BSI Chapter 26 : Konsō

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“Quiet, whoever is talking, stay here.”

On the stage of the gate, 33 students stood side by side, and the people who spoke were the young people in the middle.

With his shouting, the students who had been in the class for four years before the door were all quiet, and Xia Yan stood in it, paying attention to the sight at the gate.

This day is the day to go to Human World for Konso practice. They will arrive at Human World and bury the soul.

“My name is Shin Nome. On the left is the Shiroi Shika. On the right is Azuma. The three of us are the leaders who went to Human World this time. If you are in danger at Human World, you will call our name.”

Shin Nome shouted loudly. He was a tall young man, both hands and carrying his own Zanpakuto.

Shiroi Shika is a tall girl with a cold face.

And Azuma is a young man with glasses, not tall, and looks animals are harmless.

In front of these three people, no one dared to speak out loud. These sixth graders acted not only as teachers but also to protect them.

Each of the six grade students who can be the leader is Elite, and each has a Shikai to save them when they encounter Hollow.

Shin Nome saw that they were quiet and said: “Now come to the statistics list. At the school, you all have a lottery. The same group of people, a group of three people, now find their own team members.”

When I heard Shin Nome, everyone gathered together. The brand in Xia Yan’s hand was engraved with a black cat, while the same black cat was a student of Sakata Harada and a student named Nozawa.

“It’s so good.” Sakata Harada smiled and took Xia Yan shoulder.

“It’s really good.”

Xia Yan corner of the mouth twitching, how do you not know, Sakata Harada is to grab someone else’s brand, meet with himself in a group.

After Xia Yan and they gathered together and waited for the opening of the gate.

At the side of the three people, there are also three Hell Butterfly. The Hell Butterfly is an insect that grows in the Soul Society. It has the role of communication, guiding the way, especially leading the way. When going to Human World and returning, you must need Hell Butterfly. No guide of the butterfly will be lost in the broken world.

Shin Nome stood in front of the gate and said: “You follow the people in front and run forward after entering the door. Don’t be vital point, don’t fall, remember?”


The loud shouts sounded and everyone took the queue.

Shin Nome pulled out his Zanpakuto, inserted it through the door, and gently turned it, and the door opened slowly.

Then Shin Nome said: “Follow me.”

He jumped one step ahead, and Shiroi Shika and Azuma stood outside the door and shouted: “Enter in order.”

The rest of the people quickly entered the gate, and after entering, they found a long passageway, surrounded by white constantly flowing objects.

Xia Yan knows that this is a detention, and will continue to close and squeeze their action areas.

Xia Yan did not dare to neglect, and quickly ran forward, followed the front of Shin Nome.

The passages of the cut-offs were not long. About a minute later, they reached the other end, and they slammed into Human World.

“This is Human World?”

I have a question from Sakata Harada, who was born of Rukongai, not a dead soul.

In the Soul Society, the soul can marry and have children, but the number of souls born is very small, not comparable to the number of deaths in the process of the transformation of the three worlds.

Once there is a problem with the number of souls in the Three Realms, forced intervention, such as killing the soul of Rukongai, is done to balance.

So when Shinigami maintains the balance of the three realms, there are countless lives in the dark.

Xia Yan internship location is a Little Town, the streets are clean, but there are not many high-rise buildings.

Shin Nome said: “Centered on the position of the gate, in the range of activities around the zero point, look for the soul of the order, and bury them. ”

With the words of Shin Nome, everyone shouted, and Sakata Harada arrived said, “Go, let’s go find the soul.”

The three people formed a group and went to the east. At this time, Human World was dark, there were no pedestrians on the street, but there were still some wandering souls.

These souls, some are blood-stained children, some are old Uncle, and others are stunned youth.

They are sensible and have their own judgments. When they see so many people appearing beside them, they are curious at first, and they are interested in touching them.

The result touched the entity, and they saw them coming out of the knife and fleeing.

I am really looking at an old soul and chasing it toward the opposite side.

But the opposite side was scared to escape and fluttered away.

“Hey, don’t run away, we are not bad people.” Sakata Harada shouted and chased the opposite side.

“Then you put the knife down.” The old soul shouted.

Sakata Harada shouted: “How can i detach you without a knife?”

When the old soul heard this, he scared the body and shouted: “You really want to kill us.”

But at this time, Xia Yan figure flashed and appeared in front of the opposite side, blocking his way.

The old soul smashed into Xia Yan body, sitting on the ground with his ass, the next moment, Xia Yan handle has already clicked on the opposite side head.

When Xia Yan took Zanpakuto back to the scabbard, a soul word appeared on the head of the opposite side, and with the appearance of the soul word, a black round hole appeared behind the old soul.

The round hole appeared, and the old soul was sucked in. A butterfly flew out behind Xia Yan, and entered the round hole with the old soul.

Without the guidance of Hell Butterfly, these souls could not be sent to Rukongai transfer station, and after the Hell Butterfly sent them away, they would come back again.

After Xia Yan finished the Konso ceremony, Sakata Harada and Nozawa Nozomi ran to his side, and Sakata said: “So simple?”

Xia Yan nodded and said: “There is no difficulty.”

“It’s me.”

Sakata Harada immediately chased a soul, but his tall figure, ugly face, and the knife in his hand, let most of souls disappear.

The real work of Sakata Harada took a lot of effort and seized one, but it was not successful. He was still puzzled and could not find the reason.

“Strength is too big, don’t you see him crying constantly?”

Xia Yan looks at the real Sakata Harada, who is holding the handle to the opposite side of the head, very helpless.

“Again.” He have tried several times in the field, and finally successfully sent the opposite side to the Soul Society.

“Haha, I am successful.” Sakata Harada looks at the disappearing soul, smirking and laughing.

But just in the moment whenSakata Harada had turned back, a white paw penetrated his chest and appeared on his chest.


The real body is a stiff body, and the look at the chest is covered with blood and his face is full of despair.

Behind the real time of Sakata Harada, there is a illusion of a man and a half. It crouched there, like a huge lizard with a hard shell and long tail, and the forelimbs run through the good Second body.

“Good times.”

Xia Yan gave a slight glimpse, then shouted: “Hold, I will save you.”

When the voice fell, Xia Yan clenched Zanpakuto in his hand and rushed to the Hollow.

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