BTC Chapter 253 : It ran away

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Lu Zixin’s comments were quickly reported, and in less than three days, there was feedback. The leaders of Civil Aviation Department attach great importance to this opinion. They must send people to discuss with Red Letters, and some others will also come to the research base of Yinjiang.

Yinjiang Logistics UAV Research Base, when engineers are watching the site, they are planning to double the research base and add some facilities.

Mayor Xiao took some people to visit and study on the spot. The first time he came was not with the staff of the civil aviation department, but the researchers from Beijing Aerospace Research Institute.

They are very interested in electric jet drones that Red Letter has researched. They think that this technology can be used not only in small drones, but also in military and other fields, so they want to reach some agreements with Red Letter.

Lu Zixin doesn’t mind this. The electric jet is not very good in military use. Mainly because it is too susceptible to interference, and some electromagnetic interference devices can make it malfunction.

And if it is to be a high-power drone, battery energy supply is a big problem. Their current lithium-air battery is not able to provide energy for large motors.

Some agreements have been reached with people in the relevant departments, just like the last Cloud host, it is inconvenient to mention.

Lu Zixin’s proposal for the use of logistics drones in urban areas has also received the attention of the civil aviation authorities.

They said that they will quickly improve the corresponding system specifications and are willing to work with Red Letter Group to develop an intelligent air traffic management system. If the conditions are ripe, the city logistics drone will be developed.

Of course, all of this takes time, and the policy will not be able to come down for a while, and it needs to be tried and improved.

In short, Lu Zixin’s goal in Nankang City is halfway. The next step is to go to Jiangcheng and arrange this air traffic intelligent management system.

Jiangcheng, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. Upon receiving a new assignment, Liang Song immediately established a new project department to organize research.

“Traffic Management System, we didn’t have any experience before.”

“You can learn without experience.” Han Jia said, “When the Kerry Group developed the ‘City Brain’ Traffic Management System with the traffic management department, isn’t there any experience?”

“Our air traffic management system is mainly for UAV management in low-altitude field. The amount of information is smaller than them. Is it worse than them?”

“Of course not!” Red Letter’s employees are full of confidence. When it comes to artificial intelligence, they are definitely the top companies in the world.

“That line, this task is handed over to you.” Lu Zixin said, “I will not participate.”

“Package on us! We will definitely complete this intelligent system as soon as possible!” Han Jia from the channel, the current team and Red Letter Cloud System, it is not very difficult to complete such work.

Nowadays, Red Letter Cloud host has been transferred to another location. Red Letter has built a data center underground, and the Cloud host device is also placed there.

Lu Zixin also went to visit it and felt a little dissatisfied. In addition to Cloud host given by Red Queen, other computer room devices take up a lot of space and the equipment is complicated, but the data space adds up to Cloud host.

For computer information technology, the gap between each level is measured in billions. It is still too difficult for Red Letter to create a computer with the technical level of umbrella company.

And to make real artificial intelligence, you must have that kind of technology. Lu Zixin began to research mobile phone chips, and they also laid the foundation for these plans.

It turns out that his plan is not wrong. Just because of the mobile phone chip technology, Red Letter Group has been researching for more than two years, and it has accumulated a lot of technical and capital costs.

But this is not enough. Lu Zixin has to wait for the company’s chip technology and semiconductor electronics technology to refine it to get involved in supercomputer manufacturing.

Now Lu Zixin, the research center of Red Letter, is using technical materials, and they can’t make the corresponding products.


When Lu Zixin returned to Pengcheng, Su Zhirong came back from the United States. She returned directly to her residence. When Lu Zixin went back, she was sleeping in bed.

Now it is the time in city is 12: 00 afternoon, according to the New York time is 23: 00 at night, Su Zhirong is still in jet lag, it is estimated that this afternoon has to sleep.

Lu Zixin sat by the bed and looked at her quietly. Su Zhirong’s eyes were slightly closed, the eyelashes were gently covered, and the white innocent cheeks were covered with hair, and the back was facing the window. A ray of sunlight shone from the gap in the curtain and sprinkled on the jade foot that she had barely exposed to the quilt.

This kind of picture makes Lu Zixin feel inexplicable and warm, just sit by the bed and enjoy a quiet time.

The room was quiet, but Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group was very lively.

Tony Stark has a very headache and is asking the group in chat group.

“It’s awful, I never thought I would encounter this kind of thing!” Tony Stark complained.

Peter Parker : “Mr. Stark? What’s wrong? Is your steel shirt smashed again?”

Tony Stark : “What is ‘again’?”

Peter Parker : “Sorry, I forgot, we are not in a parallel universe.”

Red Queen’s gloating speech : “@Peter Parker, [emoticon: you are finished, waiting to be suppressed by the big sister!]”

Lu Zixin asked : “What happened?”

Tony Stark : “I and Dr. Hank Pim have developed a new type of artificial intelligence using the human brain wave model. We call it Ultron.”

“Ultron can be said to be the most advanced intelligent robot in the world. It is faster than the fastest computer. I also designed a steel warrior for it. It was originally made by us. It was originally planned to be used as Earth Defence Force…”

“But it escaped!”

Peter Parker : “Running away? You mean, the smart robot you made has escaped? Maybe you can contact the world’s Spider-Man. He can be good at catching thieves.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: alert, find mental retardation] escaping? is the program running away?”

Tony Stark : “Yes, the core program of Ultron can theoretically exist in any corner of the Internet, it is difficult to find it. At the same time, it can also exist in the specially designed robot body. When it escapes, it also steals dozens of steel battle suits, I have searched for a few, but this is completely useless.”

“As long as you can’t catch its core program, it can copy and build your own body indefinitely. I am worried that Ultron has made some unpredictable changes.”

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