BSI Chapter 71 : Desperate

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At this time, Xia Yan is shrinking under the stone wall. He first used the combination of Kido to attract the attraction of Ramirez. At the same time, he slipped off the cliff. When the explosion attracted Aizen, he took the opportunity to find a chance to drop. In the process, a hole was made with Seppa, hidden in it, and then blocked with Kyokkō.

Xia Yan can make sure that he avoids the exploration of Ramirez, but it is not known whether he can escape Aizen who may be snooping in the sky.

I can only pray.

Xia Yan endured the pain. This medium-sized hollow is too targeted for himself. It can make Zanpakuto ineffective, and can neutralize Thunder, so that he can’t use Thunder Shunko.

Even if you get rid of these, you have a certain amount of combat power, and you have a Reiatsu close to seven-class, but the high level Kido you master is all Thunder Attribute, and the power of the intermediate Kido is weak.

In addition, its Strength and speed are also more than him, and Xia Yan can’t fight it at all.

Xia Yan hides in the hole and prays that he will not be discovered by Aizen.

On the cloud, Ichimaru Gin suddenly smiled and said: “Captain Aizen, he ran, what are you going to do?”

Aizen shook his head and said, “He can hide there without running.”

Aizen pointed out that not far away, it seems that he found the trace of Xia Yan.

Ichimaru Gin asked: “What? Want to let Ramirez kill him? ”

Aizen smiled and said: “Of course, kill him. After all, Ramirez’s two Ability are aimed at him. As long as he reports it, I afraid that he will be alert.”

Aizen left this sentence, Ramirez body swayed, suddenly looked at the cliff, smiled and said: “You was there.”

Ramirez flew down the cliff and rushed into the cave. After a loud bang, the cave collapsed and collapsed directly, drowning Ramirez.

Xia Yan flew out of the hole and went to the distance.

Xia Yan hid on the side of the hole. At the moment Ramirez came in, he rushed out of the cave and turned the stone wall above into a sand with Seppa. He then took the opportunity to escape.

But the sand obviously couldn’t hurt Ramirez, and he quickly rushed out of the cave and chased Xia Yan.

Ramirez speed is very fast, almost compared to Xia Yan Shunpo, the two wings slightly fanned, it is closer to the distance between the two.

Ramirez and Metastacia, although they are medium-sized, can’t compare with hollow, not comparable to Menos Grande.

But Strength is extremely powerful, not only with special Ability, but also with a more formidable form.

Metastacia has a long hair that can entangle the enemy. And this Ramirez’s speed and strength are extremely fast.

Just the combat skills, you can already compare the hands-on combat of Vice-Captain level.

Xia Yan looks at behind, Ramirez who is chasing after him. The injury on the back makes him very uncomfortable. Seeing the opposite side, he is going to be close to behind. Xia Yan suddenly stops his body shape.

“Hadō #33, Sōkatsui.”

Blue’s Flame instantly covered Ramirez, but only in an instant, Ramirez rushed out of Flame.

Sōkatsui Attack has a wide range, but the damage is not much bigger than Shakkahō, and it is impossible to cause damage to Ramirez.

But at the next moment, Xia Yan right hand appeared the Six Path light, flew to the opposite side, and fixed Ramirez’s figure in midair.

Bakudō #61, Rikujōkōrō.

Xia Yan took advantage of this opportunity, turned and left, but not far away, Ramirez broke the Rikujōkōrō.

Although Rikujōkōrō is high level Bakudō, but the power of without chant is greatly reduced, the power of the intermediate Bakudō and the intermediate Hadō can be fixed at around 40%, but the high-level Bakudō and Kido, the power At most 30%, less than one-third.

Even Aizen, using high-level Hadō, can only maintain one-third of the power.

So it’s useless. As for the high-level Bakudō, which is completely chant, there are 18 words. Xia Yan had no time to chanting.

Xia Yan felt the figure that was rapidly approaching behind him. He waved him arms again. Several light sticks flew out, limiting the figure of Ramirez.

Bakudō #62, Hyapporankan.

Because it is a group attack, the monomer limit is weaker, and after the abandonment of chant, Ramirez is only slightly stagnation, then smashed the light stick and rushed again.

Xia Yan was pulled closer by Ramirez. He was just about to turn around and use Rikujōkōrō, but Ramirez disappeared.

“Hey, catch you.”

There was a voice under Xia Yan body, and Ramirez appeared under Xia Yan and punched.


Xia Yan right leg was hit by Ramirez, and the body quickly slammed toward the ground.


Xia Yan was heavily squatting on the ground, his right leg was broken, and he could not act again.

At this time, Ramirez with wings flew in front of Xia Yan and said with a smile: “Hey, you can’t run now.”

Said, he walked toward Xia Yan step by step.

Xia Yan bites his teeth, looks at Ramirez, do I really die here?

But when Ramirez came to Xia Yan, when the fist was about to fall, a voice sounded, “Let the water go against it, Nejibana.”

Along with a scorn, a wave of water swirled around Xia Yan, and the fist hit the water wave, crushing the outermost water wave, but the water wave that was constantly added was consumed a little bit. Force, finally blocked by the water, can not touch Xia Yan.

Ramirez raised the head and saw a man standing next to the trident.

Xia Yan was relieved, Shiba Kaien came, although it was later than usual, but it was finally.

Ramirez can seal off Thunder Attribute Zanpakuto, but can’t seal Water Attribute Zanpakuto. With the advantage of Zanpakuto, Shiba Kaien can easily kill him.

“Do you want to stop Ramirez?”

Ramirez looks at Shiba Kaien, slightly through his head, the next moment, the body suddenly came to the front of Shiba Kaien, a punch.

“Good speed.”

Shiba Kaien was unexpectedly expected to be in front of him, but this speed was too slow to be compared to Xia Yan Shunko.

To know that Shiba Kaien is Xia Yan partner in spar, but has long had the experience of dealing with speed-type enemies.


Shiba Kaien trident easily blocked the attack of Ramirez, the next moment, the waves swelled in the sky, forming a whirlpool, wrapped in a layer of Ramirez, a little bit of the body of Ramirez .


Ramirez’s wings were first torn down, it was mad and generally raised a huge fist, Attack around the water curtain.

Boom, bang, bang.

Ramirez relied on his own fist to survive the pressure of the water curtain.

“Strength is also very big.”

Shiba Kaien was a little surprised, but immediately said: “But it is just that.”

Shiba Kaien waved the trident, and the waves suddenly shrank, turning into a Water Sphere, wrapped in Ramirez.

Ramirez in the Water Sphere still waved the fist, but was relieved by the flow of water, and could not rush out of the Water Sphere.


Along with the words of Shiba Kaien, the surface of the Water Sphere forms a water pattern, which is a water jet in which a water knife is formed, which rotates at a high speed and continuously cuts.

These waterjets operate from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, running on various trajectories.


Only in an instant, Ramirez inside was shredded and turned into pieces, and he could not die any more.

Xia Yan saw this scene and said: “Thank you, Kaien big brother.”

“You are welcome, have you not saved me? Let’s go, I will send you to 4th DIvision for treatment.”

Shiba Kaien walked up to Xia Yan and picked him up and ran towards the distant Seireitei.

But in the process, Xia Yan stretched his back, will Aizen kill himself? Killing him with Shiba Kaien?

Xia Yan is extremely nervous and has always maintained a high concentration of Reishi.

But as Shiba Kaien took him into Seireitei, Xia Yan sighed and finally got safe, but I don’t know why Aizen wants to kill himself and let himself survive, which will inevitably cause great trouble.

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