MR Chapter 10: Priceless

Translated by me, edited by Kai

Repost & Edited : XiaXue

“Never thought it would happen this quickly.” Looking at the changes to his tattoo, Jiang Hai can’t help but mutter quietly.

This was the reason for the burning sensation on his chest at noon.

These last couple of days, he often feels this sensation. Whenever a scale grows, his chest will feel as if it’s burning. If he used his blood then he’ll feel a fluctuation of his heartbeat. These sensations are rather uncomfortable, but he has become used to them. What he hadn’t expected, is the time in between the growth of each scale.

In China, it takes about 5 days for a single scale if he stayed in Harbin or 8 days if he is in Beijing. The time period shortened when he reached America. 3 days for California, 2 days in both Washington state and Oregon. He clearly remembers, when they left Portland, the scale only grew 2/3. Even if the environment in Boston is exceptional, then it would come out tonight at the earliest, tomorrow morning at the latest. Yet he’s only been here for a couple of hours and that 1/3 finished growing. This reason in particular was what helped him make his final decision in buying this place.

The basis of all his income comes from his body. It doesn’t matter where it likes, as long as it likes a place, Jiang Hai will buy it. See Jiang Hai finally saying yes, both Will and Robins let out a sigh of relief. Afterwards, they headed back to the residential area to sort out the details.

For an area this big, which includes a ranch, a fishery and a winery, to return to normal operation, there needs to be at least ten plus people working. Residence for the workers is also a must. The previous owner wasn’t short on money, so all workers received their own 2 floor house with an attic. Each house has 4 bedrooms, a big living room, basement, bathroom, kitchen and so on all included. There is a total of 15 of these houses available. From the looks of things, there use to be 15 employees, 15 families to be exact.

The house for the owner is huge to the degree of being seriously scary. It took up roughly half an acre, roughly 2000 square meters. As you enter the ground floor, you see an expansive living room. Although it is currently empty, it’s not hard to see the time put into the intricate design of the structure. The connected dining room takes up 200 square meters, heading left is a 50 square meter guest washroom. Beside the washroom is the 100 square meter kitchen. Since there is currently nothing here, then there is no worry of have not having enough space for future appliances. Beside the kitchen is a big bathroom. The whole bathroom including the room for the big tub uses 300 square meters. Across the hall is the entrance to the giant garage.

On the right wing, there includes a laundry room, a cold room for fruits and vegetables; the meats are also stored separately in the cold room. At the end of the hall is a bunch of rooms. According to Robins, these rooms are for the butlers and maids. Hearing this, Jiang Hai can’t help but let out a wry chuckle.

Since when did servants ever get their own private rooms? These rooms also include air conditioning, heating, separate bathroom and washroom. Seeing the running cables on the ground, computers and televisions are probably included. A bedroom plus a guest room adds up to around 60 square meters each. And this is just for the servants! Back in China, the house he grew up in is only 40 square meters. See the difference?

Although, when compared to the rooms upstairs, these rooms can only be said to be said to be used by the servants. Even without anything in them, the rooms upstairs can be compared to hotel suits. In total there are 12 rooms on the second floor. Excluding a private den, a fitness room, a gaming room and a room for TV plus movies, the rest are all bedrooms. A master bedroom plus 7 guest rooms. These guest rooms each include a 50 square meter living room, a big bathroom, and sleeping quarters which has it’s own washroom. In addition, each of rooms comes with a small kitchen and balcony facing the beach. In total each of these rooms uses 150ish square meters, are you try to bury people with money alone? At least, all of these belonged to Jiang Hai now.

Finally the master bedroom, due to all the previous surprises, Jiang Hai is somewhat prepared. First is the walk in closet. It’s freaking 30 square meters! The bathroom is also huge. In it is a pool big enough to fit at least 4 people. Seriously who was the previous owner taking bathes with 24/7? There is also a private library, a kitchen, 2 guest rooms; one open, one private. 2 small bedrooms each a dozen or so square meters, and the 80ish square meters master bedroom. The bed here is freaking 4 meters by 6 meters, don’t know if the bed is really for sleeping or for ‘other’ purposes.

Jiang Hai is pretty satisfied at what he paid for after the tour of the whole estate. When he told Will he wants this place, he didn’t even try to haggle the price tag of 280 million, but paid everything upfront. Without even returning to Boston, he bought some daily necessities and moved in. He clearly didn’t forget why he wasted 280 million USD. It is mainly for this snake on his chest. If this place can’t speed up his leveling process then he’s really going to regret signing that document tomorrow.

“8 hours for a piece of scale, this is simply amazing. 3 pieces a day, I need a total of 1080 pieces and I’ve got 137 so far. At this pace, I can rank up within a year!” Jiang Hai thought as he stared at the tattoo on his ‘beautiful’ muscles.

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

While Jiang Hai was still examining his ‘handsome’ self, a serious of knocking sounds disturbed the peaceful silence.

“Who is it?” Jiang Hai called out after being scared out of his day dreams.

“It’s me.” From outside the doors came Robins voice.

“Oh, sec.” Quickly dressing up, Jiang Hai opened the door and asked. “It’s already late, what’s up?”

“It’s like this, Mr. Jiang. I.. I want to invite you to dinner. I know you chinese people have a habit of settling problems at the dinner table, so I went and picked up some seafood and beef while you were shopping. So please come try my cooking.”

“Oh? Sure!” Northerners are usually easy going people, as long as personal safety is covered, naturally they won’t be modest when invited.

After packing up some things, Jiang Hai followed Robins to his residence. The place he lives in is one of the 15 ‘worker homes’. It also the only residence with someone living in it. It lacks decorations, but considering how barren the whole estate is, they paid it no mind.

Within Robins house is a dining room filled with several dishes. A pan of roasted beef, a plate with some kind of golden-brown fish, and 2 big bowl of salads. One veg, one fruit. Accompanying all of this is a basket of dinner rolls.

If it’s those traditional rich people were here, the they would immediately lose their appetite, but to Jiang Hai this is what you call dinner. People from Harbin all like to simply drink and eat a lot, unlike the southerners with their nitpicking eating methods. Seeing all these tasty delicacies in front of him, Jiang Hai almost lost some self control. After some courtesies, both people sat down and dug in. The first thing Jiang Hai did after sitting down is picking up a piece of roasted beef. As soon as the beef entered his mouth, he was left speechless with its savoriness.

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