BTC Chapter 251 : First mission

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They simply said that a new type of medium-sized logistics drone developed by Shunfeng Logistics had a fault during the flight test and fell into a mountain.

There is no road there, and if people are groping for the past, they don’t know how much trouble. So they came up with a way to pull the drone back directly with other drones.

However, due to the complicated terrain there, their large drones could not land, and the small drone had insufficient load capacity. They thought that the size and load of the drones that were flying before the Yinjiang Logistics seemed to be helpful, so he came over and asked.

Hou Xinghua asked: “Which model of your drone is there, how is the terrain? Can I see it?”

“This is the V333 vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone.” The staff of Shunfeng took out pictures to show them, it is an eight-rotor drone, which is a little more than five times larger than the current four-rotor of Yinjiang.

According to the image information sent back by the drone, it is now on a low slope, full of weeds, and is not suitable for large drones.

“Does it have multiple?” Hou Xinghua asked.

“Probably 14 kilograms.” The staff of Shufeng said, “This place is not easy to operate. See if you have a solution. If it doesn’t work, we will send someone to get it back.”

The drone will be more powerful and have a suitable operating space.

14 kilograms, at least medium-sized logistics drones can be operated, and Shunfeng medium-sized drones are only a few meters long, and it is difficult to drop.

When I heard 14 kilograms, Hou Xinghua was in a dilemma. Their quadrotor drones did not have so much weight-bearing capacity, let alone such complicated operations.

He said: “There is no good way for us. Why don’t you find a local fellow and ask them to help you find it?”

“It seems that this is the only way.” The staff of Shunfeng is also very helpless.

“Is this possible to drag it back with a lasso?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah, it is the narrow and complicated terrain, and it is not good to operate.” The staff of Shunfeng replied.

“That’s just right, we have to test this drone, what is the location coordinates? Let it try.” Lu Zixin pointed to the electric jet drone he brought.

“It?” The people on the other side of the wind looked at the drone that he said. They didn’t have their small drones, and they didn’t even have a rotor. He had to say, “You are so funny.”

In his opinion, to load 14 kilograms, at least medium-sized drones. The standard small drone they are developing now has a load weight of 3 kg, and Lu Zixin says that it can load 14 kilograms.

“No kidding, you start to operate, it is our first actual flight test.” Lu Zixin told the team of Red Letter.

“Okay, let’s start now.” Red Letter team immediately prepared.

Seeing that they are really ready to start work, let alone Shunfeng people, Hou Xinghua is speechless. I hope that this thing is better for them to find a fellow to help bring the drone back.

However, the team of Red Letter has already started to operate. The bottom of small flying saucer has a lightweight mechanical grab hook that can be easily grabbed.

In the eyes of everyone, the small flying saucer started to start, took off vertically, flew directly into the sky, and went to the coordinate location.

“I am going, this is actually a jet!” The staff of Shunfeng watched it, such a small thing is still a jet drone, a bit powerful!

They have also studied jet-type installations in Shunfeng, but that is a large drone, and the wings are as long as 20 meters. Such a small one has never thought about it.

The speed of the small flying saucer is very fast. It takes less than ten minutes to reach the accident site. Through the camera of the drone, it can be clearly seen that Shunfeng fault machine falls in the low place.

The staff of Shunfeng said: “Yes, here, there are too many weed branches here. Our rotorcraft drones must be entangled. You don’t have to worry about this flying saucer, that is, our things have 14 kg, Can you take it?”

“14 kilograms, more than enough!” The operator on Red Letter team said confidently, saying, he began to operate the small flying saucer to aim at the target, and then Shunfeng machine grabbed by mechanical hook that looked like a small but tough material.

“Give me up!” the operator said, the small flying saucer has been successfully taken off with a faulty machine. From the point of view of climbing, its power is completely sufficient, and there is no way to afford it!

“It’s actually brought it up!” In addition to the people who came from Red Letter, the rest of the people widened their eyes and looked at the picture from the camera.

“Fly!” Hou Xinghua couldn’t help but scream, only the people who have studied know how incredible this is!

Their quadrotor drone is more than three times larger than this small flying saucer, and its load capacity is not even half of it.

And this small flying saucer still cancels the rotor device, which is completely operated by the electric jet device, which is too advanced! I really don’t know how the motor inside is designed, how is the energy conversion going?

Everyone in Yinjiang team was stunned watched this scene. The small flying saucer had already caught the faulty machine and returned.

This shows that the goal that Lu Zixin said just now is not impossible, but they have already been completed! Just like they are still studying the 99 multiplication table, and people have begun to study the function.

In contrast, their quadrotor drones are simply rubbish, and they can’t take it!

Is Red Letter really so cow? Researchers at Yinjiang Logistics R&D team have a bitter heart, and the gap is too big!

The Shunfeng staff also looked at it. When he came here, he just took the test of his mentality. Who knows that the other party not only promised to help, but also did it!

The most important thing is that they use a jet model that they have never heard of, and their load and flight capacity are even better than their medium-sized eight-rotor drone!

In terms of logistics drones, Shunfeng has always been the leading domestic company, and even the first company to obtain flight operation rights. They are more proud of this. However, when they saw this small flying saucer today, he discovered that there is still such a magical things!

If the size of this small flying saucer is several times larger, is the carrying capacity not greater? He felt a kind of surprise and panic, and there were already advanced technologies in the small research base next to them!

After the operator issued the instruction to return, the small flying saucer quickly returned with the faulty machine. When it landed on the square of the research base, everyone looked at it with eager eyes!

They are very curious and want to know what secrets are hidden in this thing, and they can’t wait to open to research it immediately.

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