MST Chapter 54 : Response

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Mother called.

When Ye Guang picks up, Mother on the phone is excited: “Son, son, Mom saw you, Mom saw you on TV!”

Ye Guang: “Mom, see, I didn’t lie to you, how do you feel, how about this advertisement?”

Mother: “Good, good! Especially good. Just now, some neighbours in our shop saw you, and they all praised you. He also said that he would introduce his niece to you.”

Ye Guang sweating, “Mom, let’s talk about advertising. Leaving aside your son, don’t you say, what do you think of this advertisement, you give an opinion.”

Mother thought about it and said: “It’s very good. It looks very inspiring, but your Mom is too old to be inspirational. I guess, this advertisement is very popular among young people.”

A hit on the nail.

This kind of advertisement is indeed inspirational. The older people may not have much resonance, but countless young people who are still struggling to resonate can be big. It is just saying that they are not too strong.

At the same time, Liu Chiyan also sent a Weibo:

“Warmly celebrate ‘Youxianqi Entertainment’ (formerly Liu Chiyan Studio) officially opened! The following commercials are all the employees of our studio who are currently involved in the filming. It is very good.” Then the advertisement below is Self-endorsement video.

Ye Guang and studio also reposted quickly.

Liu Chiyan is regarded as the first-class self-media in China. The effect of Weibo’s advertising is in fact not inferior to TV commercials in some senses. However, the audience does not have a wide range of TV commercials, and the network information is too explosive. It will soon pass.

Outside world.

In a dimly lit basement, a young man with a bit of scum eats instant noodles while watching old-fashioned and somewhat distorted TV.

“Everything is singing and dancing on TV, but I can’t even afford to pay the rent next month, oh, let’s go back to my hometown, just give up.” The young man talked to himself a little bit, and glanced at the already packed luggage on the ground and a guitar with some paint.

“Hey, how is it a damn advertisement, it’s really annoying!” As the young man turned around, he began to look for the remote control to change channels. The first ad ended, and a magnetic and emotional voice came from the TV:

“You only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat.”

“You have your rules, I have my choice.”

“You deny my present, I decide my future.”

“You laugh at me, nothing, not worthy.”

“I poor you always wait.”

“You can despise our youth”

“We will prove who this is!”

“Dream is destined to travel alone.”

“There is no doubt and ridicule on the road.”

“So what.”

“Even if you are bruised all over, you must live beautifully.”

  Seeing this, the young man has already stunned.

“We are Youxianqi Entertainment, we speak for ourselves!”

The voices of the collective employees sounded neatly, letting the young people come back to their hearts, and burst into tears.

The advertisement ended in the final Studio collective employee, and ‘Youxianqi ‘logo came to an end. The side picture of last shot also appeared with a subtitles:

Produced : Youxianqi Entertainment (formerly Liu Chiyan Studio)

Planner : Ye Guang

Director : Shang Shan / Xia Hai / Ye Guang

These lines of subtitles are specially added by Liu Chiyan. For no other reason, she just wants to give Ye Guang a long face and put Ye Guang’s name in the director’s column for the same reason, giving Ye Guang a long face. And Ye Guang has done a lot of director work when he was shooting. Adding his name is not unreasonable. Besides, a large part of the reason Liu Chiyan release it on CCTV is partly because this is Ye Guang’s work. She wants more people to see, otherwise this advertisement will not vote for TV. How to vote is not necessarily.

For a long time, the young man said nothing, silently unpacked the originally packaged baggage, picked up the lacquered guitar, solemnly hung it on the wall, and finally pulled out the cellphone and broadcast a call. “Hello, landlord Aunt? I will continue to rent the house, but can you rent for a few days…”

Such a situation is constantly being staged nationwide. Although many young people have different circumstances, they may not be mixed with this scum, but the dreams that were originally intended to be abandoned or shaken are once again strengthened because of such an advertisement.

Some people have seen this advertisement as a horror, and they rushed to tell each other.

“Hey, Zhang, just watching TV? Looking at the advertisement? What? No? Oh, a pity! Come, come, I will tell you something that is incredible…”

“Whoops! Is this an advertisement?”

“Can an advertisement be like this?”

“Is this advertising a slogan?”

“Youxianqi Entertainment? Liu Chiyan Studio ? Lying trough, this advertisement has made a big difference to my Goddess Liu!”

“Goddess Liu is awesome, making an advertisement is so fresh and refined.”

“Li Zi, you just didn’t see the advertisement, it’s amazing, how is it amazing? It is very very amazing! You go online to search for it, and see for yourself. Yes, you can check it on Weibo!”



Liu Chiyan Weibo.

Catkins 768: “Properly Sofa.”

Catkins 341: “How did Goddess Liu studio change name? Didn’t it have been opened last year? How to open again.”

Catkins 421: “At first glance, it is pseudo-powder. The name of Goddess Liu company is originally called ‘Youxianqi Entertainment’, but I am also wondering why it was re-opened.”

God turns: “The trough! This is an ad from Goddess Liu studio? That’s awesome Let’s take a quick look.”

Funny than No. 1: “What advertisement?”

Taiping people: “Really good, good motivation, good feelings, this is advertising?”

Catkins 891: “Why not our home Goddess Liu starring!!! I am not satisfied!”

Seven seven eight eight: “Is this a short film? Where is the advertisement.”

Wisdom, my sister Zhou: “I proved for upstairs, this is really an advertisement! I just saw it on CCTV channel! That’s awesome!

Baby is baby: “I feel that my passion has been reignited, I want to move towards my dream!”

Tucao brother: “Upstairs, you are still a baby, don’t be impulsive.”

Catkins 652: “The ads that Goddess Liu took are all so good.”

North drift brother: “I have already given up my dreams, but I watch this advertisement, really, now it is still full of blood, I decided, I want to strengthen my dream, go forward, like the advertisement, Dreams are destined to be lonely, and there is no doubt and ridicule on the road, but what about it, even if it is all over the body, you must live beautifully!”

“Dear, I am going upstairs! I am optimistic about you! ”

North drift No. 1: “Upstairs, I am also a North drifting family, I am willing to share with the king!”

Night light: “Come on! May all the young people in the world share it! Stick to yourself and stick to your dreams. This is our time!”

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