BTC Chapter 256 : Insider Message

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John Stankey first stated that “our company is very happy to reach an operational agreement with Red Letter, but this incident has encountered some irresistible resistance.”

“Mr. Stankey, I am here for this. I want to know FCC’s attitude towards our Red Letter products.” Lu Zixin said straightforwardly, Gru as the president of American Telephone and Telephone Company, there must be a way to know the inside information of US Federal Communications Commission.

John Stankey smiled and said: “I don’t know much. The FCC actually has different opinions on the products of Red Letter. I don’t know until the specific approval opinions are down.”

“But Mister Lu doesn’t have to worry, I can introduce you to a friend. Mr. Taylor Walker, who is now an important figure in the ruling party and a member of Federal Communications Commission. He certainly knows some inside information and if has him Speaking for red letter, I think this will be much easier.”

“It turned out to be the case, then I am very interested in meeting Mr. Walker.” Lu Zixin said.

Here, the relationship between capitalists and political party members is far more complicated than imagined. This Taylor Walker is definitely close to AT&T.

Lu Zixin and John Stankey negotiated for a while, and in the evening, John Stankey specially arranged a dinner to entertain Lu Zixin and introduce Taylor Walker.

The place where John Stankey arranged dinner was in a private villa with a wide area, surrounded by neat lawns and horticultural plants.

And there are many facilities in it, luxurious and rich. In the villa, you can see sexy young waitresses with all kinds of skin colors.

When Lu Zixin arrived, Taylor Walker had arrived. He was in his fifties, fat, wearing a loose robe and lying by the pool.

Under the gentle light, a group of tall swimsuit girls are playing around, drinking, swimming, and one is giving him a massage.

Taylor Walker is drinking champagne and screaming at the younger girl who is 30 years younger. The laughter is unscrupulous.

John Stankey has clearly become accustomed to it, saying: “Mr. Walker has always been very casual in private activities.”

Lu Zixin laughs and says no, this is casual. If this guy drinks a little more, he is afraid to play adult movies on the side of this open-air swimming pool.

John Stankey went to the front: “Mr. Walker, Mr. Lu Yan of Red Letter Group arrived.”

Taylor Walker looked at Lu Zixin sideways and sat up with a smile: “China friend is here, don’t you welcome it?”

When he finished, a few girls came in and surrounded Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin waved his hand and said, “I am here to talk about business.”

John Stankey said to them: “You are on the side.”

Lu Zixin sat next to Taylor Walker, and Gru also added a chair. The three first drank a glass of champagne before they started talking.

Lu Zixin also learned English and mastered a lot of memory, but the spoken language is not very standard, so John Stankey replaced him to help him.

He said: “Mr. Walker, the president of Red Letter’s Lu Yan came to United States this time and wanted to cooperate with our AT&T to sell their products in US market. But our cooperation has received some resistance from Federal Communications Commission, do you know why?”

“Hahaha!” Taylor Walker laughed and said: “This is a secret in committee and cannot be said indiscriminately.”

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “We are just chatting with friends, and we won’t say anything if we hear anything.”

John Stankey nodded and said: “Mr. Lu Yan is very friendly.”

Taylor Walker said with a smile: “I know that he is not only friendly, but also very rich! I also hope that Red Letter can contribute to economic development of our United States, but some people do not think so.”

There is something in his words, but he does not directly say it, but deliberately sells it. Lu Zixin is not in a hurry. If he is too eager to ask, he will fall.

He transferred the topic to the villa and said: “This is a really good place. I always wanted to buy a holiday estate, like this.”

John Stankey said with a smile: “Here, not only the manor, you can buy a large farm, and it’s okay to race in your own home.”

“This is a good idea.” Lu Zixin nodded.

The two people went farther and farther, and Taylor Walker was impatient. He indicated that the young girl next to him poured a glass of champagne and said: “The problem of red letter is difficult to solve.”

Lu Zixin asked: “What trouble?”

Taylor Walker waved his hand and the girls ran away. He said slowly: “After AT&T submitted a cooperation with Red Letter, our Federal Communications Commission received a joint opinion from as many as 25 members of Congress.”

“There is also a warning from National Information Security Department that the committee is required to conduct a rigorous review of Red Letter’s products.”

“They believe that the chip of Red Letter’s smart products is likely to have a ‘back door’, which has the risk of revealing user privacy and endangering US national information security.”

Lu Zixin hearing here, sneer in my heart, it is ridiculous. The United States once provoked scandals that used smart products to monitor user privacy in the background, causing unanimous accusations around the world. Now they actually treat Red Letter as they do.

Lu Zixin said: “Mr. Walker, I guarantee that there is absolutely no so-called back-end in our products, and we will not involve user privacy by any means.”

Taylor Walker shrugged and said, “I am also willing to believe you, but this is evidence.”

“As far as I know, most members of Federal Communications Commission and US National Information Security Agency now agree that the smart chips of Red Letter’s smart products may have security vulnerability. If nothing else, your cooperation can’t be done.”

This news Lu Zixin is ready, he asked: “Mr. Walker, then how do you think Red Letter should prove that there is no problem and get formal business qualifications?”

Taylor Walker smiled mysteriously, looked at Lu Zixin with deep thoughts, picked up his own glass, swayed it and said: “In this land where Statue of Liberty is singing, everything is possible. The existing idea is not If you change, you only need to make the corresponding changes, or, at a price, you can see that Mr. Lu Yan is reluctant.”

Lu Zixin slightly frowned, what does this guy mean in the end, is it to find someone to ask for benefits? Still have something else.

At this time, John Stankey interjected: “Since they think there is a problem with the chip, then it is enough to solve the chip problem?”

Taylor Walker nodded and said: “Stankey is really a smart entrepreneur.”

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