BTC Chapter 318 : Schedule

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“Director Wang, is this okay? Our team spent a week to make it!” Yan Wei saw their surprised expression, quite proud.

“Bovine!” Wang Luyuan raised his thumb and said with emotion: “I have seen it. Before, we were shooting against the green screen. It is very difficult for actors to make emotional input. Now I can shoot directly in a virtual world. I never thought about it!”

“It’s so handsome!” The writer, Huo Dong (Fire Hole), praised, “I have been thinking about how to make special effects pictures in the novel in the later period. I didn’t expect you to do so well!”

“I have a question. Can these virtual projection scenes interact with actors? For example, if I play this tree, will it move?”

“Not yet, the virtual projection scene is set, if you want to have other actions, you still have to post-production.” Yan Wei explained.

“This is enough!” Wang Luyuan eyes sparkled with light, and said to the female starring: “Little girl, isn’t afraid now?”

The female starring is still a college student at a film school. This is her first acting and she has been worried that she will not perform well. Now see such a real scene, immediately nodded: “Director, not afraid. This scene is too substitutive, I saw the script yesterday, the picture of dreaming is similar to this!”

“Haha, that line, start shooting!” Wang Luyuan waved his hand and announced that he officially started shooting.


The filming progress is fast, because the entire process has a high degree of Science and Technology escort. For sci-fi movies, the general shots are very simple, and the big scenes are time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In some large-scale shootings, sometimes it takes ten days and a half to make special items and scenes.

But for red letter film and television, no matter what kind of scenes or props can be directly expressed by virtual projection.

Lu Zixin even let RI-8901 come to help, some of the exquisite props that the crew wants to make, it can be done in minutes.

Wang Luyuan was very impressed, saying that this was the most comfortable movie he had ever taken. This is really what he wants and the scenes in the movie are all outside the planet, so the entire shooting process does not need to leave the studio.

After two months, this new virtual projection movie officially announced the end of filming.

When the sample was taken out for review, there was still a small storm, because this is the first virtual projection movie that everyone has not seen.

When I sent it to the audit, it was said that the leaders of large and small departments of the audit department personally used the virtual projection to watch this movie, and immediately there was a leader applauding!

The film then passed the review and began to schedule the release date.

“The fastest can only be arranged until October.”

In the office, Wang Luyuan, Xue Yao and Lu Zixin negotiated.

“Can you catch up with 11th National Day?” Xue Yao asked.

Wang Luyuan thought for a while and shook his head. “It’s very difficult. We have such a big movie. There is a good reason to arrange for 11th. But suddenly there are two movies, we can’t line up.”

“One is produced by Lida Pictures, the director is Jiang Hongru’s “Tomorrow Earth”, 3D masterpiece, and one is “White Gun 2” produced by Brother Films.”

“White gun 2 was originally scheduled to be in Spring Festival, and suddenly it was transferred to 11th. “Tomorrow Earth” is planned to be broadcast next year, who knows that this year will be broadcast!”

Xue Yao eyebrow was vertical and said: “They know that we have to fight for the National Day, deliberately use two big movies to grab the position!”

Wang Luyuan smiled bitterly and said: “It’s hard to say. But people have a wide relationship in the circle. We really can’t compete with them. If we can’t compete for the National Day, the Spring Festival is not expected to compete, and we can only wait until next year!”

“Next year?” Lu Zixin shook his head. “It’s too slow. Red Letter will launch a virtual projection camera next year. If it is next year, it will miss the opportunity.”

Now that someone is researching their virtual projection device, Red Letter is not as proactive as it is, and it directly occupies a blank market before competitors come up with the product.

Therefore, in line with the plan of the head office, Red Letter Films must advance the film, which is why this film was so fast.

“If the National Day and Spring Festival files are not listed, the daily release may not be too good!” Wang Luyuan was said to be the most proud work so far. He certainly wants to have a good schedule and get good box office. It is even possible to take a few awards or something and become a top director.

“It’s just after the October file, in mid-October,” Lu Zixin said. “It’s also a good way to arrange a movie. Now there are no virtual projectors in some third- and fourth-line cinemas, in the cinemas of big cities. There are also very few virtual screening rooms.”

“If we have to grab the hot spot, the amount of film can’t keep up.”

“This is also true!” Wang Luyuan nodded, their movie, not to say that they can put it, only some cinemas can play.

“Furthermore, our movies don’t have to worry about piracy,” Lu Zixin said. “The virtual projection movie, no one has a virtual projection video device, can’t steal it. It has resources, and there is no playing equipment.”

“So, put it directly in the usual schedule, let the market witness.”


Everything is ready, and the first virtual projection film of Red Letter will be premiered on October 9th in a movie theater with “virtual projection” in the country.

Those film and television companies originally wanted to suppress red letter film industry in the schedule and the number of films. It turned out that red letter was not in the hot spot, and there were not many movie theaters with virtual projection room. They did not need to be suppressed. They were not enough.

And Red Letter Film has also started advertising. The first is the promotion of ordinary media channels, this effect is average. Because the promo is seen on a flat device, it is just an ordinary 3D effect.

However, on virtual projection devices, the publicity effect is completely different.

In an Internet cafe, a virtual projection game area. Now virtual projection game consoles can not only play “Soul of Three Kingdoms” large online games, but also play some small games. These small games were developed by the cooperative game operators, after Red Letter opened the virtual projection effects production software.

This also greatly enriches the content of virtual projection game, making it more attractive to players.

“Network management, on the machine!” A player is excited to come to the Internet cafe, ready to play “Soul of Three Kingdoms”.

He started the virtual projection game console, and the familiar projection screen appeared on the desktop. At this time, he did not directly enter the game. Instead, an interface pops up, which reads: “The first virtual projection movie in history, shocking propaganda film, is it watching?”

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