MR Chapter 65 : Seasickness

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“Vo… vomit…” On the ship’s side, Jiang Hai felt his stomach rolling, his intestines rolling, his brain rolling…

This is not the first time Jiang Hai took the boat, but he used to be in small boat, still in the country. Basically, they are all river boats. Although there are some waves, they are really not big. When the waves are big, no one will sail out. So Jiang Hai always thinks that it is a boat on the sea and it is not too much worse than in the river, it is estimated that there is some sway, there should be nothing.

But after the ship left the port for less than five minutes, he regretted it. The wind and waves on the sea are not comparable to the small waves in the river.

Jiang Hai’s fishing ground is in the offshore of Boston. Under the sea, you can also see the extended continental shelf.

Under such circumstances, Jiang Hai feels that it is not a general sway, let alone go to the open sea?

Of course, if you go to the open sea, you can’t take such a boat.

Five minutes after leaving the dock, Jiang Hai had some urge to vomit, but fortunately his physical fitness was very strong and he was forced to withstand.

Probably the ship ran for more than half an hour, Jiang Hai could not help but signaled that they stopped and then spit on the ship’s side for the first time.

“Boss, are you fine!” Seeing Jiang Hai’s appearance, Philemon can not help but say something.

“I don’t know, but there should be no anecdote.” He waved his hand and Jiang Hai said with a weak voice.

“There should be no big problem, it is seasickness, but the boss, your physical fitness is so good, it will be seasick!” At this time, Edward, who was in charge of the boat, also smiled and walked over to check Jiang Hai situation, He can’t help but smile.

“There is vomit on this side, suddenly attracting the big guy, Philemon you first open, I go to the boss to find some medicine, just slow down.” Patted Jiang Hai’s back, here Edward said on the ship, it is easy to have such a thing.

With US life-saving attitude to the heinous life, the ship must be carrying a medicine box.

“Well!” When Edward went to find the medicine box, Philemon here also took over the steering wheel and started again.

“Wow, Philemon, I didn’t think you were a versatile person, and you would graze again, and you would sail again, or you will follow Uncle Edward later, I will give you the salary of the crew.” Jiang Hai looked at the boat and got it back, and in order to take care of Jiang Hai, the relatively slow Philemon, who opened it, could not help but jokingly said.

“You can pull it down. I am very happy that you have given me a salary. If you can be at sea all the time, I am not used to it. You know, I am a person who can’t keep a mouth, and going to the beach is the most lonely. I don’t want to, by Edward, or other tempered sailors will always close my mouth.” Hearing the words of Jiang Hai, Philemon here immediately shook his head.

Hearing his words, Jiang Hai also chuckled. He didn’t understand the hardships of seafarers. In fact, although the seafarers earned a lot, it is indeed a very painful thing. It is good here in Jiang Hai, if it is some ocean fishing boats. If you run a boat, you will have to come back for three or five months. In these three or five months, their living space is on the sea. In most parts of the sea, there is no signal, only satellite phones. It is not always ready to play, so life can be said to be extremely boring.

Some crew members said directly that life in the ocean was not even comfortable than in the prison. After all, in prison, there is still no need to work, but the people on the ocean fishing boats are very depressed except for work.

No woman, no TV, no phone calls, no way to play games, because electricity needs to burn diesel, the ghost knows what to do if it is in the sea, so the diesel on board will not do anything other than sailing.

The food you eat is also very simple. You eat fish and vegetables every day. Sometimes you will have some fruits. This is all when you go out to sea. If you eat these things every day, you will definitely fade out the birds. So on the ocean fishing boats, you can The only entertainment is gambling, but it should not be played often. After all, they do this job to make money, not to lose money.

Therefore, the high cost of marine seafarers is understandable. After all, such days are really difficult.

Some good people have done some investigations, and the most common thing is the three places, prisons, naval and ocean fishing boats, compared to the former two, because there is a level of repression, the first chances of three true loves will be much greater.

Of course, Edward can’t do it. Jiang Hai is not clear. His orientation is normal. This is fine.

Obviously, Philemon, who is not willing to live this life because of the hundreds of dollars a week, is more annoying than killing him.

“Hey, Philemon, now I want you to shut up, come on, boss.” At this time, Edward took the medicine box and walked with it, opened the medicine box, took out some medicine, gave Jiang Hai to ate.

Jiang Hai also knows these medicines. It is a special effect of motion sickness medicine. The cars and boats are almost the same. After eating, Jiang Hai took a few breaths. I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. I really feel that I have not been so dizzy.

Looking at Jiang Hai, lying on the boat again, Edward took over the driver’s seat from Philemon.

As for Jiang Hai, after eating the medicine, it was very comfortable by the sun in the winter. It was very comfortable, and he fell asleep. When he woke up, he took a look at the mobile phone. It was already five in the afternoon. More points, the sun in the sky is already skewing.

Shaking his head, Jiang Hai slowly sat up from the seat. After the sleep, Jiang Hai felt that he was initially adapted to this kind of shaking. At least now the ship is still shaking. But he is not disgusting.

“Boss, you are awake!” Seeing Jiang Hai sitting up, at this time, Philemon, who was collecting the net along the ship, saw him at a glance. He couldn’t help but smile and heard Philemon words. Jiang Hai also turned his attention to him.

At this time, the two divisions on the ship are clear, Edward is sailing, and Philemon is on the side of the boat, constantly pulling some small nets from the side of the boat, and in these nets, some will have some Small fish, some will have some small shrimps, even small crabs, there are some creatures that Jiang Hai does not know, and there are very few empty ones, which makes Jiang Hai very curious.

“What is this doing?” Standing up from some of the shaking ships, Jiang Hai went to Philemon side, and asked curiously. When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Philemon has not spoken yet, Edward said it first.

“This is one of the ways to detect the potential of the sea. I have to admit that boss, you have picked a ready-made one. Over the years, the auction company has been selling the estate for a good price, so it has always been to the ecological environment here. The food chain is protected by humans, so the ecology of this sea area is really rich and colorful. If it is not because it is already winter, I have to go to the sea to search.” Listening to Edward’s explanation, Jiang Hai couldn’t help but smile. If it wasn’t because of the good environmental protection here, he couldn’t buy it. Don’t forget, his body is extremely sensitive to these.

“This sea area, the ecological environment of the seabed, can be said to be perfect. All the creatures form a biological chain. I see from the sonar, there are four coral reefs in this area, about 10 square kilometers. There are also three square kilometers in the small area, there are a lot of fish living inside, there is a seaweed forest, the rest is sand, but the quality is not bad, at least the creature is very rich.” Edward looked at inside the sink where the fish was placed, it was almost full, and he couldn’t help but say that, Jiang Hai also went over and looked at the sink.

This look, I really scared him, because the things inside are really not much, most of them are fish, in addition to fish, there are shrimps, crabs, and a lot of strange things. Things, such as sea cucumbers, starfish, sea urchins, and many shellfish, I really don’t know how these guys got caught.

“This hand, will the old fishermen there is nothing remarkable.” Seeing Jiang Hai’s curious look, Edward here smiled and continued to drive, but he felt that although he said no what a great thing, but the heart is very proud.

“Boss, do you know these sea cargoes?” At this time, Philemon also put away the last few cages, and poured things into it while talking to Jiang Hai, but listening to his words, Jiang Hai could not help but scratch his head, to be honest, he doesn’t know much.

“I know this is a starfish. This is a sea urchin. This is a sea cucumber. This is a fish. I have seen this. This should be a squid. After eating it for a long time, this is a clownfish? Almost, this is the sea intestine?” Pointing at the sea cargo inside the sink, Jiang Hai said slowly, but unfortunately, there are dozens of creatures in the sink, but Jiang Hai only knows a few.

“Well, this is true, it is a sea urchin. The taste of this thing is telling the truth. The people on our side don’t like it very much, but I heard that people from the island countries in the East like to eat this thing…” Hearing Jiang Hai’s words, Philemon also licked his gloves.

Europeans, who rarely eat sea urchins, but they eat sea urchin yellow, but in their opinion, this thing is internal organs, so there are not many people who eat sea urchins in Europe and United States. Of course, it is not absolute. There are also some who like to eat, but Philemon and Edward obviously do not belong to this category.

As for the sea cucumber, to be honest, the sea cucumber on the side of Jiang Hai is really not small. Although it is not the most famous plum ginseng, it is only found in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. There is no plum ginseng in the Atlantic Ocean, but the Atlantic Ocean has its own unique sea cucumber. The name is Atlantic ginseng, also known as Arctic ginseng, but unfortunately, Europeans and Americans do not eat this thing. Europeans and Americans only take its internal organs for pharmacy. After harvesting the internal organs, they will throw the sea cucumber back into the sea. After they have no internal organs, can still continue to live. It takes a long time to grow new internal organs, so it is a resource that can be recycled.

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