MR Chapter 66 : Rich Species

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Of course, with the recent years, China has become the top priority of the catering industry. Europeans and Americans have begun to catch sea cucumbers and then send them to China. This is a very popular food in China.

However, it is obvious that Jiang Hai’s sea cucumbers are not ready for sale because Edward only wants to look at the marine resources, so it does not freeze the sea cucumbers, but it is soaked and Dissolved in the sea water.

The autolysis of sea cucumber is mainly because sea cucumbers produce something called autolytic enzyme after leaving seawater. In 6-7 hours, sea cucumber will melt itself into liquid and become water, no shadow, no shape, this is also a legend.

Sea urchins and sea cucumbers, Europeans and Americans do not eat, but Jiang Hai eats, these things are destined to become his dinner.

In addition to sea urchins and sea cucumbers, there is a lot of delicious food left in this sink.

Crab, Jiang Hai’s favorite food in China, but the price of this thing in China has always been very expensive. After coming to US, he has not come and eaten it yet.

There are almost a dozen crabs here, the biggest one, which is about a small kilogram.

This type of crab, Jiang Hai also knows, the most common type of crab in the crab, the sea crab, buy crabs in the country, basically refers to the shuttle crab, because other crabs, to eat, is not very good.

“Crabs, there are five kinds of crabs, big crabs, swimming crabs, cave crabs, hidden crabs and symbiotic crabs. The big crabs, like the famous killing crabs, are crabs, but this crabs are too big. The strength is also strong, and it is just walking under the sea, so it is not very good to catch. Swimming crab, refers to this kind of swimming crab, this is also the only kind of swimming crab, it is the only one in the crab family to swim. There are also many cave crabs, but we can see them on the shore as usual. These crabs are basically terrestrial, or semi-terrestrial. It is difficult to see in the deep sea. Look, this is a frog crab, this is Joanie crab, is a cave crab, this is a hidden crab, put yourself into a reef and the like, this is a petal crab, is a hidden crab, but the taste is not too good… symbiotic crab is not very good, except for some living beyond the crabs, there must be some inside these shells.” Seeing Jiang Hai seems to have some interest in crabs, Philemon also explained it with a smile.

Although Philemon is a professional cowboy, there are some understandings of marine creatures. After all, it is the person who runs the boat.When he saw that the boss was interested in these things, he introduced it to Jiang Hai.

After introducing the crab, he began to introduce shrimp. After all, shrimp and crab are not separated.

There are also a lot of shrimps here. There are six kinds of shrimps. The most common one is a red shrimp. This shrimp is about ten centimeters long. Jiang Hai is very familiar with this shrimp, Arctic ice shrimp. It is the Arctic sweet shrimp, which tastes very good.

In addition to this kind of shrimp, there are cyan shrimps, which are bigger than the Arctic sweet shrimps. This shrimp is prawns, and Jiang Hai has eaten before.

In addition, Jiang Hai also knows that the shrimp climber, that is, the shrimp, is not like shrimp, there are many in the ice city, and can eat live all year round, the taste is not bad, Therefore, Jiang Hai also likes it very much.

In addition to these three kinds of shrimp, there is only one type of shrimp Jiang Hai knows, lobster, is the legendary Maine lobster, well, actually called Boston lobster is better, but this shrimp is obviously a shrimp, From beginning to end, it is only about ten centimeters, which is not much bigger than crayfish. It is estimated that there is no meat. When talking about lobsters, Jiang Hai remembers when he went back to the sea, but he saw a lot, and it seems that he has time. I have to go to the sea to go, you said that Boston bought a farm, the result of the biggest specialty here, Boston lobster has not eaten, said Jiang Hai himself feels a little shameful.

Aside from these shrimps he knows, there are three kinds that he doesn’t know, Jiang Hai can’t help but look at Philemon.

“The number of shrimps here is really quite a lot. Even if you raise some fish now, it will not cause ecological imbalance. These three kinds of shrimps, I will introduce to the boss, this long shrimp, called the spotted shrimp, also It is called the island prawns. It is a kind of prawns. It is distributed all over the world. It is also the longest prawns. This one is about twenty-four or five centimeters long. It is already grown, and the largest is more than 30 centimeters long, but the meat is average, there is no Arctic sweet shrimp delicious.” Philemon did not let Jiang Hai disappointed, in Jiang Hai’s gaze, he first copied a statue like a tiger, a section prawns said to Jiang Hai.

For this shrimp, Jiang Hai used to see the fishery market before, but the price is really too expensive. In the aquatic market of Bing city, a pound of live green shrimp, but only for the year, it only sells 20 Yuan. But a pound of this shrimp, the death must be sold to more than 40- 50 Yuan, it is a bit expensive, but in this fishery, there are many such shrimp.

Putting down the shrimp, Philemon has provoked another thing, but this thing is shrimp, but the long one is more like a worm.

“This is called prawn (Haizhi), it is a kind of lobster, but it is very small, but it is not good, there is no meat.” Having fun with the shrimp in front of him, Philemon said with a smile.

“This is carved shrimp. It is said that there was such a shrimp in the Jurassic era, so there is a genius called it Jurassic Shrimp, but that is the Australian shrimp. We can have it here. We only have this kind of shrimp. Very small, there is no meat.” After letting down the guy who was more like a worm, Philemon picked up the last shrimp that Jiang Hai did not know, and said to Jiang Hai.

“There are such shrimps. In fact, most of these shrimps are used for food. Only shrimp is the most important thing.” After the shrimp was put down, Philemon put his eyes on the shrimps. Body.

“I know, this shrimp, we have it there, and it tastes very good.” Hearing the words of Philemon, Jiang Hai immediately said.

“Hey, Chinese people eat it? Well, the Chinese people seem to have nothing to eat. This is a kind of clean shrimp. It is basically not eaten by us. This kind of shrimp swims very fast and will eat dead fish, shrimps, and crabs are the heroes of keeping the seabed clean.” Teasing the shrimps in their hands, and Philemon here also smiled and said.

Obviously, it may be because of the relationship between the golden finger, Jiang Hai is obviously more focused on the ocean than on the pasture. He knows more about aquatic animals. He also knows how clean shrimp and other shrimps are to be eat fish, but this kind of shrimp is to be protected by fish. This kind of shrimp is a doctor in the ocean. It specializes in treating sick fish and is famous in the ocean.

But whether it is Peter Rock Shrimp, Yellow Shrimp or Galia Whale Shrimp, these shrimps are temperate and tropical shrimps. In the cold zone, at least there is no such thing as Jiang Hai.

Jiang Hai does not quite understand this. In fact, this is a very good explanation, because it is located here, the water temperature is very cold.

Therefore, aquatic creatures are not as susceptible to illness as temperate and tropical, and even if they are sick, the survival of the fittest will die if they die. After all, it is only a very small number, and the shrimps will solve their bodies drop and complete the ecological cycle.

What Jiang Hai thinks is the sea intestines, but it is not a sea intestine, but a blind cockroach. The blind cockroach itself is not delicious, but its close relatives, the seven cockroaches are good ingredients, although both are long the same disgusting.

There is also something called a sea rabbit, also known as sea otter. To be honest, this thing is also relatively disgusting…

After introducing the shrimps and crabs, Philemon began to introduce the most important things, fish!

However, after all, it is not a farm here, so many of the fish caught can not be eaten, because most of them are some fish caught in the coral area, so-called garfish, maybe everyone else I don’t quite understand, but in other words, the clownfish, everyone knows, clownfish is also a kind of gar, basically all coral fish, or anemone fish, is a kind of gar. This kind of fish is not only in the temperate zone, but also in the tropics. It is also in the cold zone, but it is not too late in winter.

In addition to this kind of fish that can only be seen and cannot be eaten, there are still many foods to eat here. The main ones are cod, herring and some sardines. This is what Jiang Hai knows, and there is a relatively ugly fish, Philemon tell Jiang Hai, this is a grouper.

However, because this fish is mainly in the relationship between temperate and tropical, there are not many fisheries here.

Therefore, this one is not too big, probably only a little more than the palm of the hand. Jiang Hai caught it, almost a pound, less than two pounds. For the grouper, this figure is still in the body of kindergarten level.

In addition to these fish, there are many other fish, squid, barracuda, beautiful red fish, red  scorpion, etc… There are dozens of kinds here, Philemon said at the beginning. Jiang Hai also listened to it, but soon he was distracted.

Just as he was distracted, he suddenly saw a big spider that jumped from the sink and began to crawl fast.

Seeing this, Jiang Hai’s subconscious mind was going to grab the spider, but he was held by Philemon at a faster speed and saw Philemon movements. Some blasphemy, knowing that Philemon can not grasp himself without reason, so after taking a look at Philemon, he took back his hand.

After confirming that Jiang Hai had left the creature like a spider, Philemon was relieved.

“Boss, it looks like your underwater world is really good, even the sea spiders want to grab.” Picking up a wooden board, Philemon first made the spider-like thing out of the sink, directly Stepping on the dead, and then throwing it back to the sea, then said to Jiang Hai, heard his words, Jiang Hai’s brow wrinkled, sea spider? Does the spider also survive in the sea?

In fact, although the sea spider is called a spider, it is actually a crab family, but don’t think it is a crab, just bully, this creature, known as the seabed poison king, is not a wave of fame.

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