BSI Chapter 121 : Unohana Retsu

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A figure flew out of the door and squatted on opposite wall.

“Shiba Ganju?”

Xia Yan looks at the figure on the ground, I feel a little strange, what happened?

“Will you come? You are not my opponent at all.”

An orange-headed Kurosaki ichigo appeared at the door, and Shiba Ganju looked at him and threw it up again.

Wait a minute.

How did they fight again?

Shiba Ganju did not encounter Kurosaki ichigo in West Rukongai, and did not hate Shinigami because of his brother death. How did you fight?

“Not your opponent, try this.”

Say, Shiba Ganju throws a bomb from his arms.

Seeing tremor bomb, Xia Yan quickly retired, and he was not seen by them in a black cloak.

The next moment, the sharp voice sounded, it was extremely harsh, and Kurosaki ichigo shook his ears. Shiba Ganju immediately rushed from ground and knocked Kurosaki ichigo to ground.

Two people were constantly beaten each other, but at this moment, a roar rang, “I said you two, give me a hand.”

Shiba Kūkaku voice came, followed by Kurosaki ichigo and Shiba Ganju sound.

Xia Yan returned to the room and waited quietly. By the next day, Kurosaki ichigo began to train how to condense special reinforced Reishi wall.

Seireitei is wrapped in a circle of walls, a stone called murderous stone that can completely block Reiatsu, and even block the Reiatsu on cut surface.

Therefore, starting from murderous stone, two semi-circular shields are formed toward the upper and lower sides, and this shield is also called a masking film.

The hardness of masking film is extremely high, and ordinary objects will broken when hit them, so special reinforcement of Reishi wall is required.

The special reinforced Reishi wall is the result of user injecting Reiatsu into the ball, and the Reishi wall is different in shape and size.

After some training, Only Kurosaki ichigo did not master it, but with Shiba Ganju help, he used a daytime to master this method in the evening, then borrowed Kakaku Hō and fired the shells.

In addition to Yoruichi, Shiba Ganju tag along.

After five people and one cat disappeared, Shiba Kūkaku returned to the room. After sitting down, she stretched out and said, “Come out, no one here.”

Xia Yan slowly showed his figure, sitting cross-legged on the ground, Shiba Kūkaku looks at him, smiled and said: “I still wonder if I am dreaming, you are still alive.”

Shiba Kūkaku said that, leaned over and pinched Xia Yan cheek.

Xia Yan said while feeling uncomfortable: “Kūkaku sister, you have pinched me several times, of course I am alive.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help?”

Shiba Kūkaku took back her arm and stared at Xia Yan. The latter said with a smile: “You are already helping me.”

Shiba Kūkaku nodded and said, “Then you must pay attention to safety.”

“I will!”

Xia Yan said with a smile.

The next day, Xia Yan was sitting there to rest, and a voice sounded outside the door, “Kaien-sama.”

With the sound, Shiba Kaien rushed into the house and came to Shiba Kūkaku and asked, “Is you using Shiba family Kakaku Hō to send the catastrophe into Seireitei?”

Shiba Kūkaku smiled and said: “With Kuchiki Rukia execution, you are clear, don’t you want to save her?”

Shiba Kaien said with anger: “I will save her myself, I don’t need to let intruder to save.”

Shiba Kūkaku said: “There is always more than one person.”

Shiba Kaien coldly snorted said: “Now Seireitei is searching for the intruder, and once the culprit is caught, it will definitely hold you accountable.”

Shiba Kūkaku said indifferently: “I will take this responsibility and I will not draging you, brother.”

“I am not afraid of being tired.”

Shiba Kaien is a little angry. Although he wants to save Rukia, he is not willing to hook up with this accident.

And it’s just trainee Shinigami and Quincy, how can you compete with all Seireitei?

In Shiba Kaien view, they are just mouse in hand.

“Forget it, I just came to tell you, and now I have to go back and take part in the arrest.”

Shiba Kaien waved his hand and turned away. When his figure disappeared, Shiba Kūkaku asked: “Don’t you wanna see Kaien Big Brother?”

Xia Yan figure reappeared and said: “After all the dust settles, meet with everyone again.”

“Then you are ready, tomorrow, the delivery truck will be out.”


On the fourth day, since the first day was already in the evening, and Soul Society and Human World had a half-day time difference, almost late night of Human World was the afternoon of Soul Society.

So now there are still ten days from Kuchiki Rukia trial. Xia Yan waited for truck to go to Onmitsukidō troops.

The trucks are manpower-driven and have to pass four Rukongai residents and several Onmitsukidō troops for each shipment.

Xia Yan had been hiding in truck and used a black cloak to cover his body. Even if they probed, they could not see him with naked eye.

The truck was transported into Seireitei and headed towards center mountain, where the Onmitsukidō troops were located.

Xia Yan did not intend to go to Onmitsukidō troops, he jumped off the truck in middle of the road.

The people around only felt that a wind, but nothing happened.

Xia Yan got out of truck and came to Seireitei. He saw the surrounding buildings and had a familiar feeling.

“Have you heard that? The intruder was defeated by 3rd Seat of 11th Division.”

“There are 6th Division Vice-Captain, Abarai Renji.”

“It’s amazing, no one can beat them.”

Passing through two Shinigami, heard them whispered.

Xia Yan bypassed them and listened to the conversation in the ear and continued to move forward.

But at this moment, a bit of a bang, a giant Reiatsu emerged in the distance.

This is…

Xia Yan eyes picked up, this is Zaraki Kenpachi Reiatsu, only his Reiatsu can be so formidable.


In the distance there are two Captain-level Reiatsu, one is Kurosaki ichigo and the other is Kyouraku Shunsui.

It finally started.

Xia Yan turned and left, sneaked all the way, came to 4th Division Courtyard, entered 4th Division, all 4th Division members are very busy.

In the event of invasion, there were too many Shinigami injuries, and now 11th Division have basically been wiped out except Zaraki Kenpachi and Kusajishi Yachiru.

Xia Yan walked through a room, and Ikkaku was lying on bed.

Xia Yan did not say hello to him, but continued to move forward and went into a room. In this room, Kotetsu Isane said to Unohana Retsu: “Captain, everyone’s injuries have stopped, and in addition, 8th team I sent invasion accident and hoped that we would treated them.”

“Let’s shut down in underground to help.” Unohana Retsu said.

Under 4th Division, there is a dungeon that is holding the injured enemy and treating them.


Kotetsu Isane left here, and Unohana Retsu waited until the door was closed, and said softly: “Come out.”

Xia Yan smiled slightly, his black cloak can cover Reiatsu, can hide body shape, but can not cover the footsteps.

How can I not notice the strength of Unohana Retsu?

So he pulled down the hood, looks at Unohana Retsu, and said softly: “Unohana Captain.”

“It’s you.”

Unohana Retsu turned her head and looked at Xia Yan, full of surprise.

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