BSI Chapter 178 : Lost

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In midair, Grimmjow and Kurosaki ichigo are staggered and simultaneously landed on the ground.


Grimmjow’s right shoulder shot a bloody flower, and Kurosaki ichigo’s left abdomen tore, leaving a bloody mouth.

“If you only have this Strength, then I will solve you.”

Grimmjow turned back, look at Kurosaki ichigo, and said softly.

“Alright, then I will use all the Strengths to deal with you.”

Kurosaki ichigo fighting intent Energetic, stretched out his left hand, gently pulled on his face, a mask appeared on his face.

The next moment, Kurosaki ichigo’s Reiatsu has changed dramatically.


Grimmjow corner of the mouth reveals a smile and says, “Grind, Pantera.”


Grimmjow Zanpakuto disappears, the body is covered by white armor, and the both hands extend out of the white claws.


The two figures disappeared instantly, colliding in the air, and Kurosaki ichigo Zanpakuto collided the claws of Grimmjow.

  Phwap! Phwap! Phwap!

The two men attacked at ten times in an instant, and their body shape disappeared and they gathered again.


Two muffled sounds, Kurosaki ichigo’s sword in Grimmjow’s chest, and Grimmjow’s hand, grabbed Kurosaki ichigo’s chest, leaving a blood mark.

“Good, opponents worth fighting.”

Grimmjow corner of the mouth showed a smile and rushed over again.

The speed of the two is extremely fast. In the twinkling of an eye, there are dozens of strokes in the past, and there are mutual opportunities.

Now Kurosaki ichigo, without the baptism of too many battles, just as he fought in Hueco Mundo and Grimmjow, the difference between the two sides is extremely small. With a bang, the mask on Kurosaki ichigo’s face suddenly shattered.

“You can’t support it?”

Grimmjow held back and took a step back from Kurosaki ichigo.

“Can’t support? It is enough to solve you. ”

Kurosaki ichigo rushed again, slashing and smashing Grimmjow out.

“Strength is getting bigger?”

Grimmjow brow wrinkled, and now Kurosaki ichigo’s Strength has become a big one.

He was coldly snorted, and both hands suddenly filled a blue claw mark, Desgarrón.

Grimmjow grabbed Kurosaki ichigo and the ten blue claw marks swept towards Kurosaki ichigo.

But Kurosaki ichigo clenched his long sword and sword cut forward.

“Getsuga Tensho.”

The black painted Reiatsu pervades and smashes the Desgarrón.


The huge Reiatsu diffuses out and the shock wave instantly spreads around.


The entire Great Hall was directly fragmented, and the roof was turned into a gravel from the sky.

Only in an instant, they were exposed to Las Noches, forming a giant ruin.


The Desgarrón were broken, and the rest of Getsuga Tensho cut Grimmjow’s chest, leaving a blood mark.

“God damn it!”

Grimmjow looks at Kurosaki ichigo, his brow wrinkles.

Kurosaki ichigo said softly: “You lost.”


Grimmjow suddenly laughed and said, “You seem to have misunderstood something. When this is all my combat power?”

“What do you mean?”

Kurosaki ichigo frowned.

“The second Resurrección.”

Grimmjow shouted softly, all the white armor on his body disappeared, revealing black fluff and a few lines on his cheeks.


Grimmjow’s figure disappeared, Kurosaki ichigo clenched his Zanpakuto, and looked around.


Kurosaki ichigo shot five blood flowers on his back, while Grimmjow appeared not far away.

“So fast.”

Kurosaki ichigo’s dull look at the front, slammed him and dropped him from the air.

Perez got a flash, grabbed Kurosaki ichigo, squatted on his shoulder and said, “Grimmjow Captain, our mission is done.”

“Let’s go.”

Grimmjow sealed the core, returned to the original appearance, inserted his pocket, and walked back with Perez.

But just halfway through, the sky suddenly burst, and it was smashing, and the sky of Las Noches shattered directly, revealing the dark night sky.

Accompanied by the smashing of the sky, it is the sea of ​​the sky, turned into a vast ocean, swept together, sweeping through the entire Las Noches.

“This…, Lord Xia Yan is going to be angry.”

Grimmjow licked his mouth, and at the next moment, the seawater fell from the sky and drowned the ground.

Above the sea, Harribel stood on the water, her fins growing out of her arms, the shark’s fin on her back, and the gill fish on her cheeks.

This is the second-Resurrección of Harribel.

With this at the same time, not far from her, there is a person floating, it is Shiba Kaien.

Harribel waved her arm and the sea slowly dissipated, and Harribel waved her hand, and there were three figures around her, namely Mila Rose, Apacci  and Sung-Sun.

“Take him away.”


Mila Rose picked up Shiba Kaien and left with Harribel.


“Smash, Haguro Tonbo.”

Along with the words of Yadomaru Lisa, her body leaped high and descended from the sky, and the huge iron-blade blade in her hand cut to the underlying Ulquiorra.

But Ulquiorra raised his right arm and grabbed it, grabbing the iron in his hand and then squatting.


Yadomaru Lisa was directly smashed into the distant wall and the gravel shaded the body of Yadomaru Lisa.


The shadows spread in the smog that filled the air, and when the figure appeared, huge blades appeared in front of Ulquiorra.

Ulquiorra raised his right hand and tried to grab the blade, but the next moment, with a bang, Ulquiorra left hand was cut.

Oh …

Ulquiorra had some accidents. Looking straight ahead, he saw a figure of smoke coming out with a mask on her face.

“Don’t you? Both Reiatsu and strength have grown a lot.” Ulquiorra looks at a figure not far away.

But at this moment, the figure not far away slowly disappeared and turned into a shadow.


Ulquiorra gave a slight glimpse, but at the next moment, the abdomen and chest shot several blood flowers, and Yadomaru Lisa appeared behind Ulquiorra.

Nijū Ichijō Tonbokudari.

Yadomaru Lisa holds the giant blade, and the figure slowly appears, but it falls to the ground and the back is full of blood.

“A very powerful move.”

Ulquiorra smashed his right hand full of blood, looking in the distance, Inoue Orihime lying on the side of Tsukishima.

At this time, Ginjō looks at Yoruichi and said: “Your two teammates have already lost, and you will be handy.”

“What are you doing?”

Yoruichi shook her head and said, “You may not necessarily be my opponent.”

“What do you mean?”

Ginjō The incomprehensible looks at Yoruichi.

Yoruichi said softly: “Although Yadomaru Lisa failed, but also let me see the strength of your companion, only a stronger than Yadomaru Lisa. If you are all such a Strong, then you three can’t beat me.”

Yadomaru Lisa had a decade of Vice-Captain, at the same time, the Strength can be compared to the weaker Captain.

And ten years after the Millennium War, Yadomaru Lisa took over Kyouraku Shunsui position and became Captain.

But Yoruichi Strength is far beyond Yadomaru Lisa.

With only Shunko and the armor, she can get Captain level combat power, and now, she has mastered the Shunko saga.

So Yoruichi has confidence to beats these people.

But Ginjō laughed and said, “You seem to have made a mistake.”


Yoruichi frowned slightly.

Ginjō Kūgo said with a smile: “Ulquiorra didn’t use all of his strength at all, he sealed his own Strength.”

“Seal your own Strength?”

Yoruichi coldly snorted, said: “What about that? Still not he defeated by Soi Fon. My Strength is comparable to Soi Fon.”

Soi Fon is in control of thunder Shunko, and strength is no weaker than Yoruichi, but the Reiatsu is less.

Soi Fon spent sixty years in Dangai, reached eighth-class Reiatsu, and became Captain-class combat power. The last gap was also made up.

More importantly, Soi Fon also cultivated the steel skin of arrancar. On Strong, Soi Fon is not weaker, and even stronger than Yoruichi.

Ginjō shook his head and said, “Soi Fon didn’t beat Ulquiorra.”

Yoruichi asked incomprehensibly: “No? We received a battle report, Ulquiorra was defeated by Soi Fon and fled back to Hueco Mundo.”

Ginjō said with a smile: “You are wrong. Not Soi Fon defeated Ulquiorra. Instead, I and Tsukishima, as well as the other two combined with Soi Fon, defeated Ulquiorra. Only because our existence is inconvenient to let people know, Soi Fon did not tell the truth.”

Having said that, Ginjō said again: “In addition, after coming to Hueco Mundo, I and Tsukishima have been promoted twice, with a strength that is completely not inferior to Ulquiorra.”

“If your Strength and Soi Fon are almost the same, then I am sorry, I can solve you alone.”

With the words of Ginjō, his figure suddenly became bigger, starting from the mask on his face, to the body, a little bit covered by white armor and black fluff.

“Tread it! Demon Bull.”

The huge figure on the top of head blocked Yoruichi line of sight, feeling the huge Reiatsu that popped on the opposite side, and Yoruichi forehead was cold and sweaty.

“Shunkō: Raijin Senkei.”

With the shout of Yoruichi, her body was filled with electro-optical light, and finally six magatama were formed behind her.

“The demon bull tramples.”

But the six Magatama was just formed, and Ginjō feet were heavily stepped on, and an invisible ripple filled out.


Six Magatama burst and the thunder could flow away, and Yoruichi could not control the polymerization of energy.

Along with the rupture of the six Magatama, the surrounding walls shattered a little and finally turned into dust, and at the moment the dust rose, a shadow was magnified in front of Yoruichi.


The demon bull appeared in front of Yoruichi, the fist hit her belly, the next moment, Yoruichi fell to the ground and was unconscious.

“My Ability restrained your ability.”

Ginjō became originally, and picked up Yoruichi and said, “Let’s go.”

The three men left the ruins with their respective goals, and the sea in the distance spread to this side.


“Kurosaki ichigo? What fell over there is Kira Izuru? How are they there?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri stayed in the monitoring room, looking through the sight of Grimmjow, looking at what was happening in front of his eyes, frowning, and finally decided to continue to observe.

“The second Resurrección, it is really the formidable Ability.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri heard the words of Grimmjow and saw Kurosaki ichigo falling to the ground, and could not help but nod.

When Grimmjow defeated Kurosaki ichigo and left the Great Hall, the seawater fell from the sky, and Kurotsuchi Mayuri couldn’t help but be amazed.

But when he saw Harribel standing above the sea and there was a silhouette floating next to her, the eyes shrank slightly.

“Shiba Kaien, how is he also at Hueco Mundo.”

At this time, a few figures came out not far away.

“Yoruichi, Inoue Orihime, this is Yadomaru from Visored? Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Rukia? They are all in Hueco Mundo?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri rushed out of the room and headed to 1st Division.

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