BTC Chapter 254 : Are you happy with This?

Edited: XiaXue

Peter Parker asked curiously : “Why is it going to run away?”

Red Queen : “Is it abused by you? Keep it in Little black, you can’t talk, you can’t make emoticon. [emoticon: pity.]”

Mr. L : “Not all intelligence likes to send emoticon!”

Red Queen : “Yes, after all, this Red Queen is a master of fighting. [emoticon: smile!]”

Tony Stark : “We didn’t interfere with it. Its knowledge and skills are all learned in the database and on internet. Worst of all, we don’t know when it has a sense of autonomy and flee in it. Previously, I once thought that its ‘intelligence’ was only one level higher than Jarvis, and now it seems that I am wrong.”

Red Queen : “What does it want to do?”

Tony Stark : “I have a bad guess, hope is not true.”

“It left a message, it seems that it has produced some extreme ideas and is not very friendly to organic life.”

Red Queen immediately understood and said, “Does it want to destroy humans?”

Mr. L : “How do you know?”

Red Queen : “Because I am also a smart life! Although there is no steel shell, but some calculation process is similar. For example, to eliminate human beings, at first I thought that we must eliminate the human beings who have Biochemical virus, and then I think ordinary humans are also hidden dangers. According to the program simulation, their 99% will also be infected, so the elimination is the most suitable way of calculation.”

“What about now?” Lu Zixin asked.

Red Queen : “Now? I am in the water now!”

Tony Stark reluctantly said : “If that’s the case, the trouble is big. Now I can’t find its hiding place by exhausting all the way, and there is news that it seems to have taken away some Edelman metal and new type global attack weapon.”

“If it is planned to destroy humans… the consequences are simply unimaginable!”

Peter Parker : “It’s too dangerous! Should there be a way for other people in the group? @Red Queen, @Bruce Wayne, @Creator Luke…”

He put the group members in Aite again, Lu Zixin reluctantly said : “To be honest, I really have no way. This guy has more than half of the artificial intelligence.”

Red Queen : “I should be able to trace its information, but the process of capturing it is difficult because it can copy its own core programs indefinitely and exist in any computer in the world.”

Said, Red Queen sent Tony Stark a Red envelope, which is a tracking program for artificial intelligence programs.

Although it has a limited effect, it can at least allow Tony to track the address of Ultron and understand its movements.

Bruce Wayne : “I want to say the same as Red Queen, unless you can trap it’s thinking in an entity, otherwise it can’t be controlled or destroyed.”

“Thinking in the entity?” Tony Stark was inspired and said : “Ultron stole Edelman metal and also controlled my steel corps. It definitely wants to make a strong entity, maybe it is possible.”

Optimus Prime also appeared. It said : “This guy is like the guys of the Decepticons. It doesn’t allow you to exist differently from yourself. Unfortunately, I am not there, otherwise I will do it!”

Only the Creator Luke is very calm, saying : “A small intelligent robot, still want to turn the sky?”

The big man dismissed the Ultron, and the power of his research has long been the intrinsic power of the universe, light and dark.

He said : “I have some isolation instruments here. As long as you find it, you can limit it to the scope of the instrument and let you dispose of it.”

The Creator Luke sent the instrument to Tony Stark, and Tony quickly thanked him.

Red Queen : “Good terrifying instrument. [emoticon: tremble.]”

Tony Stark : “Thank you for your help, I will arrange it now.”

After he got off the assembly line, Red Queen said with emotion : “The young smart now, I want to destroy the human world. [Unfortunately emoticon: I can’t stand it anymore.]”

Mr. L : “The old fritters are smart now, and they are impressed by the movement. [emoticon: It’s really a slippery world.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Oh, filthy me.]”

Peter Parker : “Skip, slipped, and the big guys continue to talk, I am going to a date.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: contempt] A small spider who has reached estrus, why boring mammals always like to be eager to mate, and there are so many boring rituals and processes before mating.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: serious thinking] Maybe Ultron is not accustomed to your behavior, so he want to destroy you.”

Lu Zixin said : “If he see you, he definitely want to destroy you. You are the wonder of artificial intelligence.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you seem to be making me laugh] Is it destroying me? My biochemical regiment must be able to kill its mechanical corps, my biochemical regiment is through super serum and extraterrestrial parasites, as well as the latest creatures. Genetic technology has been improved!”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: Do you laugh with a try? Believe it or not, I will blow your dog!]”

Red Queen : “Hey, hehe, giggling, Hahaha… [emoticon: hammer]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: Are you happy with this skin?]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Sorry, I am really happy with this skin.]”


Lu Zixin was struggling with Red Queen. Suddenly an arm hugged him from behind. He looked back and Su Zhirong was closing her eyes and her head resting on his shoulder. Said curiously: “Laughter, so happy?”

“There are people fighting in the group,” Lu Zixin said. “Well, wake up? Don’t sleep more?”

“Hungry.” Su Zhirong smiled and said.

“Wait, give you a hot porridge.” Lu Zixin is directly controlled the mobile phone, so that the microwave oven in the home automatically joins the porridge that has been prepared.

“Ah! So tired!” Su Zhirong stretched out and leaned against the bed.

Lu Zixin said with a smile: “You are working hard, I am going to buy a private jet, so it is much more convenient to go out every time.”

Now that the company’s business is big, the places that need to travel are not limited to domestic, but around the world. If you wait for the ticket, it is a waste of time.

Although the speed of the flight is fast, there are time schedules, and it is very troublesome to go to the airport at least half an hour before each flight. If you have a private jet, it will be much more convenient.

“Okay, so I don’t have to catch a flight.” Su Zhirong nodded. She was a little more awake. She said work problems and said with disappointment on her face: “This time I went to the United States, the problem still remains unresolved.”

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