BTC Chapter 50 : Looking for Tencent to ask for money

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“It’s time to seize the market,” Lu Zixin said. “The open online game accelerator assists the acceleration of other games, and the acceleration of similar Eating Chicken online games is delayed.”

Red Letter online game accelerator, naturally it is impossible to accelerate only one game. In fact, Cloud host has been able to speed up most of the games on the current game platform, and the results are good.

And the Cloud host, which received user data feedback, is still self-upgrading and optimized for System Improvement. When the optimization is completed, the computer accelerator can be launched.

Liu Tong heard Lu Zixin command, said with a smile: “General, your hand is absolutely perfect! After the user is used to our online game accelerator to play games, those online games with high requirements are equivalent to our life. Once we don’t provide acceleration, their popularity will be damaged.”

Lu Zixin took his words and said: “More than that, there are upgrade services. If they are willing to give us some money, we can also upgrade their game acceleration.”

Online game accelerator is the grading acceleration, the higher the membership level, the faster the acceleration. This means, Red Letter is also learning with Tencent.

After that, both of them laughed, and the air smelled of conspiracy.

Outside the office, there were employees passing by and a confused face.

“What are they laughing inside?”

“I don’t know, just now Manager Liu went in!”

“tsk tsk!” An employee showed a meaningful smile, and his companions followed.


A few days later, netizens gradually discovered that Red Letter online game accelerator was so powerful that the download volume also climbed.

Most of the comments on the Internet are praised:

“This accelerator thief is easy to use! More than just playing Desolate Battlegrounds, playing other games!”

“Why are Net One and Tencent accelerators free, do you charge?”

“Thanks to Red Letter online game accelerator, my garbage computer can actually play games with high configuration requirements, it’s so cool!”

“hehe, garbage accelerator, actually still charge!”

“A member who has been rushing for one year, playing the game feels like flying, and there is a wood in one second!”


The Red Letter online game accelerator, almost at the same speed as the rocket, quickly reached the first position of online game accelerator!

Other online game accelerators are okay, Quick Tour and so on, with a single service provider, there is almost no room for survival!

A few days ago, the company was still fighting high spirits, and strive to beat the red letter online game accelerator. However, in the past few days, after their research on Red Letter online game accelerator, it was found that they could not keep up with it, and the company’s fighting spirit was immediately absent.

“General Yuan, after our assessment, we intend to withdraw the second phase of investment.” An investor is negotiating with the CEO of Quick Tour accelerator, Yuan Li.

Yuan Li sighs deeply. Whether it is Xundian, Tencent or Net One launching online game accelerator, they are not so sloppy.

The competition with those families earlier could not be the competition of means of charging and preferential policies.

But with the red letter game, it is a technical level of competition, they are defeated!

After the investor left, he held several cronies, all of whom were entrepreneurs who started business with him.

“What is your opinion about the company now?” he asked.

Several company veterans have been silent, the company’s situation is very clear, it is not not optimistic, but very dangerous!

These days, they are busy working overtime in the company, but the gap in technology is not overridden by overtime.

“It’s hard!” One person slowly said.

Yuan Li nodded and said: “It is very difficult. I think everyone knows that Quick Tour accelerator has been created since now. We have all changed from a poor white to a tens of millions. It can be said that it has been successful.”

“When we started, we seized the market opportunity. Now Red Letter online game accelerator, standing in front of us in the same way, we can not stop them.”

“There is capital to contact me, they want to buy Quick Tour. What opinions do you have?” Yuan Li finally said his thoughts.

If it was before, these veterans will definitely oppose it because they all hold shares in Quick Tour. The Quick Tour annual profit is nearly 100 million, and the dividend can be quite a lot.

But now, Red Letter accelerator has sprung up, the investor decided to withdraw funds, and the company is rapidly declining. Continue to squat, maybe you have to pay more than the money you earn. If you change your hand and sell it, you can make a profit.

“This is perhaps the best way.” One of them sighed, they paid a lot of effort in the fast tour, and they made a decision.

“Sell it.”

“I agree.”


The Quick Tour accelerator was hit by Red Letter online game accelerator, while the Tencent game company was double attacked.

The first is the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds”, which directly took away their player traffic. The game media is called Tencent Eating Chicken. Within a week, the player’s online number is one-third less!

The PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” has been rising and it is expected to surpass the Tencent game in a week.

The second major shock is from the online game accelerator of Red Letter. Most of the other games in this online game accelerator provide acceleration, but Tencent Eating Chicken online game cannot be accelerated. This led to some players who wanted to play Tencent Eating Chicken went to play Desolate Battlegrounds!

“They are clearly going to grab the market with us this time!” Tencent’s director of game marketing angered.

“What’s the matter!” said the manager next to him. “We just contacted the Red Letter game and asked about it.”

“You guess how they responded? They said it was for technical reasons, so they couldn’t provide it for the time being. And they also marketed their accelerator service to us.”

“Technical reasons! Nonsense!” Marketing Director.

“Right, what services do they sell?” he asked again.

“They said, let’s buy their game-specific acceleration service, they will be able to launch as soon as possible, and the price is not cheap!”

“Pā!” The marketing director took a slap on the table. “Red Letter game is really evil! Others who do online game accelerators are asking for a door to cooperate with us. They are still asking us for money!”

The management of Tencent Games, for the first time, felt this kind of grievance!

Other small companies, who are not shivering in their shadows, only Red Letter games, actually dare to grab the market with them, and actually won!

No matter how uncomfortable they are, they still have to negotiate ways to deal with it. The Tencent gaming business has always been a big revenue for the entire Tencent company. Now the mobile game is frustrated, the online game has to be hammered by Red Letter, absolutely can not listen to it!

After various analyses and reports, the top ten of the Tencent game gathered in the conference room to discuss ways to deal with it. After discussing several possible solutions, their focus is on the issue of the red letter online game accelerator.

“In terms of technical research, there is still no progress for the time being. Now our question is, do you want to buy their accelerator service?” The question was put out and everyone thought about it.

“Without buying, the popularity of our games will continue to drain, and our competitors should buy the accelerator service to attract more popularity.”

“When you buy, we will reduce part of our profits every year and let Red Letter make money.”

“I think it should be bought!” one person said. “We must grasp the player flow! As for the cost of buying an accelerator, it is actually only a negligible part of our profit.”

“I agree!” and another executive said, “We have a firm foothold and it is no problem to pay a little money. The key is to study the technology of Red Letter online game as soon as possible. As long as the technology is mastered, Red Letter game is not our opponent!”

“I believe that with our research and development strength, it is not a problem!”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

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