BTC Chapter 95 : Conference

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Chip samples also need to be improved, and various hardware software and the like also need to be adapted. It is also hoped that WangTang Science and Technology will have a complete industrial chain before, and it will be much easier to improve on the original basis.

These things, Lu Zixin are handed over to a professional team, including Tang Gang, CEO of the original Wang Tang Science and Technology. After his company went bankrupt, it was directly transferred to other people at a low price.

It is undeniable that Tang Gang is professional in this respect. He can start from scratch and develop Wang Tang into a large enterprise with a profit of more than one billion yuan. It was only because the product technology could not keep up, so it was eliminated.

1st January, which is the Chinese New Year’s Day. Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology announced a message: “Through the unremitting efforts of Red Letter R&D team, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology has independently developed a high-performance mobile phone chip, named ‘Hongxin Series’“

“Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology is planning to produce its own brand of smartphones. For details, please click on the official website.”

When the news came out, it immediately caused a huge response on the Internet.

First of all, some companies that pay attention to the action of Red Letter, the first to find this news.

Ning Shaozhen, senior executive vice president of Tencent Games, saw this news and actually laughed.

“This red letter, actually not focused on the game business, turned to the mobile phone industry, this is really the best news I have heard recently!”

The game of Red Letter has put too much pressure on Tencent, especially his vice president of game business, which is almost every month.

Now that Red Letter is going to harm other industries, Ning Shaozhen can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The top level of the Net One game is similar to his idea.

Qiguai 330, CEO Zuo Yu saw the news and called the table directly!

“General Zuo? What happened?” the assistant asked curiously.

Zuo Yu said with a smile : “You see this red letter, their Cloud host, almost broke our way! Now we 330, as well as Tencent computer butler business, thousands of computer butler business, are relying on some faithful Old users, as well as various profit-making activities are supported.”

“If I were them, I would concentrate on developing this Cloud host. At least in the next three years, they will definitely be a big one in this respect!”

“But now, they actually invest in the mobile phone industry, and it is chip development at the beginning. This is a self-defeating future. There was a company that was not like this before. Just after a few points, I jumped in, and the money I earned was all gone. I can’t even beat a water drift!”

The assistant nodded and said: “General Zuo, you are right. We 330, also do mobile phone software, have been involved in the mobile phone industry. In recent years, the competition in the mobile phone industry has become increasingly fierce, foreign brands have invaded, and several domestic brands have snatched In the market, when other people go in, they will be left with no residue!”

Zuo Yu nodded: “I hope that Red Letter will plant a big head and lose more money. We will take the time to study Cloud host.”

Several major mobile phone industries naturally learned the news.

The first is the Western mobile phone, they used to be the partner of Wang Tang Science and Technology. In the years when the West sent mobile phone scenery, Wang Tang Science and Technology made a lot of money by relying on their business.

Today, the business of Western-style smartphones has been declining, not as good as it used to be.

“Red Letter acquired Wangtang Science and Technology and re-launched the mobile phone business?” The top executives of the Western-style smartphones have no fluctuations in their hearts, and even want to laugh.

“Independent research and development of mobile phone chips? Hehe, it is estimated that Wang Tang Science and Technology previously launched what ‘Datang’ chips, cottage goods!”

“Red letter bought them, it is to burn money, it is really silly!”

Other mobile phone operators are more stable and have no response to the decision of Red Letter.

In recent years, with the outbreak of the domestic mobile phone market, many companies want to get involved in this industry.

But came in and died one, did not see which one can rise.

The official announcement of Red Letter has attracted many comments from netizens.

“I bought Wang Tang a few days ago, and I really want to have a mobile phone! I am right?”

“Do you guys tease me? I am waiting for a new game from Red Letter! You actually went to the phone! The game is not done?”

“@Upstairs, Red Letter Games is a subsidiary of Red Letter, you still don’t know? Village Network?”

“Do not buy, don’t buy, say nothing!”

“Everyone remembers my ID. I predict today that the red letter mobile phone will die before it is born. It will definitely not last long!”


1st January night, coincidentally, when the Rice mobile phone opened a new product launch.

The Rice mobile phone conference not only invited many peers and media workers, but also broadcast live on three big live broadcast platforms!

Founder and CEO of Rice Mobile, Tian Xiangshan, is responsible for hosting the conference. This is his usual habit, even he is a “celebrity” on the Internet.

Because he doesn’t know much about English and self-promotion, he is often used in emoticon packs and ghost videos.

Therefore, the live broadcast of Rice mobile phone, many netizens will pay attention, some are Rice fans, in order to see new products, some are purely to watch entertainment programs.

The new product launch of the Rice mobile phone also invited the Red Letter side. However, it was not because of the Red Letter mobile phone, but because the Rice mobile phone and the Red Letter Eating Chicken mobile game cooperated, so the invitation letter was issued.

Now that he has entered this line, the Red Letter side has sent two representatives to participate in the press conference in the past. One is the vice president of Zhu An of Red Letters, one is Tang Gang of Red Letter Electronics, and the former CEO of Science and Technology.

At the press conference, filled with representatives of various companies and news media workers, Zhu An and Tang Gang also greeted each other.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the press conference officially began.

Rice mobile phone CEO Tian Xiangshan, a middle-aged man, square face, non-standard Mandarin, dressed in a neat suit, went to the release desk.

The lights of the venue immediately focused on him, but Tian Xiangshan had already got used to it, still with his signature Tian smile.

“Hello everyone, welcome everyone to the launch conference of the new generation Rice mobile phone. I am Tian Xiangshan.” Tian Xiangshan said an opening statement as usual, and then said: “Before the official start of the press conference, I have to follow the usual practice. One paragraph.”

“Last year, the domestic mobile phone business compared to the day before yesterday, collective decline. Then our Rice mobile phone business, actually rose against the trend, rushed into the top three domestic mobile phone sales list!”

He finished, and everyone underneath clasped his hand.

On the barrage of the live broadcast of the conference, netizens also brushed the words “666”, “Rice mobile phone is hanging”, “Tambous wants to start”.

“This is thanks to the contributions of all our Rice employees, as well as the many Rice followers. Our Rice has always been based on the core of the user and the concept of “Science and Technology innovation”.”

“This year I am going to introduce you to the new generation of Rice phones, a brand new product that inherits our Rice Science and Technology concept, using our own mobile phones that we have developed our own series of chips!”

“It will bring a new vitality and strength to domestic mobile phones. Next, I will introduce our series of mobile phone chips for everyone!”

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