BTC Chapter 235 : Sales License

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But he is not him, he can only smash his temples. In any case, the world record set by Apple World must be kept, at least in his tenure, it must not be declining!

In Cook eyes, there is a firm look. The world’s number one market is still North American market. Even if it is a loss in Chinese market, in the North American market, it must not be so easy to make Red Letters cheaper!

As for smart glasses, this project has been kept in Apple’s reserved library. Now it seems that it must be implemented.


In the Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology company, the success of smart glasses is another great news this year. At the same time, they are still busy.

The smart glasses project will be the second largest product pillar in addition to smartphones, so it is necessary to set up an operation team and management team.

Lu Zixin is busy with this matter, and some high-level appointments require him to decide in person.

“Xie Gan wants to do smart glasses operation?” Lu Zixin looked at the application of the subordinate and asked Su Zhirong on the side: “How is his business ability?”

Su Zhirong wearing smart glasses, direct voice from the Ministry of Personnel database to mobilize Xie Gan’s information, analysis: “Xie Gan worked for one year and one month, has been responsible for the sales of Red Letter smartphones, the ability is above A+, can serve.”

Lu Zixin also had a little impression on him. When Su Xiaomeng came to Pengcheng, Xie Gan helped him to do things.

“Is his position a good addition?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Can add, there are several reserve candidates.” Su Zhirong nodded.

“Well, then give him a chance to be chief operating officer of smart glasses. If the operational performance is good, he will be promoted to senior vice president. If he is not capable, go on.” Lu Zixin made a decision.

Solved a problem, Su Zhirong throws the next question, saying: “Our operational cooperation in the United States is still not the following, the attitude of the three major operators is not clear.”

Red Letter smartphones want to open up overseas markets in different ways than other companies. For example, low-end and mid-range mobile phones can go to markets such as Southeast Asia and India, which is related to local consumption levels.

The price of Red Letter smartphones in China is as high as five or six thousand. If it is sold overseas, plus taxes, the price will be even higher. If you sell in neighboring countries such as India and Myanmar, fearing that sales will be very bleak, then you may lose money.

Therefore, the route taken by Red Letter is to first enter a country with relatively developed market economy. First and foremost, it is the world’s largest sales market for smart products, the North American market. The United States is the most important thing.

“Because of information security issues?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Probably this is the case.” Su Zhirong nodded. “The specific reasons are hard to say. Our colleagues in International Business Expansion Department said that the three major telecom operators in US, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint+T-Mobile, are actually interested to cooperate, but we are not sure, so we are all dragging.”

“Oh, I did not expect that we also encountered the same problem with the Huawei.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

As a mobile phone, Huawei is in the US market and encounters disruption of cooperation between operators, resulting in the inability to fully enter US market.

The root cause is that US congressmen jointly called the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the information security issues that may exist in the mobile phone.

In this way, Huawei is unable to sell in US market through formal channels, and can only retail online. And the annual sales of over 100 million Huawei is a mobile phone, and sales in the United States are still better than some low-end products.

Nowadays, Red Letter smartphones want to enter US market, and the three major operators have no direct cooperation. Obviously, they also have concerns behind them. Perhaps they also got some rumors, and did not dare to cooperate with Red Letter before they were clear.

Su Zhirong gave him a helpless look and said: “The country is different and the policies are different. We really have no way in this short period of time.”

“We have not officially reached a cooperation with the operator, and the US Federal Communications Commission has not passed the review of our products, and can only wait.”

“What about other countries?” Lu Zixin asked.

“At present, our products have obtained sales licenses from countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, and are applying for sales licenses in Korea, Japan and European markets.” Su Zhirong said, “Unsurprisingly, we will be able to enter Japan market next month.”

“Japan country operators also want to invite you to go to Edo with Mr. Tang to participate in Red Letter Smart Product Launch Conference!”

“Going to Edo? Press conference?” Lu Zixin thought about it and said, “I’m really interested. I used to be a downstream manufacturing export Japan country. It’s time for us to earn their money with high Science and Technology products!”

Lu Zixin decided to go to Japan country next month. Who knows that he has received a call when he has not left work.

This is a strange number. According to the smart identification of the mobile phone housekeeper of Red Letter, it does not indicate advertising sales. Lu Zixin answered the phone: “Hey, hello, who is it?”

“Is it Lu Zixin?” There was a bit of excitement on the phone.

“It’s me. Are you?” Lu Zixin felt a little familiar, but couldn’t remember it.

“I am going, can’t you hear my voice? I am Di Chao!” said the man.

“Di Chao?” Lu Zixin immediately remembered, this is one of his university roommates! Only half a year after graduation, the two also contacted, but Di Chao returned to his hometown to development, and the contact was less.

Later he changed the number and program, Lu Zixin and he basically had no contact. If you think about it, it’s only two years. Before the graduation, the relationship was quite good. Now, the voice can’t be heard.

“I said how familiar the voice is, it turned out to be you. How are you doing recently?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Make it, mix the days. How about you, how?” asked Di Chao. “I know all the dorms, that is, you guys see the head of a divine dragon but not its tail. I don’t see you in the class.”

Lu Zixin is too busy, how can there be an empty class? And that group has now become a dead group. Last year, he sent a Red envelope in it, and some people silently robbed it. I don’t know if it is a hang or a diving party.

“I am okay, much better than before.” Lu Zixin said modestly.

“Haha, I have only started now, come slowly.” Di Chao thought he was embarrassed to say, comforting.

“Right, are you free next month?” he asked again.

“It’s a bit of a thing next month. Do you have anything?”

“That, I am getting married next month, this will not call you to inform, if it is convenient, come and join in a fun?” Di Chao finally said the purpose.

Lu Zixin suddenly has some speechlessness. It is no wonder that some people say that the students who have not been in contact for a long time suddenly contact each other, and they are getting married in all likelihood.

However, he did not care, Di Chao is not there, he took care of him at the university, and he was willing to join in the fun.

Lu Zixin asked about the date. Before going to Japan country, he promised: “Yes, I must go.”

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