MR Chapter 67 : Harvesting

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“This thing, little bit of venom, is enough for our ship’s life!” The wooden board was washed with sea water and put back into the ship’s warehouse. Philemon said with a smile.

In fact, under the ocean, like the land, there are poisonous creatures everywhere, not only known, such as sea snakes, jellyfish, sea anemones, etc., many fish are also poisonous, some are meat poisonous, some are poisonous eggs, some of the fins are poisonous, some are visceral toxic, some are blood toxic, and so on.

In China, there are more than one hundred species of thorny poisonous fish. In comparison, the Atlantic Ocean is slightly more peaceful than Pacific Ocean.

There are many creatures, you don’t know it is poisonous, but in fact it is poisonous.

For example, squid, three thousand species of squid in the world, but in fact more than half are toxic, this does not know who knows?

There are also a lot of poisonous fish left, not to mention the river otter, hedgehog, which everyone has to know. Others are like stars, dragons, etc. These fish are poisonous, so if you are not very clear about marine life and you are in the sea, it is really dangerous.

There are not many incidents of sharks attacking people every year. Except for the tiger snail, this marine madman, few sharks will add humans to their recipes. People who are killed by sharks every year are more likely much less than number of people killed by these marine poisons. So since I decided to go into the water, Jiang Hai listened very seriously.

After all, this is about your own life. Everyone knows that Jiang Hai has no characteristics, it is a characteristic, and he lives.

While introducing the side of the ship, unconsciously, the land in the distance has been looming. At this time, Edward also stopped the boat. Jiang Hai saw his movements and could not help but squat. If you don’t have a village, do you want to stop the boat in the place where you don’t have a store?

“Come on, sort it out!” Ignore Jiang Hai’s doubts, Edward said to Philemon, and when he heard Edward’s words, Philemon immediately put on his clothes and put on his gloves to sorted up.

Although the main goal of this is to look at the nearby sea cargo resources, but the sea food of this sink, some can eat, some can not eat, can not always get back, can not eat, they all throw When you go back to the sea, or you can eat it. Of course, if die, you have to throw it away. If they are not fresh, they will not eat it.

After listening to these words, Jiang Hai smashed a defeat in his heart, but he also sorted it up.

However, his main goal is that sea cucumbers and sea urchins, right, and crabs, these things, the first two of these people do not eat, can not tell them to really throw it, for Jiang Hai, these things, it is fun to play.

As for crabs, although Europeans and Americans eat, it is really wasteful to eat crabs. Basically, they only eat crabs because the meat inside the legs is thick. As for the inside of the crab body, they are not willing to eat. They have to admit that they are defeated.

At the moment, Jiang Hai did not say much. He went to the sink first, picked out the crabs, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins and saw Jiang Hai’s movements, Edward and Philemon also laughed. They didn’t know these things if delicious.

Compared to these things that Jiang Hai picked, they are more picking fish, but they are not picking strange fish, but picking fish.

All the garfish, they do not eat, there is no way to eat, this fish is not allowed cause toxic.

So all the clownfish, light squid, damselfly fish, blue gar, bright blue gar, etc., these fish in the domestic ornamental fish market, the valuable fish are thrown away by them, and then there are some pieces fish less than fifteen centimeters were thrown away by them, including the grouper. For them, such a small fish is not necessary to eat.

But for Jiang Hai, it is a waste. After all, such a big fish is actually a commodity fish that can be sold in China.

But in Europe and United States, it is still a fry, vomiting blood, I don’t know when I can eat the grouper.

However, it is good to have a lot of fish to be thrown away, but there are still a lot of fish left in the sink. These fish are basically more than 20 cm. There are fish and squid that Jiang Hai often sees. This kind of fish is actually a kind of tuna. It is only one of the least valuable ones. There is also a red dragonfly. This kind of fish is more common in the offshore waters. It is more in the Pacific Ocean. It is slightly less in Atlantic Ocean. It is a sea bream. Not bad, there are squid, which is also known as mullet in China.

In general, caviar contains three of the best, salmon fish, cod roe, mullet roe, which is the squid, which is found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, but it is a temperate zone. Fish, if it is not because of the marine climate in Boston, it is not cold in winter, it is estimated that these fish have moved south.

When picking these fish, they don’t want the fish, they naturally throw it away, and their movements also caught the attention of several birds in the sky. With a sound of birds, these birds in the sky, fly straight down.

Going to the little fish that Edward and Philemon threw away, Jiang Hai was shocked to see this scene.

“Is these birds not afraid of people?” Looking at the birds that were squatting above the dinghy, Jiang Hai said strangely.

“Nature is not afraid, no one here will catch them.” When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Philemon also smiled and said.

“These seabirds are friends of our seafarers. They can not only help us to relieve boredom, but the most important thing is that places with seabirds represent land, and land means fresh water and food, so we are at sea can get protection, so our relationship with seabirds is still very good.” Seeing Jiang Hai’s doubtful look, Edward also said with a smile, and then raised the height of throwing fish inside, and raised it again. Throwed at these seabirds.

“And the Americans have a lot of feelings for the seabirds. I think the bosses also know that our national bird is the white-headed sea eagle. In our place, there are special feelings for sea eagle, and when it is said that it is in the middle of the world, The European and American ladies like to insert the feathers of sea eagle on the hat, so seabirds was once extinct. Later, the women in Boston set up an association to protect sea eagle, and then when they developed in San Diego, there was a disaster. Fortunately, sea eagle flew over and ate the mites, which allowed the first immigrants to survive, so these little guys are friends here.” After I finished shooting, Philemon I quickly said it, it seems that this guy’s mouth is really unstoppable.

“What are these seabirds, sea eagle?” After listening to their introduction, Jiang Hai was also very interested. He picked up a small fish and threw it into the air. Soon this little fish was taken by seabirds smashed in the air and flew far away.

“No, this is the puffin. Sea eagle is bigger than them. We have it in the woods of the manor, but we haven’t seen it for a while.” When he heard Jiang Hai’s words, Philemon introduced it.

“No, there are still a few. If you look at those few, obviously bigger, it is Sea eagle, and the scientific name seems to be called Haliaeetus.” After Philemon said, Edward chuckled. It refers to a relatively large number of seabirds in this group of birds. He smiled and said to Jiang Hai. When he heard his words, Jiang Hai also looked at the past. Sure enough, there are several birds there, which are more bigger than the birds next to them.

These guys, compared to the puffins, have to be overbearing. When there are fish, they will grab it the first time. If they don’t grab it, they will start to grab the fish in the other puffin mouth, just like a robber.

But in nature, the weak is food for the strong, not to mention just grabbing a piece of meat, even if you eat it, you have to endure it, this is the law of nature.

Jiang Hai is not a good old man. He is not willing to drive these sea eagle, but he has increased the intensity of throwing fish.

For a while, it’s really interesting to feed these guys, and Edward saw Jiang Hai’s movements and intentionally slowed down his movements. Since Jiang Hai is willing to play, it’s better to leave some more for the boss.

“Oh…” But when Jiang Hai was happy, suddenly there was a light and squeaking sound in the distant sky. With this sound coming, the seabirds that were still around the boat, instantly made birds flew away.

After the birds flew, Jiang Hai saw two small black spots on the high sky, chasing them there one after the other.

With his eyesight, only two birds are seen, but what kind of bird is specifically unclear.

“It seems to be an albatross and a sea eagle.” At this time, Philemon who was next to him, took out his own telescope and glanced at it. Some doubts said, but he said this, he felt no confidence in himself. The albatross is a bird of the South. It used to be seen when he was running a boat in California. However, in the North District, especially in Boston, it is not common here. Even if it can be seen, it is in the summer, it is winter now, these birds are estimated to have gone to the South for the winter.

After all, it is not a fisherman, so he can only be sure that the bird in the back should be a albatross, but it is not clear in the front.

“It’s an albatross. Except for this kind of bird, no bird is much bigger than a sea eagle in the wingspan. It seems that this bird should have something, so it didn’t go to the south for winter.” Compared to Philemon, with Edward, who has been dealing with ocean for most of his life, has to understand more. When he scans over, he is very sure. When the three watch, the two birds are like two arrows, breaking the sky. Disappeared in the distance, since the bird has disappeared, the three also turned their eyes back.

Since there are no seabirds to feed here, they are lazy to throw them again. After all, it is already late, the sun is already nearly one-third, and it has fallen to the sea level. Several people have no time to honed. Jiang Hai and Philemon, directly lifted the sink next to the fish with the unwanted fish, and poured directly into the sea. At this time, a dorsal fin was also erected.

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