MR Chapter 76 : Big Silly

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“Call, it is finally cleaned up.” Wiping the sweat on his forehead, Jiang Hai said with a smile.

I’ve been busy since the morning until now, and I haven’t seen the time. It’s already more than three in the afternoon. Jiang Hai’s group of people finally cleared all the main roads and the snow like squares. Jiang Hai couldn’t help but smile at the snow roads pushed on both sides. Sometimes the manor was too big and it was a little troublesome.

“Boss, hurry up, if you have a cold for a while, you can be in trouble.” Looking at Jiang Hai standing there, sweating, Philemon here can not help but take out a piece jacket from the snowmobile and thrown to Jiang Hai.

Jiang Hai did not say much. He wore it directly, just like he thought. It was really cold when he started out, but after he started working, his body was not cold, but his feet were cold.

However, at noon, Jiang Hai put on Bell’s shoes and his feet were much better. As for the clothes, he did not wear it urgently. He continued to work in the afternoon. As for the people who worked with him, he changed it again. At the earliest time, Robins, Harmen and Edward were working with Jiang Hai, and the rest of Philemon, Burke Dale and Bell Lester were busy in the manor. Don’t forget , cowshed, horse shed, kennel is also in need of manpower, feeding cattle, cleaning the cowshed, ventilation and the like, it is also very troublesome, in the morning to work almost, Robins and Harmen to close, as for Edward stayed at the dockside, and there were a lot of things to deal with at the dockside, such as breaking the ice around the pier, and even if it was so cold today, he still had to go on a tour. The sea is even thinking, is it necessary to buy a helicopter, and always rely on the open boat to patrol, have to visit the Year of Monkey? If there is a helicopter, it will be much faster.

This truth, Jiang Hai knows, how may Edward not know, but he did not ask for this now, because Jiang Hai has not really started to raise fish now, although the ecological environment is very good, but currently the fishery not too much.

So for the time being, there is no need to patrol it several times a day, and it will be done once a day, so that it is a turn to play with the open boat.

Although he changed his hand, Jiang Hai did not rest and continued to work here. He had to admit that with his body like a perpetual motion machine, the speed of cleaning up was indeed much faster.

At first he still had some strangeness, but as he became familiar with it, the speed of the snow was slowly getting faster.

Originally, according to Robins estimate, they had to be cleaned up before 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Before the sun sets, it is not necessary to clean up now. At three o’clock, it has been cleaned up. With the tools, Jiang Hai ass sits on the snowmobile shovel, even if his health is good now, he is not unrestrained. He has done the work of this day. In fact, he is also very tired.

“Boss, you should buy a cotton coat. You don’t know how black the doctors in here. You don’t have social security right now. If you really have a cold, they will black you and make you vomit blood.” Philemon said that as he was watching Jiang Hai.

However, although he has always said that there is some annoyance, but he is telling the truth, Jiang Hai also knows that the clinic in US is really black and horrible. If the US citizen has a cold, there is no cold medicine here. Yes, no, you can’t buy it at all.

People here have a cold. If they are light, they should eat vitamins and hard-resistance. If they have a fever, they will eat some anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. If they are heavy, they will go to the drip. Generally speaking, the US looks at the cold and sees it. Dentists are especially expensive. Basically, they don’t have a few thousand dollars. You don’t want to come out from the inside. It’s like a cold medicine in China, but there is no cold medicine from the country. Foreign countries are actually not allowed.

Because the domestic cold medicine contains hemp-yellow-alkali, it can extract the kind of addictive things, so if you feel a cold in foreign countries, you have a fever, and there is no tax return. It is tricky.

“Well, it is time to buy two sets, yes, Bell, your shoes are quite warm, which one?” Tightly tightened the jacket of his body, Jiang Hai smiled, and did not care about Jiang Hai, who was wearing a down jacket. However, he is very interested in the shoes that Bell lends to him. The shoes have a high upper, which is fur and hard, but it is particularly warm and light, the most important. Yes, the breathability is very good, Jiang Hai did this afternoon’s work, his feet are a lot of sweat, but at this time there is no wet feeling in the shoes.

“This shoe was sent when I was still in the army. I saw it quite new and I got it back.” When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Bell, who was sitting on the other side, couldn’t help but smile and heard him. Jiang Hai couldn’t help but screamed. It turned out to be a military product. It is no wonder that the quality is so good, but because it is a military product, he did not ask much, because in his memory, the real military products are not so easy to get, maybe it is to watch. Out of the meaning of Jiang Hai, Bell continued to speak.

“If the boss, you want to buy such shoes, the outdoor store in the town will sell it.”

“Well? Military products can also bought?” When I heard Bell, Jiang Hai could not help but look curious asked him.

“Yeah, in addition to guns, other things, bought in the town, tactical vests, helmets, night vision devices… as long as you want to get something, you can buy it here.” See Jiang Hai surprised look, Bell also smiled and continued to say to him. When he heard Bell, Jiang Hai’s eyes blinked, which is not bad.

“Hmm…hm…” Just as Jiang Hai hesitated there, he went to the outdoor store in the town today, or waited until tomorrow, and a burst of noise came into Jiang Hai ears. To this sound, even Burke Dale, Philemon and Bell in the car stunned. Burke Dale, who was driving, even took a pistol from his back seat and took it in the hand, the four men then looked at each other and Jiang Hai decided to go and see.

When they came to the place where the sound came, they couldn’t help laughing at themselves, because the place where the sound came was not the other place. It was the abandoned swimming pool, and it was not another creature that made the sound. It was Jiang Hai shark.

The swimming pool is not sea, the sea is not frozen, but the swimming pool is not good. After last night and today’s daytime cooling, the surface of the swimming pool has been frozen with a thin layer of ice. Sharks and most fish are not the same.

There are some sharks that can rest and sleep under the water, but some sharks can’t. They need to swim all the time to let the sputum filter the oxygen in the water. The sand tiger shark of Jiang Hai is the latter, and the space is smaller make it very uncomfortable.

Today, Jiang Hai did not come over to feed it, and it broke the ice by himself.

“You can really do it.” Looking at the water, because he felt that Jiang Hai came, and the sand tiger shark that came to visit it, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but smile, the shark tiger, when it was originally caught, Only about three meters, but now, after Jiang Hai’s blood feeding, there is enough food supply, which has grown to nearly four meters long. If it is discovered by some oceanographers, it is estimated that it will cause trouble. The biggest size of the sand tiger shark is about three and a half meters. Now Jiang Hai one has clearly exceeded the limit of the sand tiger shark. However, they are not too clear about this.

“Forget it, this winter, raise it here, and blame it, but also to break it ice every day, or else put it back into the sea.” Look at the big shark in front, Jiang Hai thought for a moment and said to a few people around.

“The boss doesn’t eat him?” When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Burke Dale here couldn’t help but smile. They would not forget that Jiang Hai caught the shark at the earliest time, but to eat it, and hear him, Jiang Hai also chuckled, in fact, until now, he still wants to eat sharks, after all, he has not eaten this thing.

But after raising it for so long, it is impossible or impossible to say a little feeling, so Jiang Hai decided to let it go. As soon as he let it go, it will not leave. Jiang Hai is not worried. After all, this shark has already drunk his blood, in a sense, this shark is connected with him. It is his subordinates and pets. When he looks at it, he knows that he has already been domesticated, and it is because so, Jiang Hai dared to put it back into the sea.

“Let’s get it!” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, there is not much to say here. There is just a snow shovel. It is not too much trouble to get this thing back to the sea. Philemon and they are also prepared to drain the water first, then go inside and lift it up. After all, this is a shark, it is to eat people.

But there is Jiang Hai, obviously do not need to do this, Jiang Hai hand into the pool, this sand tiger shark, swam over, was easily turned over by Jiang Hai, there Bell and Burke Dale used a large net mat to copy the big shark. Then the four people used force. This shark is now about 267 pounds or so. It is really not light.

But the four great men will not be able to lift it, not to mention the human limit of Jiang Hai.

The four men worked hard together to lift the shark to the snowmobile, and then quickly ran towards the beach. If the average shark was so tossed, there would be no half life without death. But the shark’s vitality is obviously higher than the average and is much stronger.

When Jiang Hai and others came to the dock and sent the shark into the sea, it only took a few seconds to get into the ocean and swim in the sea. It returned to the place by the side of Jiang Hai.

“You will help me look at the sea later, give you a name… you are not a small head, the name is stupid, and it is a tiger. You will be Big Silly in the future!” Look at sand tiger shark that came out, Jiang Hai chuckled and named his fourth pet.

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