MST Chapter 117 : Program Sale

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There is no doubt that Journey to the West is on fire, and Journey to the West sweeps across the country overnight.

After one day, Jiang Fengxian’s phone had never been disconnected and another one immediately hung up. Jiang Fengxian’s mouth was almost worn out. All the people who called were from various TV stations and video sites, asking to buy the right to play Journey to the West. It is also blamed that they were planning to vote for too many TV stations at that time. Now no matter which TV station they are thinking about, they can talk about it.

Even Liu Chiyan, several TV stations got her private phone and called her directly. Liu Chiyan refused to say that Jiang Fengxian was responsible for this matter, so they contacted Jiang Fengxian and kicked the ball to Jiang Fengxian. By the way, Jiang Fengxian was really confused.

When he got off work at night, Jiang Fengxian scolded and angrily shouted, “Recruit people! Recruit people tomorrow! So many times I still want my old life!” When he spoke, the phone rang again, Jiang Fengxian had a black line…

The next afternoon.

Jiang Fengxian knocked on the door of the office.

“President Liu.” Jiang Fengxian first greeted Liu Chiyan. “Advisor Ye, the quotation of TV station and video website for the right to broadcast the program, I have roughly clarified it. I have sorted it out. These are more suitable. Let’s take a look.” Jiang Fengxian voice is a little hoarse and the lips are a bit white.

Ye Guang: “Hey, Old Jiang, what happened to your throat.”

Jiang Fengxian snorted. “You said, knowing why!”

Ye Guang smiled, “You are tired, you are affected, come and come, I will give you a cup of water to moisten the throat.” Said, Ye Guang got up and helped Jiang Fengxian pour water.

Jiang Fengxian is not polite with him, shit, although you are leader, but we are exhausted, just pour a glass of water, not too much!

Jiang Fengxian was also thirsty. Ye Guang poured a glass of water for him, and he grunted. “One more cup.”

Ye Guang took the cup, smiled and gave him another glass of water.

Jiang Fengxian: “Advisor Ye, I have almost clarified the quotation. The three companies that are most suitable for the current quotation, I will tell you to give you an idea.”

Ye Guang nodded. “Well, let’s talk.”

Jiang Fengxian: “TV station I chose two, one is CCTV, the other is ZJ satellite TV, CCTV quoted 20 million, ZJ satellite TV quoted 28 million, the highest online quotation is TT video, the quote is 11 million.”

Ye Guang burst out. “The offer is not low.”

Jiang Fengxian, “Well, it’s not low, because we have a lot of programs, but we can’t say it’s high. Listening to you has a total of 100 rounds. The cost of each period is actually the same, mainly this. The show is made by us, and the naming rights have been sold by us. They can only get this price at the highest.”

Ye Guang nodded: “Well, are they just the copyright of the show? I don’t want to sell the copyright of Journey to the West.”

Jiang Fengxian: “Of course it’s just the copyright of the show. The copyright of Journey to the West is also mentioned, but I directly refused.”

Ye Guang: “That’s good.”

Jiang Fengxian nodded and continued: “There is no entanglement in online copyright. TT video is also the mainstream video website with high traffic. The quotation is also the highest. It is CCTV and ZJ satellite TV that requires you to take an idea. CCTV has a greater influence. Their offer is slightly lower. However, the price of subsequent advertising fees may be higher than ZJ satellite TV.”

Ye Guang thought about it and asked, “What about the advertising fee?”

Jiang Fengxian: “Advertising is not yet fixed. If the program copyright is sold out, the advertisement will not be under our control. It will be led by TV station. At that time, we will share with TV station.”

Ye Guang nodded and understood. He didn’t understand these things, and he couldn’t make it. So he asked Liu Chiyan, “President Liu, you give me an idea. I don’t know.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “Sell it to CCTV, advertising fees can be higher, and it will not be much worse than selling to ZJ satellite TV. Anyway, the cost of programming is not high. How can it not be earned? Compared with these millions, the impact is better.”

Ye Guang nodded and Jiang Fengxian had no problem. The tone of “Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West” was settled. The TV copyright was sold to CCTV and online copyright was sold to TT video.

On the same day, Jiang Fengxian flew to Beijing. Jiang Xin flies to Shenzhen.

Two days later, all the “Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West” programs uploaded on internet were removed from the shelves, and the audiences were puzzled.

“Ah! Why, the good looks in front, this will be 404.”

“Hey! TT video? I have to complain, why did you delete Journey to the West…”

“What’s the situation! It’s cool to see it, how suddenly it’s gone.”

Many viewers are puzzled and have to go online to see if there is any relevant news.

But on the Internet, there are also messages that are unpredictable.

The show was made by Youxianqi Entertainment, so the hair of Liu Chiyan’s Weibo was also blown up. Ye Guang’s Weibo was also hot. Countless netizens commented on the inside story, but Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang have not responded.

Although Liu Chiyan Weibo there are many fans, she is still more restrained. Her death loyalty is numerous, and most people don’t dare to mess around. I am afraid that it will be sprayed into the sieve by his fans. Therefore, the voice asked in Weibo is followed by a while, but fortunately, what are the words of excessive netizens, that is, one or two occasionally, they are suddenly drowned by saliva.

But Ye Guang’s Weibo didn’t have such good luck. He recently has been mad at Weibo. Everyone has a lot of people, and the number of fans has exceeded 500,000. He doesn’t have a few die loyalty fans, so Weibo said everything, the spray is rampant, the spit is flying, and the words are fierce.

“Ye Guang is so stupid, Journey to the West is gone, and I am Journey to the West.”

“I think he is not just a fool, or an eunuch.”

“Yes, dead eunuch, no small JJ.”


Someone sprayed Ye Guang Weibo is informed, Ye Guang didn’t take it too seriously at first, it is inevitable to have a spray, let them go to trouble.

Occasionally, some netizens came out to stop it, let them converge a little, or say a fair word.

“It’s almost gone, I don’t know what’s going on, is it interesting? Pay attention to the quality.”

However, this netizen immediately became the object of the keyboard man’s tears.

“Fuck! Close your bird.”

“You are also an SB. Are you a turtle son who is also responsible for me?”

“SB died in a house register.”


The netizens who are blunt and blunt are really awkward with them, but he has a mouth, and everything is instantly overwhelmed by the dirty work of the bloody sprayers.

Many of the sprays are still proud, and they are fascinating, and they seem to have done something remarkable.

Other netizens don’t want to recruit people who take a bite out of these people. They all look at the fire on the other side of the bank, or they don’t look at it directly. They don’t see it as a net.

Netizens with a little glass heart can’t stand it, and even directly canceled Ye Guang’s attention.

However, when the sprays were blowing, Weibo came out with a few fans who called the fifty cents party.

A big battle kicked off.

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