BSI Chapter 163 : Beasts

Edited: XiaXue

After Nelliel resumed Arrancar status, Xia Yan still needs some research. He looked at Nelliel and asked, “Will your Zanpakuto change back to its original appearance?”

This is also the most amazing scene for Xia Yan’s in original work. There is no sword in her hand, but along with the original appearance, a sword appeared in her hand.

Nelliel smiled and said: “Yes, this sword seals my nucleus. As long as I Resurrección this Zanpakuto, I can change back to the original appearance.”

“Do I?”

Xia Yan reached out and took the Zanpakuto in Nelliel’s hand. The Zanpakuto in Arrancar’s hand is very similar to Zanpakuto for shinigami, but it is still very different.

This is seal of Arrancar’s nucleus. After Resurrección, it can be changed back to its true appearance.

Many people will doubt that after liberation, they will return to the original, so what did Aizen do for them with Hōgyoku?

The first one is to help Hollow to turn into Arrancar.

In the original work, only Espada #1 Starrk and Ulquiorra are autonomous Arrancar, and the others are Aizen work with Hōgyoku.

For example, Harribel, with Aizen, had a mask on her face.

After become Arrancar, the hollow strength is greatly improved.

As stated in the original text, the complete soul is a whole, and the incomplete soul is a hollow one.

Hollow is the absence of partial emotions, but Aizen also said that the part of hole is actually turned into a Hollow.

When the nails break, they have the energy of formidable.

Aizen helped them seal the energy they got into Zanpakuto.

So why not be able to keep the Zanpakuto state all the time?

At the beginning, fighting with a non-Resurrección blade state, but using the blade shape, isn’t it more straightforward to use Resurrección state directly?

This stems from Arrancar’s reason for breaking the mask. The principle is Hollow Shinigamiization. Because of the grasp of Shinigami’s Strength, the hollow mask will be Shatter.

At this time Arrancar within the body has two kinds of Strength, Shinigami Strength and Hollow Strength, the so-called Resurrección state, which is actually the Shinigami form.

In Resurrección, it is in the form of Shinigami, and it returns to the original appearance, but still maintains the Shinigami Strength.

This is the same as Visored. In addition to Kurosaki ichigo, Hirako Shinji and the others are first hollow and then decomposed.

Arrancar always maintains the Shinigami form, which is the way it carries Zanpakuto, and then changes back to hollow.

Xia Yan looked at Nelliel’s Zapnakuto and handed it to Nelliel. He said, “Fight me, I want to try your Strength.”

Xia Yan wants to know how Nelliel’s Strength is, whether there is #3 level.

In the original work, Nelliel once briefly restored the original appearance in Hueco Mundo, but even the #5 Nnoitra did not hold a candle againts her, and also took the lead.


Nelliel looked around and said with a smile: “But it’s too small, where are we going?”

Xia Yan remembered that Arrancar, which was below #4, could not be used in Las Noches, so he said, “Let’s go outside Las Noches.”


Nelliel nodded and the two walked out of the room, and outside Dondochakka and Pesche were waiting. Seeing the changed Nelliel, his face was full of excitement.

“Nel, you, you are back.” Dondochakka shouted excitedly.

Nelliel showed a gentle smile and said, “Yes, you will recover.”

Pesche asked: “What are you doing with Xia Yan now?”

Nelliel glanced at Xia Yan and said, “He wants to try my Strength.”

“Okay, let’s move.”

Xia Yan’s move little bit, and the figure had disappeared. Nelliel followed, and the two went out Las Noches and came to the desert outside.

Xia Yan looks at Nelliel and says, “Come on, attack.”


Nelliel slowly pulled out the Zanpakuto, her Zanpakuto is not too long, it is also a black and white sword.

“I come, you have to be careful.”

Nelliel turned her right hand and the long sword turned a circle.

Seeing Nelliel dragging and pulling, Xia Yan said with no anger: “I know, you give me…”

Xia Yan’s sentence has not been finished, Nelliel appears next to Xia Yan and smashes him out.

“So fast.”

Xia Yan eyes a glimpse, the body slightly retreat, the poor ones to avoid the sword, but a hand appeared in front of him, hit Xia Yan face.


Xia Yan’s fist collided with Nelliel’s palm.


Xia Yan flew out and squatted on the sand.

Xia Yan will fly away from the sand, and look at Nelliel in front of her, some accidental about her strength.

Speed ​​is about the same as yourself, whether it’s in Shinigami or Arrancar, it’s the top speed.

But Strength is big and far exceeds himself.

Xia Yan’s Strength is not strong. Even after magnetic field exercise, it is not as good as Zaraki Kenpachi’s level. If Zaraki Kenpachi cuts Espada #5, Nelliel can’t be so easy.

“Hey hey, is that okay? Master Nelliel will fly Xia Yan.” Dondochakka has a nervous look.

Pesche said with a little cautiousness: “Yes, what if he is a careful eye? Master Nelliel is too loud.”

“Shut up!”

Xia Yan heard the two people talking about it, and did not have a good voice.

The two of you talked about the whisper, what was so loud.

The two immediately retracted their heads and stopped talking. Xia Yan took out Zapnakuto, looks at Nelliel and said, “Come again.”


Nelliel came to the front again and broke again.


Xia Yan’s long sword swayed and collided with Nelliel’s Zanpakuto, but just collided, Nelliel’s figure disappeared and appeared behind Xia Yan’s back.

When the sword fell, Xia Yan became two halves directly, but slowly turned into scatter on the ground.


Nelliel’s face changed and she just turned, but the tip of the sword had already touched her vest.

“You are too big.”

Xia Yan stood behind Nelliel and slowly recovered Zanpakuto.

I use high level Shunpo’s skill, which is slightly better, but I won’t be able to win the next time.

Now Nelliel, in terms of speed and strength, is still much stronger than the Espada #5.

So why is she being defeated by Espada #5 in the original work, and she has to use Resurrección?

Probably because the mask on her head at that time was still fragmented and had deep gullies.

After being attacked by Nnoitra, Nelliel became a child after being seriously injured. Szayelaporro said that her state may be due to the loss of the Reiatsu from the gap of the mask.

When Espada #5, the mask was still broken, but it was barely maintained due to the accumulation of Reiatsu. Immediately after Resurrección, it changed back to the child.

From the point of view of the war situation, Nelliel’s Strength has reached Espada #3 and there is no problem.

So that he can help her with the complete Shinigamiization, strength can also upgrade a grade.

However, before that, Xia Yan had one more thing. He looked at Nelliel and said, “Let’s come again, I want to see your true form.”


Nelliel shouted softly, “Declare, Gamuza!”

As Nelliel shouted, her figure gradually changed.

Xia Yan saw Nelliel’s Resurrección, and the corner of the mouth showed a mysterious smile.

Oh, God!

This is the big breast beast.

I have only seen such a half-human and half-animal in this book.

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