BSI Chapter 162 : Killing

Edited: XiaXue

In Aizen bedroom, there are two Arrancar girls.

One of them is wearing a black ponytail, purple red eyes, wearing a white short skirt and black boots, and a mask is in left eye.

Another short blond hair, eyes green, mask in the right eye.

Seeing the two, Xia Yan slightly frowns, are these two people not Aizen’s guards?

The black hair is called Loly Aivirrne, the one with blond hair is Menoly Mallia.

“Ulquiorra, is this the one who beats Aizen and tries to control Hueco Mundo?”

Loly looks at Xia Yan, with a hint of hatred on her face.


Menoly grabbed the corner of Loly’s clothes at the back.

Xia Yan smiled and said: “Yes, I am.”

“You dare to kill lord Aizen.”

Along with Loly’s words, she had slowly pulled out her sword.

“Poison him, Escolopendra!”

Loly’s voice fell, her body was filled with white armor, and the both hands extended two white multi-section weapons, like the tail of a dragonfly. Each section had a stinger like a slap, and Loly waved her hand and the right hand centipede-like rushed toward Xia Yan.


The huge centipede-like smashing toward Xia Yan, but unable to go further, was caught by Xia Yan with one hand.


The poisonous thorn near Xia Yan shot a Venom and hit Xia Yan, but the latter was unharmed, but the ground was corroded into a large pit.

“Very strong corrosion.”

Xia Yan saw the potholes on the ground and looked a little surprised.

“Powerful? You die for me.”

Loly’s other one-man thick centipede-like came again, but this time, Xia Yan disappeared in the same place, appeared in front of Loly, waving his arms gently.


Loly flew out and squatted on the wall, the wall shattered immediately, and the huge brick fell.


Loly was half on the floor, constantly vomiting blood, and her right face was covered with blood marks.

“You bastard.”

Loly screamed and would once again rush toward Xia Yan.

But at this moment, a figure flashed, a beautiful head raised and flew in the air.

Ulquiorra stood beside Loly, but Loly’s head had disappeared.


Seeing this scene, Menoly shouted loudly, not knowing where to pull a sword and rushing toward Ulquiorra.

But only in an instant, she was split in two and fell to the ground.

“You are shooting too fast.”

Xia Yan looks at Ulquiorra, and some distressed said.

I need my men now, both of them are Arrancar, and they are ready to serve Aizen, knowing a lot of things about Aizen, can play an important role.

This is why Xia Yan did not immediately take the shot.

But Ulquiorra killed the two directly.

Ulquiorra said softly: “You have spared them once, but they don’t appreciate it, so I killed them.”

“I need some people to handle the house.”

Xia Yan looks at the clothes that are corroded on the body, and some are distressed.

Ulquiorra said: “I am sorry, Xia Yan, I am self-disciplined.”

Xia Yan waved his hand and said: “Forget it, since they want to kill me, you can kill them. Is there any other Arrancar in Las Noches?”

Ulquiorra said: “There should be a transformation of Arrancar developed by Apollo.”

“Those people are fine.”

Xia Yan said: “Give me a room and fix the room here.”


Ulquiorra took Xia Yan to the palace of Baraggan, whose palace was bigger than the place where Aizen lived.

After Xia Yan stayed, Ulquiorra left, Xia Yan took out Hōgyoku, and two Hōgyoku were banned in transparent cubes, unable to project energy.

This is Hōgyoku, with the strength that makes people dream becoming true.

As far as the characteristics of Hōgyoku are concerned, this kind of Strength is really informidable.

On Ability, only Yhwach’s omnipotence can be compared.

After Xia Yan put Hōgyoku in the house, he packed up the room and rest.


The next time, Xia Yan looked at the information left by Aizen. Seven days later, he called Nelliel to his residence, and the latter ran into the room. Look at Xia Yan and asked, “Do you want to help me recover my strength today?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “It is time, but I can’t be sure if I can succeed.”

Nelliel came over and jumped to the Xia Yan seat and sat on him and said, “Come on.”

Xia Yan is not used to Nelliel’s relatives, but he still took out Hōgyoku and said: “I want to restore her strength.”


Nelliel nodded, Xia Yan held the banned Hōgyoku in banned cube, the next moment, the cube appeared on the side of Nelliel with a round hole, aimed at Nelliel.


The mask on top of Nelliel slowly to heal.


Nelliel was sitting there, but with her mask to heal, her face became pink and she was in the arms of Xia Yan.

“How are you feeling?”

Xia Yan asked anxiously.

Nelliel whispered: “It’s a little itchy.”

“Resist the point.”

Xia Yan continued to use Hōgyoku for her to heal. When the mask recovered, Nelliel’s figure gradually grew bigger, and a sly look, a sexy body appeared in Xia Yan’s arms, and the mask on her head became a horn mask.


Nelliel shouted excitedly.

Xia Yan said with no anger: “Can you please go down first?”

Nelliel is taller than Xia Yan. Sitting on his lap is really uncomfortable.

“Xia Yan, you helped me recover my strength, how can I thank you?”

Nelliel looks down on Xia Yan with a smile, her eyes are very big, especially the rose color lines under the eyes, it is more affectionate.

But Xia Yan directly pushed her down, and said with no anger: “No, hurry.”

Nelliel was pushed to the ground, kneeling on the ground, and the rounded hips were facing Xia Yan.

Nelliel’s body is very sexy, the chest is full, the hips are quite upright, especially after the body becomes bigger, the original clothes become smaller and most of the area is exposed.

Nelliel’s body is very sexy, the size of the chest is second only to Matsumoto Rangiku, Hikifune Kirio, and ranks second.

As far as the overall shape of the figure is concerned, it is the most perfect body type.

However, Xia Yan still likes the flat chest like Soi Fon. Isn’t it a good thing to say, why the chest is not flat?

Big chest? I don’t like it.

Flat chest is king, Soi Fon is high king.

Xia Yan looked at the nose and looked at her mouth. He thought about Soi Fon in her mind and didn’t go to see Nelliel.

But after Nelliel got up from the ground, looks at Xia Yan, and couldn’t help but say, “You are really a child, and you have a nosebleed.”


Xia Yan shouted loudly.

Nelliel pointed to Xia Yan and said, “What is your nose going out?”

Xia Yan sneered and said: “Don’t you know that you are afraid? You are in the middle of Aizen’s Kyōka Suigetsu. ”

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