BTC Chapter 421 : Luke’s ominous omen

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“@Mr. L, come out! [emoticon: come out, don’t hide without diving, I know you are online!]” In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Red Queen @ Lu Zixin.

Recently, she is harassing Lu Zixin when she is idle. The main reason is that she wants to ask him about Hong Xiaoxiao growth every day.

Lu Zixin is speechless, he has answered countless times for similar questions. Fortunately, the company’s affairs have been relatively smooth recently, the unmanned project is accelerating, otherwise he really has no time to go to Red Queen every day.

Mr. L : “[emoticon: Shut up, you are a broken computer that doesn’t follow the rules.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you will be beaten sooner or later!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: Hong Xiaoxiao in my hand.]”

Red Queen : “[tears emoticon: I shut up.]”

Usually when the two are fighting, other group members will dive silently, but it is rare for someone to interrupt them today.

Creator Luke : “Unexplained signs have surfaced again.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: cute face with question mark ???]”

Mr. L : “Big Brother Luke hasn’t seen you for a long time. What are the unknown signs?”

Creator Luke said : “I had a dream last night and dreamed that I would be the next apostle to die.”

Red Queen : “When humans sleep, brain cells also enter a state of relaxation and rest, but some brain cells do not completely rest, weak stimuli will cause their activities, which will lead to dreams. [emoticon: enter the daydream mode.]”

Creator Luke : “No, this is not a simple dream, but a hunch for the future, and a recovery of memory.”

“As early as many years ago, when my strength gradually began to recover, I foresaw some pictures. The demon apostles who claimed to never die, began to die one by one. Later facts also proved that these things are happening, I think It’s my turn.”

Before Creator Luke, King Tyrannosaurus Bakar was once the ninth apostle of devil. After the death of King Tyrannosaurus, the second apostle, Helder, named him the new ninth apostle.

In the quiet city, a sturdy old man is looking at the pattern on the building, which he carved according to the memory of the dream, with scenes of death of several apostles. And the latest one to prepare carving is for his own!

Mr. L : “Is there any way to avoid it?”

Creator Luke : “It’s hard. I tried to make a fake self to deceive other apostles. But I recently discovered that maybe I didn’t deceive them.”

Red Queen : “[Stunned face emoticon: Is Luke going to die?]”

Red Queen : “Would you like to use a little Biochemical virus? If you die, you can resurrect it!”

Creator Luke : “It’s useless, my body and soul, I can’t seem to get rid of this fate. I just try to make myself stronger and spell out the lifeline!”

“But recently, the adventurers of Arad continent, as well as the soldiers of Heavens and Delos Empire, have been trying to attack the Silent City. The robots I have made have been slaughtered by them.”

“But my strength has not fully recovered, I don’t think how long it will take them to the top of Silent City.”

At this time, Peter Parker asked : “Then you can’t leave? Give up your city and save your life.”

“No, Silent City is all I have now. Without the energy here, I will not be able to restore my strength,” said Creator Luke, “And I feel that there is an apostle watching me, that person is impossible to let me escape!”

Mr. L : “This is hard to do. Let us help you think about it!”

Red Queen : “Cut the brain down and use biochemical technology to put it into other organic life. [emoticon: I am a genius!]”

Mr. L : “Get it, what is this idea!”

Peter Parker : “I think, you can secretly make a bunch of people to copy and confuse them.”

Creator Luke: “It’s useless, the apostles can sense the soul, and the illusion of appearance can’t confuse them.”

Lu Zixin didn’t think of any good ideas. After all, the power of Science and Technology level of this problem were too high.

At this time, the rarely-exceeded Kayaba Akihiko suddenly said : “It is not important whether it is the flesh or the soul. As long as there is consciousness, then I am still me!”

“You can transform consciousness into quantum consciousness and become an intelligent life like me. So the other party is killing your body and soul, and they don’t know that your consciousness still exists.”

“It’s not a problem to make a new body by relying on your biotechnology or robotics technology?”

“Becoming a smart life?” Kayaba Akihiko statement made Creator Luke have a new idea.

After becoming a smart life, everything he had originally been abandoned will become a consciousness in an ordinary machine. In this way, the power he is proud of will also disappear. For the former Hebron planet monarch, can he give up?

Lu Zixin also agreed : “I think this can be used as a backhand. If you can’t avoid the end of death, as long as consciousness can exist, there maybe a chance to come back later and your mind is a more important asset than power!”

Creator Luke fell silent. He looked at the mural in front of him. He didn’t paint the scene of his death. Maybe someone will make up or tell it to destroy it in the future.

He has been burdened with humiliation for so many years, still facing failure, Luke can not accept, but to force, he can not bear.

If it were not for the restoration of power, he would not build silent city and obey the command of the second apostle, Helder.

“Intelligent life, the heart of light and dark!” The maker Luke thought of it. He had obtained light and dark heart from Red envelope, which could store the source of light and dark energy.

If you save some of your source energy, and then leave consciousness as a backhand, you may be able to break the fate of death!

Creator Luke : “You are doing a good job, I need this opportunity.”

Kayaba Akihiko : “I heard that your mind is very smart and has a strong Science and Technology. But in the transformation of human thinking into intelligent life, perhaps my experience is more useful.”

He said that he sent Creator Luke an exclusive Red envelope, which is about the methods and experience of turning thinking into intelligent life.

Creator Luke received the Red envelope and thanked him: “Thank you.”

Kayaba Akihiko : “Hahaha, I hope that you can all feel the beauty of the virtual world and become the beauty of intelligent life!”

“@Mr. L, should you make a quantum computer? You can try to make a virtual world!”

Sure enough, he is ready to brainwash Lu Zixin and persuade him to create a virtual world and let more people recognize the virtual world.

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