BTC Chapter 121 : Battery Problems

Edited: XiaXue

The cooperation with Rice was initially finalized and Lu Zixin went to Pengcheng again. During these days of leisure, Red Letter mobile phone encountered new problems.

A cell phone lithium battery was placed at Lu Zixin’s desk, and Lu Zixin frowned. “What specific problem?”

“Did the battery explode?”

Battery explosion is not a trivial matter, Samsung’s mobile phone is a heavy loss. Not only does the reputation decline, but it also compensates for the loss and recalls the product.

Tang Gang shook his head and said: “Not so serious, but it is also very troublesome.”

He picked up the lithium battery and said: “This is the lithium battery for mobile phones used by our HX1. It is provided by a mid-range battery manufacturer in China. This battery is not bad in terms of safety, but it has a big flaw.”

“It’s a very problematic battery storage. There have been a lot of feedback from mobile phone users recently, indicating that our mobile phone’s battery consumption is extremely fast. There are people on the Internet who specialize in discrediting us, resulting in a much smaller amount of HX1 bookings.”

“What do users say? I look at it.” Lu Zixin finished, Tang Gang sent him an email, which is the feedback of some HX1 users.

User 138~956: “HX1’s battery life is too bad? I played a few games and it was empty. No other phones are durable! Can’t you improve it?”

User 177~154: “What little bully mobile game machine? It’s all hype. It’s too inconvenient to play the mobile game with a charging cable.”

User 135~232: “This phone is ok, it is too fast.”


Lu Zixin quickly read it and asked: “Have you ever found a reason?”

Tang Gang nodded and said: “When we first had these problems, we began to investigate. I summed up the points.”

“Battery performance, the lithium battery we use, battery capacity and durability should be said to be similar to other mobile phones. But the key is that, in order to have better performance, each hardware consumes more power.”

“Especially our users, most of them are mobile game players. Red core generation processors and ultra Android systems are convenient and fast, but combined to consume more power.”

“So in comparison, users will feel that our phone’s battery life is very poor.”

Lu Zixin nodded, this is the case when the accessories are not matched. When the processor is stronger, the power consumption will be higher, and the battery will not keep up, which will cause HX1 to have defects.

“How about the data in terms of capacity and sales volume?” he asked again.

“The customer’s booking volume this month is more than 400,000 units. Our latest order is one million units. But left unit should have only more than 18,000 units.” Tang Gang said, “and we have high quality requirements and lead to qualification. The rate is lower, and there are often reworked products, and the output may be lower.”

“As for sales, because our production capacity is not enough, sales are still in short supply, and the finished products can be sold.”

Lu Zixin nodded. “That is, the production capacity is still low, and there is a problem with the mobile phone battery.”

If this problem is not resolved, Red Letter will not be able to launch HX2, nor can it compete with other mobile phone brands.

“Mobile phone battery problem, we are trying to contact other manufacturers, but the situation is not very good.” Tang Gang said, “The first is a few powerful battery suppliers, the two companies currently discussing with us, one reason to provide us with The battery of the mobile phone is not very high in performance compared to now.”

“And the other is a factory in Japan country. They are still asking too much for the price. As for the others, they can’t cooperate in a short time.”

“The performance is not high, then don’t talk about it.” Lu Zixin said, “What about the specific situation of Japan country?”

Tang Gang had already prepared the materials and handed him a document. Said: “This company is called Fujitsu Battery, a subsidiary of the Matsushita Group of Japan. The battery that mainly produces electronic products is an international leader in battery performance.”

“But they are asking too much, 50% higher than the normal price!”

“Do they dare to do so much?” Lu Zixin surprisedly said.

Tang Gang smiled and said: “Of course dare. They have a lot of technical costs, that is, we have no battery technology like this.”

“If we use their batteries, performance will definitely increase. But if the cost increases, our profits will be greatly reduced. We are still negotiating and trying to lower the battery price.”

“Tomorrow’s representative of the company’s battery will negotiate with us and agree on the results.”

Lu Zixin said directly, “I will go to talk tomorrow.”

The next day, Lu Zixin and Tang Gang, as well as Yao Li, the person in charge of the battery of Red Letter, prepared to discuss with the representative of the company.

Yao Li is very thin, not ridiculous. It used to be battery technology worker. It is one of the people Lu Zixin dug in Wang Tang Science and Technology.

“Fujitsu Battery Co., Ltd. has been established for more than ten years. Although it is a subsidiary of Matsushita Group, it is completely autonomous. It has two factories in China and one in Pengcheng.” Yao Li is afraid that Lu Zixin does not understand, and Introduce it again.

“They mainly make batteries for portable devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. We have already seen their technical processes and production levels, which are more in line with our requirements. Now the most important thing is that they refuse to lower the price.”

“Well, I will talk about it first, I will listen to it.” Lu Zixin said.

At the time of appointment, the representative of Fujisawa Battery came, a total of two people, a short island national, and a young man, who should be a native.

“Mr. Nishimura, Mr. Ishikawa, welcome to negotiate.” Tang Gang used to shake hands with them and introduced: “This is the CEO of our Red Letter Electronics, Lu Yan.”

“Hello.” Lu Zixin shook hands with them.

Tang Gang introduced him again: “This is the business manager of Fujitsu Battery, Nishimura Hiraichi, this is Ishikawa Zhuo, the vice president of Fujitsu Battery.”

Lu Zixin was a little surprised. He said to the person named Ishikawa Zhuo: “I thought Mr. Ishikawa was a Chinese!”

Shichuan Zhuo shook his head and said in fluent Chinese: “No, I am an Japanese. When I was a teenager, I went to the island with my parents.”

The negotiations officially began, and Lu Zixin remained silent for a while, listening to Tang Gang’s talks with the other party. It can be seen that Ishikawa is the main person in charge, but he also attaches great importance to the opinions of Nishimura.

After talking for a while, the two sides did not make any progress. Tang Gang said: “Your price is too much. According to our survey, the battery supplier with similar technical level is only 70% or even 60%.”

Ishikawa Zhuo said with a smile: “The price is not so comparable. Our asking price is to fully consider the cost and the reasonable requirements put forward by the market. I can say that in China, the mobile phone battery is no higher than our level.”

“As for manufacturers in South Korea and United States, will they not ask for a lower price than us?”

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