BSI Chapter 105 : Misaomaru Kanonji

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After agreeing with the youth, Yoruichi squatted down and looked at little girl and asked, “Children, what trouble have you encountered?”

The little girl is only about eight years old, looks cute, not tall, and has short hair, but her face is full of sadness.

The little girl cried and said, “My Mama, Mama… was taken away by Monster.”


Yoruichi frowned and asked, “What kind of Monster?”

The little girl twitched and said: “Monster is big, has wings, and can fly.”

I see.

Yoruichi and Xia Yan and the others looked at each other and felt a little trouble. This Monster is probably a Hollow.

The young man immediately said: “She was stunned by Monster. She didn’t see where Monster went, but we can look for it separately. There are just four people. I am going to the east. Can you go to the other three directions?”

It turned out that he called them to search for it. Kuna Mashiro heard this and said: “You don’t know how to count, we have four people.”

The young man looked at Xia Yan and said: “He is still a child, and we can’t let the child face the Monster.”

When Yoruichi heard this, she smiled and asked: “Then you met Monster, what should you do? It can fly. ”

The young man scratched his head and said: “No matter what, I can’t see death, I plan to find it first.”

It seems to be a warmhearted person.

Yoruichi looked at the three people around and asked, “How? Do you want to help?”

Yadomaru Lisa said: “It is very likely that she have been killed from being taken away.”

Kuna Mashiro was deeply impressed, and Xia Yan felt that he could not find it, but he found that monster she was already died.

The young man immediately shouted: “Hey, don’t say these words, if you have a chance, you can’t give up hope.”

“Let’s find it.”

Yoruichi sighed and said: “I go to the east, Kuna Mashiro goes to the west, Yadomaru Lisa goes to the north, Xia Yan, you go…”

The young man immediately patted his chest and said: “This little boy will go with me, I will protect him.”

Xia Yan glanced at him and said softly: “I will follow this big brother.”

Yoruichi nodded with confidence and there was Xia Yan. The young man would not be in danger even if he encountered Hollow.

Yoruichi said: “Little girl will be handed over to me.”

Yoruichi picked up the little girl and ran to the east. Kuna Mashiro and Yadomaru Lisa went to the west and north respectively.

As for Xia Yan, He looked at the youth. The latter smiled and said: “Are you called Xia Yan?”

Xia Yan nodded, and the young man immediately said: “My name is Misaomaru Kanonji, and I am coming to Karakura Town for the first time.”

“Misaomaru Kanonji? This name is a bit strange.” Xia Yan knows that another person is also called Don Kanonji.

Shouldn’t it be him?

Misaomaru Kanonji of Don Kanonji said: “Okay, let’s go south.”

Xia Yan nodded and followed Misaomaru Kanonji to the south and asked: “How do you plan to find the Monster?”

Misaomaru Kanonji said: “Hey, kid, how do you call my name directly? I am older than you? At least call me brother.”

Xia Yan sighed, in fact, I am about ten years older than you.

Xia Yan said helplessly: “Misaomaru brother, how are you going to find the Monster?”

Misaomaru Kanonji said proudly: “You can ask other souls, you can always find one who see Monster.”

Misaomaru Kanonji said, he ran to an old soul not far away and asked: “Grandpa, have you seen Monster?”

“Monster? No.” The old soul shook his head.

Misaomaru Kanonji scratched his head and said, “This way.”

“Let’s look ahead.”

Misaomaru Kanonji called Xia Yan and continued to move forward. After asking several questions, he did not get an answer. After that, Misaomaru Kanonji found a middle-aged woman standing on the side of the road and asked: “This aunt, have you seen a Monster?”

The middle-aged woman heard this and thought about it and said, “You are looking for Monster? I saw a Monster flying in the sky just now, holding a woman on his paw.”

“Have you seen it?” Misaomaru Kanonji eyes lit up and asked, “Which direction did it go?”

“The south side seems to be near the green mountains.” Middle-aged women pointed to the distance.

“Thank you, I know.”

After Misaomaru Kanonji thanks, he said excitedly: “I found it. In the Green Mountain, you are a local. Should you know the Green Mountain?”

Really in this direction?

Xia Yan nodded and pointed to a distant mountain. He said, “Of course I know, it is there.”

But at this time, behind the two, there were two voices, “It’s terrible, the man, actually talking to the air.”

“Yeah, it looks so tall, but talks to himself, it’s a weirdo.”

Xia Yan looked back, two young girls standing not far away, looks at Misaomaru Kanonji, ridiculed him.

These two are human beings. They can’t see Xia Yan, and they can’t see the soul, so they mistakenly believe that Misaomaru Kanonji is talking to himself.

Misaomaru Kanonji approach does make people feel surprised, but he is trying to help others. He is ridiculed for the souls he doesn’t know, which makes Xia Yan sad for Misaomaru Kanonji and can’t help but say: “How can they Say this?”

Misaomaru Kanonji took a picture of Xia Yan’s shoulder and said, “It’s okay, I can see the soul, it’s a weirdo. Moreover, I am used to it.”

Misaomaru Kanonji scratched his head, although he said that he was used to it, but Xia Yan could see that his face was a little sad.

Xia Yan believe that he has not encountered such a situation, but he can only bear it silently.

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Let’s go.”

“You don’t want to go.” Misaomaru Kanonji face became solemn.

Xia Yan suddenly asked: “Why?”

Misaomaru Kanonji said: “Monster can fly, and Attack people, Xia Yan, you are a child, or don’t go.”

Xia Yan heard this and asked: “Are you not afraid?”

Misaomaru Kanonji said with a smile: “Afraid, but I have to go even if i’m afraid because I am Hero.”

After saying this, Misaomaru Kanonji ran toward the direction of the hidden green mountain and wanted to leave Xia Yan directly.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yan’s eyes became soft. Although Misaomaru Kanonji was a savage person, he was a good person.

“Haha, you heard no, he is saying that he is a Hero.”

“It seems to be a neuropathy, Hahaha.”

The two women were still talking about it. Xia Yan sighed and walked to the side of the two people. Suddenly a finger was stretched out, and a cluster of Flame rose up in the fingers.

Ordinary Reishi Flame, human beings can’t see, but Reishi Flame contains too many Reishi, but it can make people see the fire for a short time.

This is why there are so many ghost witnesses.

“This, what is this? WISP? This is the day.”

“It’s terrible, there seems to be something in the wildfire, hoe!”


The two women turned and ran, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Xia Yan saw that they left, satisfied with the clap, and then looked at the place where Misaomaru Kanonji disappeared, saying: “I can’t let you die.”

Leaving this sentence, Xia Yan stepped a little and chased in the direction of Misaomaru Kanonji.

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