BTC Chapter 59 : Little Spider

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“It’s amazing! Has virtual projection technology been developed to this point?” Su Zhirong exclaimed.

“Not yet, this thing is not sold outside, it is a high-end goods in research and development.” Lu Zixin said.

“That must be very expensive!” Su Zhirong worried. “I still don’t want it.”

“I have already sent it, there is no reason to come back. If you don’t feel at ease, just keep it for me,” Lu Zixin said.

Su Zhirong also liked this little gift very much, and she said happily: “That’s good, I will keep it for you. If you want, I will always give it to you.”

“Can this be a movie?” she asked curiously.

“Of course, but only if someone makes a virtual projection of the movie,” Lu Zixin said.

“It’s going to take a long time!” Su Zhirong said with a sigh. “But it’s very good in the room. It’s good to live in forests, snow, sky and even the ocean every day. Think about it!”

“Well, there are a lot of projection templates out there that can be used.” Lu Zixin nodded.

“Right, what if I accidentally get rid of it? This thing is too precious! It is too small!” Su Zhirong thought of a problem.

“Nothing,” Lu Zixin said. “Did you see the controller? You can bind your fingerprints and other information. Without your permission, others can’t use it. Besides, there’s also a positioning system, even if it’s lost. Can be located and found.”

“I believe that if you don’t say it, no one will know what it is, let alone steal it.”

Lu Zixin is ready, he has explained to the staff of the public relations department. If there is some news about him and Su Zhirong on the network, it will be deleted, so as not to cause trouble to Su Zhirong.

Su Zhirong rented the house after coming out of the internship, and Lu Zixin sent her to the apartment without any extra action.

“Thank you.” Su Zhirong sneaked a sneak peek into her dormitory before going upstairs.

Lu Zixin watched her disappear and then left.

He handed a message to Zhu An: “You lost!”

Zhu An didn’t sleep at this time, and replied: “So fast? Cow! Damn, my vacation is gone?”

Lu Zixin is very happy. He said: “Don’t worry, give you a holiday, and it is a paid holiday. But you can’t afford a meal!”

“Ten are all right!” Zhu An replied.

“That’s good, ten.”

“Don’t, kidding. You are the landlord, still lie to me, despise!”

The next day, some news appeared on the Internet. But there are no faces, only the shadow of the appearance.

Compared with who it is, netizens are more concerned about the virtual projection, and there are many discussions.

“Is projection technology so powerful now?”

“Fake? It’s impossible! Even the equipment hasn’t seen it. There is such a projection, it must be hype!”

“Open a picture, the content is all based on editing!”

“It must be fake. I am doing this. Now, virtual projection technology, foreign countries are still exploring the stage, can not achieve such an effect! Computer effects, garbage Xiaobian!”

“It’s true. I was at the scene yesterday, you didn’t see it, it really brightened my eyes! I have never seen such a mirror in this life, it’s so beautiful! It’s a human immortal realm!”

“Hyco, hype, I don’t believe it! I can’t find such a projection device online!”

More than just netizens, experts soon stood up and made a statement from a professional point of view: “The virtual projection on the Internet ‘Flower Sea immortal realm’, I can definitely be fake! At present, the virtual projection technology at home and abroad, I haven’t developed to this point yet, and everyone should not believe in rumors.”

After the experts “dispelled”, most netizens no longer pay attention. However, people who have seen it with their own eyes do not believe it, because the scene of that night is really impressing them!


When she went to work again, Su Zhirong found that her colleagues’ attitude towards her was much more subtle. The supervisor was transferred to the marketing department and had no intersection with their department.

Zhang Ting and Zhou Mei have both been dismissed. Other colleagues are polite to her. Even the leader met her and said hello.

This made her somewhat helpless, but there was no way to change it. She could only do her best to do her own thing.

Lu Zixin also returned to the company to handle the transaction. At the same time, he did not forget Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

After three days, he sent a message to comfort Red Queen, but Red Queen is still not online.

Lu Zixin went shopping in the group and found that the options invited by the group members have been refreshed and can be used.

He quickly clicked on the random invitation group, it is time to come to a new group!

Group Tip: “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

Lu Zixin is waiting, don’t know who the members of this invitation are? What is the ambiguity of a certain world?

Group Tip: “‘Peter Parker’ has joined the group.”

In the group member list, there is a more famous name: Peter Parker. The avatar is a young teenager wearing a student uniform, wearing glasses and an honest look.

Lu Zixin clicks to view his profile, which reads: “Peter Parker: from Marvel universe. Middle school students living in New York Queens, physics genius. Once bitten by a radioactive spider, the gene is mutated and has superhuman capabilities. ”

“It’s actually Spider-Man!” Lu Zixin recognized, this new group member, actually from the Marvel universe. There are many parallel worlds in the Marvel universe. I don’t know which Parader-Man of this parallel universe is this “Spider-Man”. Maybe you know Tony Stark in the group.

In the Marvel universe, Spider-Man is a mutant, but he is also a super-intelligent scientist. It’s just that he seems to be very poor in business acumen. Even with super powers and high IQ, he doesn’t know how to use it reasonably in business, but punishes evil and fights criminals.

Mr. L : “Welcome to Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.”

Peter Parker: “Is this a school interest group? What is the subject of taking the liberty to ask? I have a lot of topics in this semester, such as string theory, quantum physics and so on.”

Mr. L : “No, you see this…”

Lu Zixin routinely sent the things in the group announcement, but in a few minutes, there was a lot of news in the group.

Peter Parker : “OH, MY GOD, is this true? How do you do this through time and space?”

Peter Parker : “I have read some books about this, “Introduction to Superstrings”, “Quantum Field Theory”… It’s so cool!”

Peter Parker : “How did this group come about? How does it transfer information between the three-dimensional worlds? Is it through black holes, white holes, or something else?”

Peter Parker : “Scorpio, I am so excited, it is more than the last time I was bitten by a spider… No, it is exciting to complete Professor James’s topic!”

Peter Parker : “The owner, the owner? Are you there? Have you seen the news? If it is convenient, can you answer me? I really want to know…”

Lu Zixin has not sent a word, and the information in the group has been swiped. He is a bit speechless, how do he add a word to come in? And it seems that this “Spider-Man” is just a small spider, as if still reading high school.

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