers something in his ear, and Lu Zixin is excited again.


The next day, Lu Zixin woke up in the soft fragrance, Su Zhirong still slept quietly beside him, and the slightly scattered hair was placed on the pretty face, hands clasped him as a pillow, hugged tightly. One leg is still on his waist.

Lu Zixin couldn’t help but kiss her face, Su Zhirong was shocked by him, and this opened her eyes.

She buried her face in Lu Zixin’s chest and whispered, “What time is it?”

“Nine o’clock.”

“Is it nine? I used to wake up at 7:30 in the morning.” She wanted to adjust her sleeping position, but she shouted: “Hands are sour, blame you, I have no strength at all. “”

“haha.” Lu Zixin smiled and said, “Then you have a good rest, I have to talk to Tian Xiangshan, ​​and come back after the talk.”

“Yeah.” Su Zhirong reluctantly let him go, Lu Zixin covered her seductive scenery with a quilt, and then cleared the door and went out.

In the hotel where Tian Xiangshan stayed, Lu Zixin had a discussion with him.

“Actually, I have long wanted to talk to you. I have a chance today.” Tian Xiangshan said with emotion, “We have studied the red core chip and super Android System, which is really powerful.”

“Is there a chance, in these respects, will our two companies cooperate?”

Lu Zixin said: “Cooperation, of course, there are opportunities. But how do you want to cooperate with General Tian?”

Tian Xiangshan looked at him and lowered his speech rate. He said: “The chip is their own technology patent. I won’t mention it. But your super Android System, I am very interested. If you can achieve some cooperation in the mobile phone system. I want to benefit both companies.”

Lu Zixin hesitated, but he already thought about it. Super Android System, to put it bluntly, is an optimized version of Android phone system, the importance is not great.

After the Super Android System, Red Letter has begun to study its own mobile phone System – HX (Red Letter) mobile phone System. Just like the Apple IOS System, it has its own complete mobile ecosystem.

When the HX mobile phone system comes out, they don’t need the Super Android System. It is the most sensible choice to get some benefits. The key is how to cooperate to be more beneficial.

Tian Xiangshan looked at him hesitant and continued to persuade: “You also know that in the mobile phone market, we still have a lot of strong competitors. Only mutual benefit can compete for more market share.”

“The most important thing is that our two mobile phone brands have different user groups. You are now targeting mobile game players, and our Rice is positioned in the low-end market, and there is no direct competition.”

Lu Zixin nodded. “You said it makes sense, but the Super Android System is now a weapon of our red letter. I can’t easily say that it is shared.”

“Of course I know, I am talking about cooperation.” Tian Xiangshan said, “As far as I know, your Red Letter has recently been looking for a mobile phone OEM to cooperate, definitely because of insufficient capacity?”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said, “It’s really awkward, but it is. We are just getting started, and we are still weak on the industrial base.”

“That’s a good idea. Our Rice company has invested in a number of hardware factories in recent years. In these areas, we can cooperate.” Tian Xiangshan said.

Lu Zixin is also doing this, take a mobile phone system to be eliminated by them to change the convenience of the benefits, it is a big profit!

Next, he talked with Tian Xiangshan on specific ways of cooperation until a preliminary agreement was reached.

Red Letter will jointly develop the Super Android System with Rice Mobile. To put it bluntly, it is to provide them with the right to use this mobile phone System.

At the same time, several factories owned by Rice will accept orders from Red Letter to produce hardware for them. This is only a preliminary agreement. There will be some changes when it is officially signed, but it does not matter.

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