BSI Chapter 61 : Processing

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Back to Seireitei, Xia Yan and Shiba Miyako both entered 13th Division and reported what happened.

“You said that all are dead?”

Shiba Kaien stared with big eyes, looks at Shiba Miyako asked.

Shiba Miyako nodded and said, “Yes, I didn’t protect them.”

Jūshirō Ukitake said next to him: “Your Zanpakuto is invalid, and it is difficult for you to protect yourself. It seems that you have suffered a lot, don’t mind too much.”

Shiba Miyako was injured in the battle with Metastacia, and there were several wounds on her body, but she did not show any pain on road, so willpower would be very impressed by Xia Yan.

Shiba Miyako turn looks at Xia Yan: “If it wasn’t for Xia Yan younger brother, I would be afraid to die there.”

Xia Yan replied: “I just happened to pass by.”

Shiba Kaien said: “You should not be humble. After the event is over, I will thank you very much. But what should I do now, Captain? ”

Shiba Kaien last sentence asked Jūshirō Ukitake, Jūshirō Ukitake, “You go with Miyako first.”

Shiba Kaien said: “The dead Shinigami?”

Jūshirō Ukitake said: “I will investigate in person.”

“Then please Captain.”

Shiba Kaien walked up to Shiba Miyako and reached out and hugged her. The latter turned red and said, “No need to hold me.”

Shiba Kaien smiled and said: “You are all hurt, I am holding you.”

Shiba Miyako blushes on the shoulders of Shiba Kaien, and Shiba Kaien leaves with her and leaves the courtyard of 13th Division.

Then Jūshirō Ukitake looks at Xia Yan, said: “Please take me to see.”


Xia Yan left the room with Jūshirō Ukitake and went to the place where Metastacia body. He investigated the scene of the battle and determined that the two were true.

This is also the purpose of this trip, to see if the description of the two is deceptive.

Although some are not human, but after all, it is a matter of importance, the life of several Shinigami must be carefully promoted.

“Okay, let’s go back.”

After Jushirō Ukitake and Xia Yan investigated, they returned to Seireitei, and Jūshirō Ukitake expressed their gratitude again. Xia Yan separated from him and returned to Onmitsukidō, which was already in the evening.

He just entered to Courtyar of 2nd Division, and a figure appeared in front of him and said, “How come you come back now?”

It was Soi Fon who appeared in front of Xia Yan. Her face was not good, and Xia Yan was somewhat worried.

Xia Yan didn’t know if Soi Fon asked the supervisors, so she would know that he were investigating Shiba Miyako, and the reason he said with Shiba Miyako and the others was to drop by, so she had to ask himself that she had to think about perfect reason.

Xia Yan was hesitant, and Soi Fon said with a cold face: “Come with me.”

Xia Yan followed Soi Fon into the room and went to her office. After walking in, Soi Fon sat directly in the chair, looks at Xia Yan, and asked, “You left with Shiba Miyako, and later came to 13th Division. The attacked thing, except Shiba Miyako is all dead. What are you doing?”

Xia Yan didn’t know that Soi Fon knew that she didn’t know, start to talk said: “The member of 13th Division died is not caused by me.”


Soi Fon said with anger: “How could it be that you did it, I just asked why you to investigate she?”

Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon and asks: “Soi Fon Captain, you didn’t ask the supervisors?”

Soi Fon frowned and said: “The monitoring squad is squad you are responsible for. I will not manage it beyond authority, but this matter is no small matter. I still want to ask you.”

When He heard this, Xia Yan let go of his heart. As long as she didn’t know it, it seems that Soi Fon believes in himself.

But now I still smashed this thing, and said: “I am not investigating Shiba Miyako, just investigating the 13th Division.”

“Investigate the 13th Division?”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, her face is a bit curious.

Xia Yan said: “Mainly because of this deficiency, I received a report a few days ago, saying that Rukongai had a Hollow that invalidated Zanpakuto, attacked many people and killed Shinigami. This kind of Ability has never been seen before, I am very interested in this, but it is not easy to interfere. The 13th Division is a cleanup team, I will let people monitor the 13th Division, as long as there are large-scale troops to leave, tell me. Today, it happened that Shiba Miyako senior left and I rushed over.”

When Soi Fon heard this, she nodded and said: “The original, the illusion that Zanpakuto can be invalidated, ordinary Shinigami is difficult to deal with. If it appears in large numbers, it is too much threat to Seireitei.”

Xia Yan scratched his head and said: “But I told 13th Division that I wanted to go to Rukongai to see if I happened to pass by. I dare not let them know that I was investigating what they found.”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “This is not important. This time you did a good job, saved Shiba Miyako and killed a Hollow.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “As long as you don’t pursue me to use the monitoring squad.”

Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, saying: “As long as there is danger to Seireitei, even if it is Hollow, there is no problem. You are doing very well and can continue in the future.”

Xia Yan heard Soi Fon praise himself and said with a smile: “I will continue to work hard.”

Then she leaned back and looked at Xia Yan and asked, “You are not hurt?”


Xia Yan said with pride: “To deal with a this Hollow, a hand is enough.”

“I just don’t know how important you are when you boast.”

Soi Fon didn’t have a good temper. “You can’t care. If there is a Hollow that makes Zanpakuto powerless, there may be other kinds of Hollow, you have to pay attention.”

Xia Yan immediately lowered his head and said, “I know.”

Soi Fon waved his hand and said, “Okay, go.”

Xia Yan turned and left, and after walking out of the door, he sighed, this time finally smashed the past.

Xia Yan can’t tell the truth, even though the relationship between the two has become more intimate, in the heart of Soi Fon, the first important thing is Yoruichi, and the second important thing is responsibility.

She can trust a person as much as possible within her responsibilities, but she will never put others on top of her responsibilities.

Even if Xia Yan can replace Yoruichi and become the person in her mind, he will not tell the truth. These things are too heavy, and he can bear it alone.

Xia Yan thought, returned to the room, thinking about whether this action caused Aizen suspicion, and ensured that there was not much trouble, he just let go.

Aizen is too strong, but not limited to Zanpakuto.

Zanpakuto’s Ability can hypnotize others, very formidable, but Xia Yan has not been to see his Zanpakuto Ability, plus the 2nd Division is special, the place is forbidden.

Aizen is not good to inform himself even if he wants to show Zanpakuto Ability to others.

But Aizen’s Strength on the Kido is still formidable, a finger blocking Kurosaki ichigo Bankai slash, abandoning chanting Kurohitsugi insta-kill Komamura, and finally fighting the Captain, Strong, desperate.

If you are discovered, there is only one way to die.

So I have to be careful, this time I have already alarmed Aizen, and for the rest of the time, I have to be quiet for a while.


At noon the next day, Xia Yan looks at the silhouette in front of him and asks: “Invite me to be a guest at home?”

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