BSI Chapter 177 : Failure

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In the Great Hall, Abarai Renji’s breathless looks at Kutsuzawa, said, “You are very good, my Ability can’t hurt you, but you can’t hurt me.”

Abarai Renji and Kutsuzawa fought for two or three minutes, but they couldn’t hurt the opposite side. They were always switched by the opposite side, Strength, and defensive power.

“Can’t hurt you? I just don’t want to hurt you.” Kutsuzawa said, his toes move, his body disappeared and he appeared behind Abarai Renji, and his rear arm waved out.

Degree of reinforcement.

“So fast.”

Abarai Renji left hand is in front his body, but Kutsuzawa fist is halfway, and suddenly becomes bigger.

Strengthen Strength.

“Not good.”

Abarai Renji flew retreat, but only in an instant, Kutsuzawa appeared behind Abarai Renji and punched again.

Abarai Renji turned back and lifted Zabimaru, but Kutsuzawa fist hit Zabimaru and directly beat Abarai Renji back.

But at the moment of two steps backwards, Kutsuzawa appeared again next to Abarai Renji and slammed him out.

Abarai Renji raised his hand in front of him and blew it, and the whole person was beaten out.

How could?

Abarai Renji Now, in the process of moving, Kutsuzawa fist remains bigger, the so-called Strength enhancement.

But why can he keep it so fast?

Abarai Renji fell to the ground, his left arm hangs weakly, looks at Kutsuzawa, holds Zanpakuto in his right hand, and gently shouts: “Bankai, Hihiō Zabimaru.”

Along with Abarai Renji’s words, Zabimaru in his hand suddenly changed into a huge bamboo snake.


The huge long snake swept away toward Kutsuzawa, and the body shape of Kutsuzawa suddenly became bigger and became a giant of three meters high. The right hand clenched into a fist and beat it out.


Kutsuzawa fist hit Hihiō Zabimaru head. But at the next moment, Kutsuzawa flew out and smashed into the walls of Great Hall, smashing the walls directly, leaving a huge pothole.

“It’s useless. Your Strength is big, but it can’t beat the Strength of my Bankai.”

Hihiō Zabimaru flew back, surrounded Abarai Renji, forming protective circles, and a huge snake head stared at the place where Kutsuzawa fell.

But at this time, a voice sounded, “Is it?”

 Hōng lòng Long.

Great Hall has a whole wall shattered and the smoke is scattered. There is a huge lizard in front of him. It is about four meters long and about one meter high. It is covered with green folds and white armor. The head of the lizard There is also a white spike.

The lizard has a black eye mask on the right eye, which proves that it is Kutsuzawa.

“What is that Monster?”

Abarai Renji clenched Hihiō Zabimaru and his face was a bit calm.

Kutsuzawa said softly: “This is the formidable strength given by master Xia Yan, although it looks ugly, but now I am very formidable.”

After Kutsuzawa finished his words, the limbs stepped on the ground and headed for Abarai Renji.

“So what?”

Abarai Renji waved his arm and the huge Hihiō Zabimaru roared and shot at Kutsuzawa.


The head of the snake collided with the head of the lizard, slamming, and the head of the snake smashed.


Abarai Renji looks at the gimmick of the fragment, and the look is sluggish, and at this time, the huge lizard jumps into the air for a lifetime, opens his mouth and points to Abarai Renji.

The light of green is gathering, and finally it is turned into a torrent.


The snake body around Abarai Renji was entwined in an attempt to resist the Cero, but only in an instant, it turned into pieces, and Abarai Renji was also hit by Cero.

Abarai Renji flew out and fell to the ground, unconscious.

When Kutsuzawa shook his body, he returned to the human form, walked over, picked him up and said to Tristan: “End.”

Not far away, Rukia has been unable to support Tristan’s offense, she released the cold through the tip of sword, unable to keep up with Tristan’s speed.

“Do you want to try the combat style you have considered?”

Rukia thought of the idea she had based on Sode no Shirayuki Ability, using the released air to lower her body temperature. Under this kind of Ability, she would also be in danger, but she would have the possibility of defeating the opposite side.

But at this time, Tristan suddenly said: “That’s the end.”

After she finished speaking, the body suddenly changed and turned into a huge red-crowned crane.


Rukia glimpsed, and the red-crowned crane in front of her disappeared and appeared next to Rukia.


Rukia’s neck was hit by the wings of a red-crowned crane. The latter slammed into the ground and Tristan would pick up Rukia and say, “Let’s go.”


The second Great Hall, Kira Izuru looks at the teenager in front of him, asked: “Are you my opponent?”

Perez nodded and said: “Lord Xia Yan let me deal with you.”

Kira Izuru raised an eyebrow and asked: “Are Xia Yan let you come? However, I am not good at fighting with children.”

Perez said softly: “Whether it is Hollow or Shinigami, the age and actual age of the appearance are not the same, so I am not as small as the appearance.”

“You are right, but I will keep it.”

Kira Izuru pulled out jis Zanpakuto, but the next moment, a shadow disappeared, and Kira Izuru’s back shot a bloody flower and fell heavily.

Behind Kira Izuru, a piece of Perez, who had been blamed, smashed his hands and splattered.

Although Perez’s Strength is weaker than Grimmjow, it is Espada level after all, and it is very simple to deal with Kira Izuru without Shikai.

Seeing this scene, Grimmjow said helplessly: “Perez, you are really simple and rude, can’t you enjoy the fun of fighting?”

Perez said softly: “Lord Xia Yan asked me to leave him when he was not damaging his life. I just did it according to the orders of Lord Xia Yan.”

When Grimmjow heard this, he said, “Is it? how about you? Can you let me enjoy the joy of fighting?”

Leaving this sentence, Grimmjow came to the back of Kurosaki ichigo and smashed him out.

“So fast.”

Kurosaki ichigo turned back and blocked, and the double  sword collided. The Zangetsu of Kurosaki ichigo burst into tears and the whole person flew out.

“It’s too weak to solve you directly.”

Grimmjow waved his sword and leaped towards Kurosaki ichigo, catching up with Kurosaki ichigo, who flew out, and smashed it out.

But when he was about to cut Kurosaki ichigo, the sword in his hand suddenly changed.


Grimmjow and Kurosaki ichigo are separated in midair, and Kurosaki ichigo holds a slender Zanpakuto, looks at Grimmjow.

“Reiatsu has changed. At this time, you have the value of fighting.”

Grimmjow licked his corner of mouth, his body flashed and rushed again.

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  1. I really have no clue what Xia Yan is planning here? If he does this then is he really going to fight with the Shinigami in the future? I thought he was preparing for the Quincies? Man I am confused.

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