BSI Chapter 209 : Time Gap

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Xia Yan looks at Soi Fon lying on the ground not far away, the breath weakens a little.

Kisuke Urahara looks at Xia Yan, saying: “You haven’t died in such a long conversation. Prove that you don’t have the idea of ​​wanting death at all. I didn’t think that you have no feelings about Soi Fon. Your emotions will not be caused by the twists and turns of this person who loves you so much. You are too ruthless.”

Xia Yan shook his head and said: “You are wrong, I am not ruthless, remember that I just asked you, why don’t you kill Soi Fon when I say that I want to kill Soul King?”

Kisuke Urahara frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Xia Yan sighed and said: “At that time, you can kill Soi Fon, but you have been waiting, pinning your hopes on others. Now, you can’t kill her.”

Xia Yan’s voice fell, and Soi Fon gave a bang~, slowly standing up and the body healed.

“How was this possible?”

Kisuke Urahara’s dull look at the sight.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I let Aizen and Soi Fon stay in place before the battle with Hyōsube Ichibē, but how can I rest assured her with Aizen? As you said, if you kill Soi Fon, I will be in danger. When I killed Hyōsube Ichibē at the end, Aizen killed Soi Fon and Zero Division was killed by me. He could kill Soul King. So, how can I be assured?”

What Aizen thought of, suddenly said: “You gave her a coin.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “That coin, I was given ability, is Fullbring, for the sake of sin.”

When Soi Fon is subjected to damage, all the damages received will be transferred to the coin.

This Ability, which mimics Haschwalth’s outfit, swearing shield, but the sin shield can be used with Haschwalth’s World Harmony Ability to transfer the alternative damage to the target.

Xia Yan can only create a coin instead of World Harmony, of course, it is enough.

Xia Yan tiptoed a little, came to Soi Fon, in front of her, looks at Kisuke Urahara, said: “What do you want to do next? want Zero Division to kill me, I can give them a chance, because I know that when I become Soul King, they will work for me. But you are different, you try to kill Soi Fon, I have to kill you.”

Kisuke Urahara sighed. “I have no choice but to give it a try.”

“What can you do?”

Xia Yan looks at Kisuke Urahara, corner of the mouth with a smile.

But Kisuke Urahara said, “You shouldn’t let me say so long.”

Accompanied by Kisuke Urahara words, Xia Yan felt that the body slowly changed, the skin was twisted, and the body became transparent a little bit. After half a minute, it disappeared in front of everyone.

“What about Xia Yan?”

Soi Fon’s dull look at the side, Xia Yan, who was standing there, has disappeared.

Kisuke Urahara sighed and said, “Success.”

Soi Fon scorned Kisuke Urahara and asked, “What the hell did you do?”

Kisuke Urahara said: “As I said, when I decided to deal with Xia Yan, I didn’t know that he had a dream come true ability. I was just prepared. What would happen if my layout failed?”

Kisuke Urahara went to Seireitei after Xia Yan had not absorbed Gerard Valkyrie.

Kisuke Urahara continued: “Xia Yan knows that I am eavesdropping, but still indulges me, has I mastered my plan?”

“So I prepared a drug for this time, which was developed by Mayuri when dealing with Espada #8.”

“After taking it, the senses will increase, the nerves will be more sensitive, and the outside world will be a second, but it will be like 100 years.”

“Like Szayelaporro, you stabbed him, and he was already stabbed, but the moment he stabbed the body, he should have a hundred years in his opinion.”

“This is because most people’s body can’t keep up with his nervousness. Just like you see the car coming in and want to avoid it, you can’t avoid it.”

“But Xia Yan is different. When his nerves are added, whether it is Hōgyoku or his current Ability, it will take the initiative for him.”

“His body will become as fast as the nerves. In other words, one second of the outside world feels relative to him for 100 years, and his body is added to the result of being able to keep up with his own degree. It’s just one second, he not only feels a hundred years, but also acts for a hundred years.”

“100 years compared with one second, this is a difference of 5,471,500 to one, as long as his body can keep up with the nerves, that is, he only needs to take a step in his senses, there may be only one second, but in our World, it is only one of 51.75 million times.”

“How many meters can he take in a second? One meter is one-sixth of the light, but it should be more than that. I think that Xia Yan’s degree can be infinitely close to light.”

“The faster speed is compared to another observation target, the closer he is to the other observation target.”

“According to his speed, he is in an infinite time close to time for each of us.”

“Like what I said, it took about a minute, so he probably spent about 6 years.”

Kisuke Urahara slowly talked about the method he used, and then said: “He has a dream comes true ability, but my medicine is acting on his body. The effect of the drug itself cannot be erased, so I can only imagine Degenerate yourself. But once you do this, because the magnitude of the increase is too large, once the fantasy is degraded, you may degenerate to a very weak level. In addition, his body and neural responsiveness and nerve strength are very formidable, and degradation is a comprehensive degradation, which may also degrade his own complexity.”

“Then he has only one way to do it, and that is to kill himself. After he dies, as long as someone else imagines him, he will be resurrected. He pinned himself in the imagination of others, and as long as he died, he could be resurrected. But I used another drug, that is, the travel agent in the past. As long as he tries to commit suicide and reaches the key point of my setting, his consciousness will return to the point in time when he has just taken the medicine. In this way, once he commits suicide, he can only return to the past and cannot success to commit suicide.”

Kisuke Urahara explained slowly.

After listening to him, Aizen sighed and said: “You are really scary enough, let Xia Yan himself Evolution to the point of informidable, then let him disappear, imprison his consciousness, so that he can not die. This time, Xia Yan must have died.”

“Impossible, Xia Yan will not die.”

Soi Fon said dumbly, she saw Xia Yan die several times, imagining that Xia Yan will die.

Aizen said: “It’s useless. The layout of Kisuke Urahara completely restrains Xia Yan’s Ability. Whether it’s a dream come true or a name is resurrected.”

Soi Fon looks at Kisuke Urahara, eyes become gloomy and cold, saying: “This is what you do, you should have a solution, hurry to save him.”

Kisuke Urahara shook his head and said, “Impossible, he will always be in a time gap to our stillness. Even if he leaves us wherever we go, it is not known.”

Soi Fon bit her teeth, and suddenly the body flashed and rushed toward Kisuke Urahara.


Soi Fon appeared behind Kisuke Urahara and punched it into the vest of Kisuke Urahara.

Kisuke Urahara didn’t move, let Soi Fon attack himself, and fist directly into the heart of Kisuke Urahara, directly through.


Kisuke Urahara smiled and said: “Use my life to make up for the fault of killing you and imprisoning Xia Yan.”


Aizen slowly pulled out Zanpakuto, smiled and said: “Unexpected results, Zero Division lost, Xia Yan and Kisuke Urahara all died, no one can stop me, then I will kill Soul King.”

However, Kisuke Urahara looked into the distance and said: “Hyōsube Ichibē, I will leave Aizen to you. As for Soi Fon, I hope you can let her go.”

Leaving this sentence, Kisuke Urahara fell to the ground, and after a while, there was no breath.

“Call, resurrected.”

Hyōsube Ichibē is slowly appearing in the air, and as long as his name is called, he can be resurrected.

He stepped forward to Soi Fon and Aizen, said, “Let’s get a hand, Xia Yan is dead, and you can’t escape this punishment.”

Aizen immediately said: “Since you are still alive, I have no absolute confidence to pass you, so I admit defeat.”

And Soi Fon, she has fallen to the ground, can no longer say a word.

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  1. Yep his arrogance led to this. He knows Kisuke was smart enough to screw over both Aizen and Ywatch so what made him think he was any better? Idiot.

  2. … actually his ability should make him able to adapt to this change fast it like if you used glass that make you see the world upside down after a while the brain will put it back in the right order so i guess he could see million time as normal and adapt his body to it…

    i feel those story have little knowledge on the human biologie

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