MST Chapter 55 : Advertising is on fire

Edited: XiaXue

Of course, there are also a lot of careful netizens who noticed the last subtitles.

Laughing: “Who is Ye Guang? Does anyone know? Actually able to make such an advertisement, this is a personal talent!”

The name was eaten by the dog: “I don’t know, but Ye Guang is really talented. This advertisement is so good, too inspirational. My buddy has been unsatisfactory recently and saw this advertisement crying directly.”

Can’t think of the name: “I am his buddy, I admit that I cried, because it is too resonating, I really can’t hold back, Ye Guang is a bit familiar.”

Nanchang rice noodles: “Our original SB radio host was also called Ye Guang, and had a show called Late night story. A live story called “Ghost Blows Out The Light” was broadcast, especially good, but this SB suddenly resigned, and now it’s changed, the story is still a good story, but I always feel that it’s not as good as Ye Guang told before. But I don’t think it’s a person, one is Radio Jockey, the other is an advertising planner, I can’t get together.”

Catkins 211: “It should be the staff of Goddess Liu studio, not that this film is taken by all the staff of Goddess Liu. I don’t know who is in the lens.”

Willow 435: “It should be, but when you talk about the camera, have you noticed that Goddess Liu studio actually has a pair of triplets!”

Seventy-eight: “Is upstairs stupid? It is said that it is a triplet and can be described as a pair.”

Amazing my brother: “Haha, successfully captured three rare animals! Triplets, all at Goddess Liu studio, just the artist combination that Goddess Liu studio is ready to launch!”

The Emperor: “Have you seen such a long, entertaining artist?”

Catkins 890: “The truth from upstairs. LOL”



A beverage company meeting room, a group of people in heated discussion.

“Hey, the advertising planner I saw today doesn’t feel like it’s not good, too much.”

“Who said no, I also saw two, not very suitable for our products.”

“Difficult, the sales volume is so bad now, if there is no good advertising marketing, it is really unhelpful.”

“So we must strive for excellence, we can’t just advertise, we have to do it! Otherwise it will have a negative effect.”

“What’s wrong with the current advertising company, a reliable planner can’t get it out, it’s all a fake big way, this consumer can buy it!”


In a discussion, the company CEO came in.

“Everyone calms down and take a look at this ad.” Say, the boss uses a cell phone to connect to the projector and play the ad.

“You only smell my perfume, but you don’t see my sweat.”


The ad played and the meeting room was quiet for a few seconds.

“This ad is absolutely terrible!”

“You can still advertise like this, great, amazing!”

“Really good, which advertising company did it?”

“You didn’t see it? It is not done by an advertising company, ‘Youxianqi Entertainment’ Goddess Liu Chiyan studio, planner is a person named Ye Guang.”

CEO: “It seems that everyone thinks that this advertisement is doing a good job. How do you feel that our company’s advertising is handed over to them?”

Some employees said: “Ah? Give them? But they are Entertainment Studio, will they advertise?”

“How can’t advertise, is this advertising not doing very well? I think I can let them try!”

“Ah, no, I mean, they are Entertainment Studio, they can’t understand advertising business.”

“This is true.”

The CEO frowned and thought: “Call and ask for the address. Send someone to talk about it. If you can, then it’s best!”

“That line, then go ask! This is called Ye Guang, and maybe he can make an advertisement for our products.”

“Do you want Goddess Liu to speak for you?”

“Don’t be stupid, when Goddess Liu took over the endorsement, not to mention that people are now bosses.”

“That is, Goddess Liu really can give our company an endorsement, and the endorsement fee is higher, we will sell the iron and give the endorsement fee to her!”

CEO: “Oh, it is not too late, hurry to find someone to check the address, send someone to go, the recent sales performance is not optimistic, time waits for no one!”


The phone at the front desk of Youxianqi Entertainment sounded for the first time.

Yu Xuejia, the front desk, picked up the phone and said a few words and hurriedly ran upstairs to find Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan.

“President Liu, Advisor Ye, someone called to ask us the address, saying that was looking for us to advertise, he want to come over and talk, how can I answer him?”

Liu Chiyan glanced, “Advertising? We are not an advertising company, you go back to him. ”

Ye Guang came to the mood, he was really bored and broken. “Don’t, don’t, why are you back home? Why can’t the entertainment company advertise? Come, I will do it!”

Liu Chiyan saw him with great enthusiasm, and she knew that he was stuffy and wanted to find something to do, and she followed him. “Yes, that is, let them come and talk.”

Yu Xuejia got orders, and she ran downstairs, and Ye Guang nodded with satisfaction.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said: “You have to be bored for a few days. We will recruit more people, pull up the crew, make a TV show, and what the entertainment company is doing, cross-border.”

Ye Guang smiled and said: “It’s boring, play, you can do it, give you some money, this advertising fee is too much!”

Liu Chiyan chuckles.

Someone came to the door, this is undoubtedly a signal, a positive signal! Ye Guang’s advertisement is on fire! Be affirmed! Otherwise who will find the door?


China Weibo company.

An editor: “This is called Ye Guang, who resigned from Radio station. Weibo powder is almost gone. Will this V be given to him?”

“Hey, little Liu, you still remember the last hatred, haha, the profile you wrote is still hanging on his Weibo.”

Little Liu editor smiles a little embarrassed. “If you want to see him because he is the original author of Ghost Blows Out The Light, I will be able to withdraw his Weibo V on the day of his resignation. Now his fans are almost gone, it is time for V to withdraw! Let him swear.”

An editor next to him said, “Don’t say that you can’t withdraw. You come to see this, are you two people talking about this Ye Guang?”

Little Liu editor and several other editors wrap up.

“Should not be? The same name? It turns out that Ye Guang is Radio Jockey, this is the advertising planner, or Liu Chiyan studio.”

“I don’t think so, advertising and Radio Jockey, the gossip can’t be played.”

“Call and ask… This Ye Guang latest Weibo does not forward this advertisement, maybe it is a person.”

After a while, an editor’s expression was a bit more exciting: “Confirmed, the identity information and the cell phone number Weibo ID are all right, the same person, can’t be wrong.”

“I rely on Radio Jockey to switch to the advertising planner.”

“It’s really the same person. The original resignation was to join Liu Chiyan Studio.”

“Little Liu, it seems that his Weibo V can’t be withdrawn.”

Little Liu argued strongly: “Whoever says that it can’t be withdrawn, isn’t it an advertisement? Why can’t it be withdrawn?”

“Cut, you still want to withdraw, you go online to see how much this advertisement is now, just rush to this, you have to add him a V, and then introduce as famous advertising planner.”

Little Liu : “…”

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