BTC Chapter 514 : Moved to blue screen

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Hong Xiaoxiao projection appeared in the ward. She shouted: “Yanyan, I’m coming to see you.”

“Xiaoxiao!” The little girl’s eyes showed a delightful look and shouted: “Great, Xiaoxiao. Let’s play flying chess? We didn’t finish it yesterday!”

“Okay.” Hong Xiaoxiao finger clicked and a holographic 3D projection flying chess game appeared in front of her.

Hong Xiaoxiao clone was playing flying chess with the little girl, and Ji Peng also recognized this little patient.

He said: “I remember this patient, called Zhang Yan. Isn’t she just five years old today? Leukemia patients need bone marrow transplantation, unfortunately there’s no matching bone marrow source in the bone marrow bank across the country. Her current parents adopted her from orphanages. She couldn’t find her biological parents, so she couldn’t find the most suitable bone marrow source.”

“The news has reported our netizens selected her to be treated free of charge in our hospital. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a suitable source of bone marrow. This little girl was very strong every time she undergoes chemotherapy treatment.”

“Really pitiful.” Lu Zixin looked at Zhang Yan in the screen. She was having fun with Hong Xiaoxiao. He felt pity and sympathy in his heart watching it.

“Dad, can we help her?” asked Hong Xiaoxiao, full of expectation in her tone.

Lu Zixin looked at her with a smile and think. Hong Xiaoxiao emotions seemed to be getting richer. He nodded and said: “I will try my best.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Hong Xiaoxiao said happily.

Hong Xiaoxiao went to play with Zhang Yan, Lu Zixin asked Ji Peng, “How is this little girl’s current condition?”

Ji Peng transferred her medical record and said: “It’s not optimistic. If there’s no matching bone marrow within half a year, her leukemia will worsen and even die.”

“Half a year!” Lu Zixin thought to himself, looking for bone marrow within half a year, hope is too slim. Unless to find Zhang Yan’s biological parents, but her biological parents don’t know why they abandon her to the orphanage, and they never ask. It’s estimated, it will be difficult to donate bone marrow to her.

So, we still have to find another way.

“President Lu, sometimes, we can only do our best, whether we can do things, it depends on God.” Ji Peng comforted, as a doctor, he has seen too many similar situations.


Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Mr. L : “@Red Queen [emoticon: sigh].”

Red Queen : “[(Innocent emoticon: What do I do, I’m a computer, I don’t know how to treat brain damage.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: little brother, you are crazy!]”

Red Queen : “[Stop emoticon: stop! You update emoticon, and we will come again].” She also deliberately showed her title of “King of Fighting”.

Mr. L : “[Hidden face and crying expression: I’m sorry, I don’t know you are so strong!]”

Red Queen : “[Full-faced program expression: Use a formula that you can’t understand] Group owner, what do you want to ask?”

Lu Zixin said Hong Xiaoxiao request, and said regretfully: “Unfortunately, I can’t think of any solution.”

Red Queen finished reading : “[emoticon: moved to blue screen!] My family grew up, and the emotional system is getting richer!”

Mechanical pioneer Victor said : “The human body is too weak, some small diseases can kill humans.  Give that little girl a glorious evolution, let Hex Technology Transforming her body, she will never be troubled by these diseases from now on!””

Kayaba Akihiko disagreed, but said: “It’s too troublesome. Wouldn’t it be better to let her live in the virtual world? What a poor girl, Her biological parents abandoned her. In the virtual world, I can give her a healthy body and a perfect family. She will have paternal and maternal love!”

Lu Zixin euphemistically said: “Thank you for your kindness, but I think she should still hope better recovery from illness.”

Little Spider said : “How can we find a matching bone marrow for her? And it seems that even if it is a bone marrow transplant, the success rate is not high. It seems that after a few years, there will still be problems. At that time, this little girl is only a dozen years old!”

Mr. L : “Yeah, I’m also having a headache.”

The success rate of transplanting bone marrow is not high, which is why it’s necessary to find a person with close blood to donate bone marrow, so as to improve the success rate of transplantation.

Even if the transplant is successful, after a few years, the transplanted bone marrow will still have problems, and the condition may worsen.

Red Queen : “Then give it to me, give her genetic information to me, I will clone her bone marrow. This completely homologous bone marrow transplant will not cause big problems.”

Red Queen : “[Well to die emoticon: tell Xiaoxiao, mother loves her!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: wipe the sweat.]”

Lu Zixin continued : “In fact, I still have an idea. I feel that it’s not only necessary to solve her own problem. If there’s a solution to the problem for other patients.”

Red Queen : “So you want to build a clone base like the top executives of umbrella company?”

Mr. L : “No, no. I’m not interested in clones.”

Cloning people involves not only biological science and technology issues, but also scientific ethics issues, which have a huge impact on human morality and ethics, and Lu Zixin has avoided this field.

He continued to explain : “I mean, in addition to cloning, is there any other technical solution to solve this problem? For example, direct treatment of leukemia? Or artificial organs.”

Tony Stark : “If it’s a mechanical prosthetic, I still have a way, but if it’s the internal organs, then I can’t do anything about it. Nanomolecules can be used to treat her in the body, but the cost is a bit high.”

Tony Stark, the richest man, said that the cost is high, and Lu Zixin feels that this cost is a bit exaggerated.

Red Queen : “In vitro organ culture? Of course, there is a way. Previously, the umbrella company has cultivated cells or organs in vitro and have some results. Just because of the emergence of Tvirus, the company’s overall research direction has changed, but the technical results are still retained.”

“And it has been applied to the latest cloning technology, and these techniques have been further improved. I said this cloning is not a direct cloning of organs, but in vitro organ culture.”

Lu Zixin asked curiously : “How to cultivate?”

Red Queen : “Organs are a part of the biological structure of organisms. It’s difficult to cultivate independent organs alone, but we can use petri dishes to cultivate various types of cells in organs. Then use these cells as raw materials to synthesize them into organs and transplanted it to the organism in the fastest time. Because stem cells cultured from the organism itself, there’s will be no rejection.”

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