BTC Chapter 255 : Threat

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“I have talked with three telecom operators. SPRINT-NEXTEL is the most keen to introduce our products. AT&T and VERIAZON also expressed their willingness to cooperate, but they also indicated that the policy is unknown and they need to wait for the notice from US Federal Communications Commission.”

SPRINT-NEXTEL, the Chinese name Sprint, is the third-ranked telecom operator in United States, with a market capitalization of about $26 billion. On top of it, it is the second-ranked operator VERIAZON (Verizon). With a market value of nearly $200 billion, the first AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation) market value reached $230 billion.

The US mobile phone market and China’s situation are completely different. China people buy mobile phones are to look at the mobile phone brand first, and then choose which carrier. The Americans are accustomed to buying the products directly from the operators. The operators occupy more than 90% of the market. Without the support of the operators, the mobile phones do not need to talk about sales.

Lu Zixin frowned, “It looks like it’s useless to find out which operator to use for this incident.”

In fact, when Red Letter was not ready to enter US market, there were already US telecom operators who took the initiative to find a door to cooperate. The market potential of Red Letter’s smart products is obvious to all. The Chinese market and Japan market have fully proved this point.

For telecom operators, no matter what mobile phone they sell, they can make money, and naturally they are very happy.

But for US market, the entry of the Red Letter Group is completely another level of affairs.

Su Zhirong nodded and analyzed: “If our products enter US market, it will definitely have a huge impact on US market. The first is the mobile phone industry. The United States alone generates high profits every year compared to some countries.”

“If Apple and other mobile phone companies are defeated by us in US market, the US economic system will be greatly affected. There are also mobile phone chip industry, Qualcomm, Broadcom and other companies, intelligent services hit Google, Microsoft…”

“Our products and services involve almost half of internet industry, and behind these companies are big capitalists and politicians in United States. They are certainly not happy to see Red Letter enter US market.”

Su Zhirong hasn’t said the most serious problem. For consumers, it is nothing more than a problem that can be chosen by more than one mobile phone.

But now the influence of the Red Letter Group is not a mobile phone issue, but a matter of the entire US economy!

How big is the influence of big companies? Companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung have surpassed many countries in the world economy rankings!

That’s right, the influence of big companies in economic behavior is even stronger than in many countries!

Apple’s annual IPHONE sales account for about 0.3 of US GDP. For example, after Apple announced that it will gradually transfer more than $200 billion overseas to US market, the US President even immediately called Apple CEO’s. Yes, praise his contribution to American economy.

The Samsung Group’s annual turnover accounts for 20% of the entire Korean country’s GDP. Its revenue is related to the economic development of the entire country, ranking the top 50 in the world economy… and so on.

If Red Letter is as invincible as Japan market in US market, the impact will be immeasurable, and Wall Street capitalists may be jumping in the queue.

In view of this, the big capitalists and government officials in United States are vigilant against the Red Letter Group and dare not let Red Letter easily enter US market.

Su Zhirong asked: “Do you want to temporarily put down US market and open up European market?”

Lu Zixin thought for a while and said: “Now red letter is only influential in China and the surrounding areas. If you want to deploy the whole world, you must enter North American market. The United States and Canada are the two most important markets in North American market. The attitude of the country and the US market to us also represents the attitude of the Canadian market.”

“This thing, I think about it again.”

Lu Zixin doesn’t want to compromise as simple as this. Americans are afraid that they will hit the high-profile Science and Technology industry in US and want to protect their businesses and markets. Is it only allowed them to make money around the world?

However, the actual situation is very complicated. The United States is no better than China. In China, Red Letter is a domestic enterprise and is protected by its own policies. But in United States, they are foreign companies with huge threats and are excluded from policy.

Of course, this situation is also unique to Red Letter Group. Because other companies enter US market, they are not competitive in Science and Technology and the market, and it is easy to pass the review. Only Red Letter is the leader in Science and Technology, and the nature is completely different.


In the past few days, Lu Zixin has approved a new procurement plan, preparing to purchase a total of 15 private small business aircraft from two aircraft companies, with an estimated purchase amount of one billion yuan.

The most expensive is Lu Zixin to prepare a Gulfstream private jet for himself, the price is around 2.5 billion yuan, and the rest is a business machine arranged for the company’s top management to facilitate their travel.

This price is not a top luxury aircraft, mainly Lu Zixin is reluctant to spend more than one billion to buy those luxury aircraft, he always feels that the performance of these aircraft is also like this, if the group is big to send a car, performance is definitely better than this and more advanced.

After the aircraft is purchased, special private pilots and flight attendants are required, which are arranged by the company.

Lu Zixin went to United States before his private jet arrived. In a few days, US Federal Communications Commission will approve the application for the product of the Red Letter Group. He will see a few people first.

The first is the current president of AT&T, John Stankey.

American telephone and telegraph company Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, its predecessor is Bell Telephone Company, Bell is not “the top of the food chain” Bell Griers, but the father of the phone called Alexander Bell.

The company has been leading the world since its inception, and is still the world’s leading telecommunications operator, ranking among the top 10 most valuable companies in the world! It can be said that it is a giant beast in the world economic market!

Lu Zixin met John in the stylish AT&T Headquarters building. He is about forty years old this year, with short black hair, suits, white shirts, and traditional workplace elites. This person is at the helm of a multinational company worth hundreds of billions. Its ability cannot be underestimated.

“It’s nice to meet you, dear Mister Lu.” John shook hands with him, he wouldn’t speak Chinese, but the translation function of Lu Zixin’s mobile phone perfectly solved this problem.

“I am also honored.” Lu Zixin sat opposite him, and after a brief exchange, he began to negotiate on company affairs.

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