BTC Chapter 390 : Standard Selection

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California, United States, Intel Integrated Electronics Corporation headquarters. The news from New Orleans Convention Center was sent back to Headquarters as soon as possible.

“Such technology has actually appeared!” Intel’s top management, repeatedly confirmed the news is correct, were surprised to add nothing more!

For fifty years, in the computer field, Intel has been holding the core technology, selling its own microprocessors all over the world, standing in the industry!

However, today, Red Letter Group actually overtakes them. Is it still such a big gap, can you not let them feel surprised and scared?

“There is news that IEEE Association and the world’s Top 500 organization are preparing to rank the Red Letter Group’s quantum computers as the world’s best!”

In Intel’s remote network conference room, several important people are discussing this through a secret web conference.

“The ranking is not very useful, it doesn’t matter.” A voice said.

“But the next commercial quantum computer standard can never be given to them!”

“Yeah!” Everyone agreed.

The American computer industry has been formulating relevant standards for computers all over the world. This is an important means for them to obtain wealth from the world market, and is also the cornerstone of the monopoly industry. Of course, they will not let it go to Red Letter Group!

“This is a bit tricky. Now they have shown their quantum computers. When voting, I am worried that many companies and institutions will vote for Red Letter Group!” An old man raised concerns that he is one of Intel shareholder.

“This situation is absolutely not allowed to happen!” Intel’s current president said firmly.

If it is a normal vote, it is probably that they compete with IBM and Google. They are all American companies, their strength is not weak and voting results can be relatively fair.

But if it is possible to win Red Letter Group, then the voting result will have to be operated again!

“Contacting Computer Society, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Information Security, they certainly can’t sit still.”

Similar scenarios have occurred in companies such as IBM and Google. They have a tacit understanding of the quantum computer standard voting. They must not let Red Letter Group become the standard for new superconducting quantum computers in the world. Otherwise, these companies will fall. Under the altar, the communications industry has been facing the fear of being dominated by Red Letter!

It has been two days since Red Letter displayed the superconducting quantum computer.

In the past two days, the news has been reported by media all over the world.

Especially in China, the front page news is this one: “Red Letter Group has developed the world’s first super quantum computer, the world fastest computing speed!”

Netizens have praised, and the official even immediately held relevant meetings, saying that they should vigorously promote the development of China’s high-tech industry and so on.

Of course, there are many netizens who don’t understand what quantum computers are.

At the New Orleans Convention Center, the Global Supercomputing Conference has been in place for four days and will soon begin voting on quantum computer standards.

“Every business and institution has only one vote.” Su Zhirong took the news she just got and reported to Lu Zixin.

“There are a total of 80 companies, universities or institutions with voting rights, of which the United States accounts for more than 40%. In China, only seven organizations, including our Red Letter Group, Lianxiang Group and China Computer Research Institute, have voting rights. The rest are from all over the world.”

“Well, then we should have seven votes,” Lu Zixin said. “The rest depends on other companies and institutions.”

“If there is no accident, our standards should be able to vote successfully.” Su Zhirong said with a slight smile, “The institutions that have contacted us in the past few days have already exceeded half!”

“I was afraid of an accident, but here is the United States.” Lu Zixin helped her with her hair and whispered.

“Accident? Do they still play insider?” Su Zhirong frowned slightly. “This is a worldwide academic conference!”

“I don’t know, wait for the results. Anyway, no matter what the result is, our technology and products are made, whether they recognize it or not is the same.” Lu Zixin is not very worried.

The core purpose of Red Letter Group to participate in Global Supercomputing Conference is to let it’s  to showcase their technology to peers around the world. Now the core purpose has been achieved and it is basically successful.


On the fifth day of the conference, the voting officially began.

Representatives from 80 companies, institutions and universities have already attended the meeting. The IEEE Association and American Computer Association jointly held the vote.

The chairman of IEEE Association, Lancelot and the president of American Computer Society, Walter, gave a short speech.

Tolan Bell, vice president of IEEE Association, said: “Before voting, we will once again introduce you to the quantum computer standards from seven research institutions around the world for your reference.”

“The first is IBM International Business Machines…”

“The last is the quantum computer standard developed by Red Letter Group. The superconducting quantum computer displayed by Red Letter Group is indeed amazing. If it can also be applied to commercial quantum computers, I think that is the gospel of the whole industry.”

Tolan Bell’s seemingly praised words reminded some of the members present. Yes, the subject of this vote is a commercial quantum computer. IBM and Intel showcased the initial commercial quantum computer. For Red Letter Group, in terms of commercialization, still does not know the potential.

The next step is to start voting. Each representative can only choose one company standard.

To be fair, each delegate’s vote is displayed on the public screen and can be seen. In the beginning, Lu Zixin chose his company without the slightest hesitation.

Like him, several institutions from China also voted for Red Letter Group, seven tickets.

Lu Zixin looked at the electronic screen. Now, in addition to Red Letter Group, Intel, IBM and Google also got seven or eight votes.

The other standards are all without a vote. Everyone knows that the final result is between the standards of these companies.

A minute passed and the number of votes changed.

The Red Letter Group received 18 votes, Intel 17 tickets, IBM 17 tickets, Google 12 tickets, and 16 representatives waiting to vote.

Everyone is silent, the votes in their hands may determine the future of an industry!

Lu Zixin looked at them and saw that most of them were white skin. The rest of them were representatives from scientific research institutions in United States and Europe.

Three people chose to vote at the same time, Intel has two votes, and Red Letter Group has one vote.

The representative of other companies also politely smiled at Lu Zixin, and Lu Zixin returned with a kind smile.

“There are thirteen representatives, please make your choice as soon as possible.” The president of American Computer Association said, “Choose better standards!”

Walter’s eyes swept through several representatives, if there is a deep meaning.

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