BTC Chapter 49 : Strong Eruption

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Just as major companies are concentrating on analysis and research, on the Internet, players have begun to experience the “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version and Red Letter online game accelerator.

In a university dormitory, Jiang Le, who is an ordinary college student, can’t wait to download the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds”. The official website prompts that it must be used in conjunction with the red letter online game accelerator, and he downloads it at the same time.

“The third child, open black! “Desolate Battlegrounds” computer version!” Jiang Le shouted.

The third child in his mouth is still sleeping in bed – even though it is already two o’clock in the afternoon.

“Don’t be noisy! I played Tencent Eating Chicken yesterday, let me sleep!”

“You still sleep? You can have dinner later!” Jiang Le spit.

“It’s impossible to get up when the stomach is not hungry.” The third said firmly. “Moreover, the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” can’t be played at all. Didn’t you see it online? The configuration requirements are too high, let’s take this garbage Notebook, playing only fear of card explosion!”

“Card? No card!” Jiang Le wondered, “I have already boarded in, I am going, this is really cool!”

“Want to lie to me to get up?” The third child of upper bed is still calmly closed his eyes. “You will know when you wait, you can’t play!”

Only after he finished talking, he heard the fierce gunshots from the bottom bunk.

“Hahaha, this pen will not skydiving, I was killed directly in the air!” Jiang Le proud laughter came.

“Well?” The upper bed was puzzled. He showed his head and looked outside.

I saw that Jiang Le was working on his XIXX-inch notebook and playing the Eating Chicken game! And it’s not Tencent Eating Chicken online game, but a brand new online game with excellent graphics and production!

“lying trough, what is this game?” the third child was surprised.

“Desolate Battlegrounds PC version!” said Jiang Le.

“Can you really play?”

“Of course it can! And it feels very smooth, my notebook is playing Tencent game card explosion, playing this is not a card explosion!” Jiang Le said.

“Hey, there is a shadow behind!” The attention of the third child has been completely placed on the game.

“Where?” Jiang Le did not respond, and was shot dead by a shot.

“True chicken dishes!” The third child couldn’t help himself. When he opened the quilt, he would get out of bed. “Let brother teach you to operate!”

“You are not saying that you can’t afford out the bed?” Jiang Le asked.

“I still have a fart!” said the third, “brother, wait for me for a few minutes, turn on the computer, play together!”


“Eating Chicken, Hahaha, and Eating Chicken!” In an Internet cafe, a player is happy to look at the screen, which reads: “Great luck, Evening Chicken!”

He quickly cut off the map and sent it to the game group to show off: “Five-figure Eating Chicken, can you see me?”

Group friends: “Don’t watch.”

“Damn, you old group of evil spirits!”

“You are still playing this? We all played “Desolate Battlegrounds”!” said some people in the group.

“”Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version? Isn’t it impossible to play?” he wondered.

“Who said? You can download the accelerator on the official website, and it’s a cool one!” The man said, and sent a wonderful video of his own.

He opened it and immediately exclaimed: “I am going, this picture and the sense of operation, I feel more than the game I played! Brother, wait for me, I will download now!”


A live broadcast platform, the Eating Chicken online game channel, a large anchor chicken with a focus on millions of dollars, began to broadcast live.

As soon as he started the broadcast, many fans immediately received a reminder to broadcast and clicked into his live broadcast to watch the live broadcast.

On the barrage, there are real-time messages from fans:

“Chicken is good, chicks come to report!”

“Chicken brother is so ugly today, I can’t eat any meal at night, so I can open the forest and lose weight!”

“How long is the live broadcast today?”

“Is the chicken brother hanging? I am going to sell it!”

There are a lot of news, and there are gifts. The chicken brother said: “Thanks to the plane that DY star sent, thank you for your gift. Today, I will find the hand in a single row, then bring the water friend to open the black!”

He skillfully opened the Eating Chicken online game and wanted to play the game. However, it was found that there were many different sounds on the bullet.

“Chicken? play Desolate Battlegrounds!”

“The anchor you are still playing this? Any other anchors are going to play Desolate Battlegrounds?”

“I won’t watch this play, or Desolate Battlegrounds is interesting, the degree of freedom is much higher than this, and the picture is comfortable!”

“Skip, slip, go to other live rooms!”

Not only the barrage, but also a lot of people in the chicken fan group, especially he has a local powder and a special program to talk privately, ask: “Chicken, today Desolate Battlegrounds take me to play!”

The chicken brother wondered and asked: “Isn’t that the game can’t be played?”

Tuhao immediately replied: “Who said it? I have been playing all the time.”

Chicken brother thinks, the local computer configuration is also top-level, naturally played. He asked in the live room: “The brothers, Desolate Battlegrounds have been broadcasted during the beta test, and many of the water friends’ computers can’t play, so they still don’t broadcast.”

The barrage immediately flew out a series of rebuttals: “Under the accelerator, you can play with the accelerator!”

“Under accelerator + 2!”

“Under accelerator + 10086!”

“The prestige watch, add XXXX, the neighboring young woman is at home, actually doing this kind of thing!”

“Screening young women!”

“Chicken brothers under Red Letter online game accelerator, the game slips away!”

“Desolate Battlegrounds is much more fun than Tencent Eating Chicken and strongly urges live Desolate Battlegrounds!”


After reading the comment for a while, I finally understood that it should be the online game accelerator launched by Red Letter, so that they can run the game normally, so the popularity of Desolate Battlegrounds is high.

“OK, since everyone is asking for Desolate Battlegrounds, then I will broadcast Desolate Battlegrounds!” Chicken is naturally obedient to the audience, after all, the audience is his food and clothing parents.

At this time, a reminder floated on the barrage: “The hob meat gave a chicken to launch a rocket!”

Hob meat is the local tyrant who just chatted with him. He sent a message: “Chicken, Desolate Battlegrounds take me!”

“No problem!” Chicken brother replied quickly.


Red Letter Games Company, all aspects of data feedback are gathered here.

The download volume of “Desolate Battlegrounds” PC version, the player registration account has been increasing, at the same time, the download volume of Red Letter online game accelerator is also rising.

Many players feel that Red Letter online game accelerator is especially easy to use after downloading, so the members are directly opened and enjoy more advanced acceleration services.

“General, the fire! The data response of each channel is explosive growth!” In the office, Liu Tong is responsible for market operations.

During the previous beta, he encountered a series of problems, and he was puzzled by Lu Zixin instructions. Until now, I saw the effect of Red Letter online game accelerator, he understood Lu Zixin wisdom.

Lu Zixin is naturally also a happy color, a successful online game, the benefits are calculated in billions!

The online game accelerator, although far worse in terms of profitability, but its role is also very important. With this software, you can attract a large number of game users and build their own game platform.

With the users of game platform, then other games are launched, and no one is afraid not to play?

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