BSI Chapter 161 : New Onmitsukidō troops

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“Onmitsukidō troops?”

Hearing this word, Harribel and Ginjō looked a little surprised.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Onmitsukidō is a secret action force in Soul Society. It has functions of assassination, patrol, detention, investigation, and information. It was once independent from Gotei 13th, and it is a special unit.”

The Onmitsukidō troops is now gradually becoming a force of 2nd Division, but after Xia Yan helped the Onmitsukidō troops to equip the smoke bombs, flash bombs, and other bombs, the Onmitsukidō troops increased their combat power.

If there is no Captain and Vice-Captain, Shinigami in the seat and ordinary Shinigami of Gotei 13th is not their opponent.

Even Vice-Captain series Expert, with the cooperation of criminal squad, is enough to hold back for a long time.

Harribel said: “But why are you building another Onmitsukidō troops? You can be the king of Hueco Mundo, build hollow empire, and if Onmitsukidō troops are formidable, just a force.”

Xia Yan said: “Yes, because we are just a force, but the purpose can not tell you.”

Xia Yan did not intend to stay in Hueco Mundo for a long time. Two years later, he will return to Seireitei.

Therefore, the so-called Hueco Mundo Onmitsukidō troops is a unit that is secretly operating outside the Quincy and Shinigami.

As for the king of Hueco Mundo, Xia Yan has no interest.

Hollow, Shinigami and Quincy, the three most powerful forces, the most miserable one is Hollow.

First, it was destroyed by Shinigami. Shinigami fought and destroyed their division, and beaten by Quincy. Then enslaved by Aizen again. After the death, the Quincy returned and enslaved them again.

To know that hollow is to some extent, by Quincy is the biggest damage.

Kisuke Urahara once said that everything that is about hollow is poisonous to Quincy. If they are eroded, they will not only be weakened by Reiatsu, but eventually soul will collapse. It is for this reason that Quincy will kill Hollow.

At the same time, let Bankai decompose, is also developed by Kisuke Urahara, can recapture the Bankai.

This is the essence of the invader drug.

But in fact, the Hollow force is the weakest, even if it was promoted once by Aizen, and has the strength of Shinigami, it can’t beat Shinigami.

Harribel nodded and said, “Okay, we will follow your orders.”

Xia Yan said: “I am the commander-in-chief of Onmitsukidō troops. I have five detachments. The first detachment was responsible for the execution of the sentence, with Ulquiorra as the head of the criminal army and Criminal Team Captain.”

Ulquiorra said: “His command.”

The criminal army represents absolute obedience and ruthless killing, and Ulquiorra is well suited for this position.

Xia Yan looked at Nelliel and said: “The second detachment is police team will be responsible by Nelliel.”

The police here are not the secret police of Onmitsukidō troops, but the police without a hidden state, similar to the 10th Division Team Guard.

Nelliel said with a smile: “I will do it well.”

Xia Yan added: “The third detachment, the monitoring team, has great power over any attempt to violate the regulations, try to find the opposite person, monitor, investigate and arrest. At the same time is responsible for the supervision of the prison. Harribel, you are responsible for this.”


Harribel had some accidents. The responsibilities of the monitoring team were so great that she was responsible for the person who was not willing to surrender.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Yes, you are the most suitable candidate.”

The emotion represented by Harribel is sacrifice, she is willing to sacrifice herself to protect her subordinates, and she is willing to sacrifice herself to fight for Aizen.

It is the state of safety of the person who is intimate with her.

In general, she is very serious and responsible woman.

Xia Yan looked at the Fullbringer and the others and said: “Ginjo, it is up to you to serve as the four detachments, the support team Captain, and the others join the team.”

In Onmitsukidō troops in Seireitei, the fourth detachment is intelligence team, and the responsibilities with 8th Division are the same, but more secretive, not responsible for Gotei 13th.

However, Xia Yan decided that the fourth team of Hueco Mundo Onmitsukidō troops would be the support team, and the four fullbringers would be the best supporters.

Ginjō Kūgo said: “I have no opinion.”

Xia Yan said: “In this way, our Onmitsukidō troops will be completely formed. Then I will make a batch of Arrancar and gradually fill it into your team. At the same time, will your promote Strength.”

Their several combat force are formidable, Ulquiorra’s first form can be used to smash the Kurosaki ichigo Bankai. From this point of view, he has at least a super Captain level of combat power.

Harribel and Nelliel are both #3, at least superior Captain level.

Among the fullbringers, Ginjō Kūgo and Tsukishima Shūkurō are both Captain-level Shinigami, especially the former, with Shinigami and fullbring Strength.

What I have to do is to raise the Captain-class combat power to a higher level.

Ginjō Kūgo asked curiously: “Xia Yan, when are you going to raise our Strength?”

Xia Yan said: “You have two opportunities to promote Strength, but whether you choose, I need the consent of each of you.”

Ginjō Kūgo raised his brow and asked, “What?”

Xia Yan said: “I will provide you with the strength method, which is Hollowfication, once success you have Visored state, and the second is Resurrección. But no matter which one, you will have a hollow self in your body, you can have formidable strength after defeating the opposite side. Blurring itself is dangerous, and if the will is not firm, it will become hollow.”

Tristan said: “If we fail, will our consciousness disappear?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “Yes, so I need your choice.”

Ginjō Kūgo smiled and said: “Fullbring itself is human with Hollow Strength in their soul. It is because of our love for objects that we are able to get the strength of soul extraction. I want to spend the ambiguity. It is not a problem for us.”

The strength of Fullbring is derived from hollow, but it is only a manifestation of the change of object, and the difference between the illusion and the return.

The latter two are more dangerous and more formidable.

Tsukishima Shūkurō said: “We are willing to try to get formidable Strength.”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “In this case, I will restore Arrancar to Nelliel and her two subordinates first, and then help Ginjo to Hollowfication. As for the improvement of all of you, at least four months later, after I have completely perfected Hōgyoku.”

Xia Yan stood up and said, “Okay, let’s go, Ulquiorra, you take me to Aizen’s residence.”

The crowd dispersed, and Ulquiorra took Xia Yan to the room.

Pushing open the heavy door, Xia Yan saw two female figures standing there in the room, looking at the sights of Xia Yan.

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