BSI Chapter 75 : 2 Years

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The Third Arc: Seireitei is running

Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens.”

With the low chanting, Xia Yan hand gathered blue’s Flame, and finally slammed.


The large open space in front of him was covered in Flame, and the blue light filled the field of vision.

Hadō #73, Sōren Sōkatsui.

Sōren Sōkatsui is a high level version of Hadō #33-Sōkatsui, it’s several times more powerful, it is also one of the high-level Hadō.

This is the fire Attribute high-level Hadō, Xia Yan found his own shortcomings in the battle with Ramirez, although it can be used for general combat, but he can not be controlled by Aizen.

Therefore, Xia Yan intends to develop some new moves, the first of which is the high-level Hadō of other Attributes.

In addition to Sōren Sōkatsui, there are Hadō #78-Zangerin and Hadō #90-Kurohitsugi.

The former two, Xia Yan are completely in control, but Kurohitsugi is somewhat difficult to master.

Kurohitsugi is a high-level Hadō, but it is the last of the high-level Hadō, serial #90.

This number is only one step away from Forbidden, requires a very high Reiatsu, and has great demands on rituals and chanting.

A lot of Shinigami, even if you  chant, you can’t master it.

For Xia Yan, it’s just that it’s not released. It must be instant and can be used as the main force.

In addition to Fire Hadō, Xia Yan also hopes to master the Wind, Xia Yan has a new Shunko development idea after Shikai, but I feel that it is not necessary to develop Zanpakuto Ability.

However, it was not until the attack that it was put on the agenda. There were two goals to choose from, Wind Shunko and fire Shunko.

One pursues sustainability and speed, one pursues destructive power.

Xia Yan finally chose the former, the wind is a relatively moderate existence, the speed is not as fast as the thunder, the destructive power is not as destructive as the fire, only the continued Excellence is excellent.

But winds have a lot of speed and destructive power. After you have the Thunder and other Attribute high level Hadō, you don’t need the ultimate speed and destructive power.

What you need is enough strength, to ensure that you can kill hollow of your own Ability as soon as possible, and use the advantage of Zanpakuto.

Therefore, it is better to be comprehensive and not to be the main force.

Therefore, Xia Yan chose the wind.

Of course, the Shunko research can not be completed overnight, starting from the wind Attribute Kido, at least a few years.

Therefore, Xia Yan did not worry, but focused on the training of high-level Hadō and quenching the body.

Xia Yan tempered the style of the flesh, instead of using the style of the physical train, but using a magnetic field.

Shinigami body is constructed by Reishi, and the level of Reiatsu is the density of Reishi. Reishi and the device are the basic particles that make up World material.

In the Soul Society, architecture, food, and soul are all made up of Reishi.

In the soul, blood, bones, skin and hair are all different styles of Reishi.

Reishi, as a kind of particle, naturally carries a charge Attribute, just like human blood red blood cells in Human World and the surface of muscle cells are charged.

The Reishi surface that makes up the skin and muscles, like Human World, carries a positive charge. It can use a magnetic field to increase the positive charge on the Reishi surface, increase the aggregation, and let Reishi gather, thus increasing the density of Reishi.

Of course, this method can only be applied to the skin and muscles. If it acts in the blood, it will cause the blood to become thick and change its blood pressure.

Xia Yan uses the thunder to stimulate the transformation into a magnetic field, acting on his body, and slightly increasing the density of his skin and muscle Reishi.

This method is very effective and is several times faster than physically damaging Reishi and adding Reishi’s method.

Xia Yan feels that she can continue to imitate the virtual steel skin. Achieve invincibility, and increase muscle density, you can also increase Strength.

After increasing muscle density and skin density, the strength of your own body is greater.

For example, thunder wing, the thunder wing can drive himself to fly, but the faster flight speed, the air resistance and the gravity plus speed are getting bigger and bigger. Once the speed reaches the speed of sound, the ordinary soul will be torn instantly.

So after the muscle density of your muscles increases, the speed of the wing will be faster and faster.

Xia Yan determined the next training plan for himself, but never dared to leave Seireitei alone, nor went to the mountain to practice, and did not give Aizen the opportunity to attack himself.

However, Xia Yan needs to go to the Shiba Kūkaku factory every week to accept a new batch of bombs. At this time, Xia Yan will try to take the criminals member.

Under such circumstances, Xia Yan spent two years in peace. In two years, he was not attacked again by Aizen. Xia Yan began to be confused. Is it a coincidence?

After all, he didn’t expose anything about Aizen at all, he couldn’t target himself.

Maybe just because you interfered with his affairs and gave yourself a lesson?

Or I can test the Ability to myself. After all, I am fixed in the mountain, which is a good target.

But no matter what, in the past two years, Aizen did not attack Xia Yan, or Xia Yan made the arrangement, let Aizen reduce his killing.

Two years later, Xia Yan was 30 years old. After training with Soi Fon ended, Soi Fon was on the chair and Xia Yan stood by to massage her.

Soi Fon showed a comfortable look, closed her eyes, and enjoyed it.

In the past two years, Soi Fon has allowed Xia Yan to take her hand and get used to eating with him.

After the end of training, Xia Yan proposed massage to Soi Fon and got the consent of Soi Fon, and got a benefit.

Yes, for Xia Yan, massage Soi Fon is a pleasure.

Xia Yan palm squeezed Soi Fon shoulder, squeezed a little bit, squeezed the muscles of the shoulders, and then held the both hands down on Soi Fon neck, gently lifting the neck along her white neck muscle.

Then Xia Yan moved his palm down, gently tapping her back and waist, pressing the muscles of the back with the palm of his hand.

Soi Fon waist is a key position, here is the position of the lumbar spine, the lower end of the spine, the key part of the joint legs.

Soi Fon often uses Shunko, and the waist burden is more serious, so I need to ease it. Xia Yan will massage her waist very hard every time.

Next is the both legs, Soi Fon head is not high, but the body ratio is very good, the legs are not too thin, the thighs are plump, the hips are sharp.

After she took off her Captain haori, the two skirts of the criminal suit were bare, revealing rounded thighs.

Every time Xia Yan massages this place, he can touch Soi Fon skin, smooth skin and fleshy thighs, so that Xia Yan heart is stirring.

“Xia Yan, you give me to stop.”

Xia Yan massaged for a while, Soi Fon didn’t have a good sigh, and Soi Fon was already eccentric about what Xia Yan used for his massage.

Xia Yan quickly took his hand off Soi Fon leg and helped her massage the calf’s muscles. Soi Fon calf has a beautiful curve, perfect, and equally confusing.

“I can’t let you massage me next time.”

Soi Fon voice came, and Xia Yan could only stop his movements and said reluctantly: “End Captain.”

Soi Fon rolled over and stretched out and said, “Today end here, yes, tomorrow is Saturday. Although there is no training, I hope you will come to me in the afternoon. I will invite you to dinner.”

“Take me Out to eat?”

Soi Fon can never say something to eat out. Is this about himself?

Xia Yan was very expecting, and looked at the eyes at Soi Fon. The latter noticed Xia Yan gaze and coughed and said, “Yes, don’t run around tomorrow afternoon.”

Xia Yan immediately said: “I remember.”

Active dating? Really expecting, Xia Yan happy to leave the train.

But after Soi Fon looks at Xia Yan, the corner of the mouth showed a smile. “It’s not a date.”

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