MST Chapter 216 : Video Fermentation

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Just when the two people are in love, the outside world picked up a waves.

Ye Guang is not too big or too small to be regarded as a public figure. The number of followers on Weibo is considerable. He uploaded a video called “Sky Curtain” to Internet and instantly noticed by netizens.

“Hm, Ye Guang uploaded a video, Sky Curtain? What the hell? Take a look.”

The first person who saw this video was a Ye Guang fan. He opened the video with a careless mood and watched it for a few minutes. He immediately immersed in it. Then for the next fifty minutes or so, he was in shock. After the entire video played, the fan still stunned for a long time. It took a while before he burst out a swear word: “Fuck!”

Then, in just three hours. This 58-minute video was quickly forwarded on Weibo nearly 100,000 times and the number of clicks exceeded 5 million.

This shocked countless netizens after they watching it.

“FML! This is true?”

“Fake, right? Anyway, I don’t dare to believe.”

“I always thought I live in paradise, but I didn’t expect that there’s a demons all around me.”

“Scared me to urine, mother save me.”

“A few days ago I also sent a picture of a fog, and said that I live in a beautiful fairyland. Now I just want to say, I am really stupid.”

“I think, I owe Ye Guang an apology. Some time ago, I sprayed him, but after watching the video he sent today. I think, no matter what he has done before. Whether it is violent and brutal, or lack of character. Just for this video, I owe him an apology and a thank you.”

“This is a wake-up call for us and for the whole society. This is a great behavior!”


On the other hand, several executives and leaders of Weibo gathered together for a meeting.

The middle-aged man in the lead rubbed his temples. “Everyone knows about the Sky Curtain video.  Let’s talk about it. What are your opinions?”

A bald man said first, “I suggest deleting the video, immediately, right away! We can’t let him continue to spread this video on our Weibo, maybe we will be implicated.”

Several members of the meeting nodded in agreement.

The middle-aged man looked around for a while. “Is there any other opinions?”

Another man with a blessed body said, “I also watched the video. To be honest, I’m shocked after watching it. The person who dared to make and broadcast this video was a man. This is something that you can only dare to do if you have the courage to pin your head on your waistband. I respect him. At the same time, I also think netizens should see this video. Now, Weibo is on this scale. The most fundamental reason for such rapid development is the support and trust of the public in us, so we should also assume corresponding social responsibilities.”

The opinions were polarized, and the two sides held their own opinions and have spoken.

The middle-aged man sitting in the main seat allowed them to talk for a long time, and finally rubbed his temples before speaking, “Weibo has been adhering to the basic principles of fairness, justice and openness since its development. We are a neutral social network platform. We don’t discuss or participate in Weibo articles and videos that don’t violate laws and regulations and don’t spread pornographic information. If a higher-level department asks us to delete certain content, then we actively cooperate. Before there is higher-level instruction, we still adhere to the principle of non-participation, non-discussion.”

Thus, Ye Guang’s “Sky Curtain” video spread unscrupulously on Weibo without hindrance, causing waves of discussion and sensation after another.

This evening, the two keywords ‘Ye Guang’ and ‘Air Pollution’ have been firmly dominating the search list and Ye Guang has once again become a hot topic among netizens after the jumping river incident.

Ye Guang “Sky Curtain” video was released in the afternoon when it was close to get off work. A staff member of an environmental protection organization in a city was also preparing to leave work. He was already packing his personal belongings. Suddenly the phone on the desk rang. He looked at the time, there’s still 8 minutes to get off work. With a serious and responsible attitude towards work, this staff member answered the phone.

Then, he didn’t return all night, and his colleagues who worked with him didn’t return all night.

The phone calls came one after another. They will ring again immediately after hanging up. There are many callers, everyone has them, and what they say is different, but there is one thing in common. Everyone mentioned a word: haze.

This is destined to be a restless night.

This night, some people screamed in front of the computer, some people is shocked, some were overwhelmed with it, some people rushed to tell others, some people had a heated meeting, some people were woken up in their sleep and returned to work.

The next day, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan went to work as usual, as if nothing had happened.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan parked the car. Before they walked to the studio. They saw a large number of reporters holding long and short microphones gathered at the entrance of the studio.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were shocked when they saw this.

Before the reporters found Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang said to Liu Chiyan quickly, “Don’t go there, hide in the corner, don’t be seen by them, let me see what’s going on”

Liu Chiyan grabbed him. She said, “Don’t go, I’m afraid, it’s not directed at me, but directed at you.”

Ye Guang startled and realized, he didn’t pay attention to “Sky Curtain” video yesterday. The video went through a night of fermentation. It must have attracted everyone’s attention, and it’s inevitable that reporters will come to the door.

“The people are there!”

Before the two of them hid, some reporters spotted Ye Guang and Liu Chi Yan, pointed in their direction and shouted, and then all the reporters and cameras swarmed towards Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan surrounded him.

Ye Guang guarded Liu Chiyan behind him, fearing that she would be accidentally injured by the crowd.

“Ye Guang, I’m a reporter for the new report. Can I ask, is it true what you said in the video you posted yesterday?”

“Ye Guang, I am a reporter from the Daily Times, can you tell us more about the smog?”

“I am a reporter from Jiang Daily…”

“I’m a Metropolis Daily…about…”

A large group of reporters asked questions. Because there’s many people. They must squeezed together. The long and short microphones almost went straight to Ye Guang’s mouth.

Ye Guang didn’t answer the reporter’s question. In fact, he didn’t know how to answer it. There were too many people and too many questions. They all said it in a rush. He didn’t understand it clearly. Of course, he didn’t need to listen. Strictly speaking the reporters questions is about the Air pollution and haze mentioned in ‘Sky Curtain’ video he released yesterday.

Interestingly, Liu Chiyan, who was behind Ye Guang, is a big star of Heavenly Queen class. At this time, there’s no camera aimed at her, and no reporters ask her questions, as if Liu Chiyan didn’t exist at all.

At this moment, the reporters actually ignored or abandoned the big star of Heavenly Queen level. Liu Chiyan’s heart have shadow at this moment.

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