BSI Chapter 27 : Killing Hollow

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This is not a Menos Grande, just a soul transformed into Hollow, without wisdom, only the instinct to kill.

Xia Yan saw that Sakata Harada was beaten by attack, but for a moment, he took out his Zanpakuto and rushed toward the opposite side.

Seeing someone approaching, slamming his arm, throwing Sakata Harada aside, kneeling on the wall, slowly slipping.

Then he opened his mouth and made a noise, rushing to Xia Yan.


When Xia Yan rushed to the front of Hollow, the footsteps a little, the body suddenly disappeared, appeared in the side of Hollow, pulling the sword straight.

But just in the moment of emergence, the Hollow tail swept over.

Xia Yan can hurt the Hollow, but it is bound to be ruined by the attack, and the gains do not make up for the losses.

Therefore, Xia Yan toes are a little bit, and the body suddenly retreats, avoiding the blow.

The hollow tail was emptied, and the body turned and flew again to Xia Yan.

Xia Yan did not immediately rush forward, but the body dodge and escaped the attack.

Although it was the first time to face a hollow, but Xia Yan maintained an extremely calm, recalling the various introductions.

Cruel, strong, quick response, with the body Attack as the main style.

In Xia Yan mind, there was a knowledge about hollow. In the moment of the hollow rush, the left hand crossed the air, the fingers burst into yellow light, and a rope flew out from the fingers and entangled into the hollow forelimbs.

Bakudō #4, Hainawa.


The hollow forelimbs were locked, and the forward rushing posture suddenly stopped, and fell heavily on the ground.

The fierce struggle, the Hainawa bursts instantly, and the hollow struggle wants to get up, but this short hesitation has already given Xia Yan time. He leaps high and appears on the back side of the hollow side, slashing to the hollow tail.

It’s better to break the finger and you can’t kill the opposite side in this Attack. It’s better to lower the Attack Power on the opposite side.


The stout tail was in the stage of Xia Yan full power slashing, and he made a painful groan. He turned and used his claws to draw Xia Yan.

But Xia Yan toes were a little bit again, and the body leaped high, avoiding the at the same time of the opposite side of the paw, and came to the top of the virtual.

Zanpakuto slashed down and slammed down.


Xia Yan Zanpakuto plunged into the hollow head, but only stabbed in an inch, unlike the muscle-like tail, and the hollow head was wrapped in thick armor.

In this case, then cut down hollow head.

Xia Yan made up his mind. At this time, he suddenly turned to one side. Xia Yan saw this scene and stepped on the hollow head and leaped high.

But the hollow scrolling at the same time, but sticking out the claws to Xia Yan abdomen.


Xia Yan was in the air, unable to dodge, only extended his left arm.


Xia Yan was beaten in the air, and the man flew out sideways, but rolled in the air, slowly landing, except for some slight pain in the arm, and did not suffer too much injury.

This is because Xia Yan used Bakudo #8-Seki when he was in the air.

A protective power shield is formed on the outside of the arm to withstand the enemy’s attack.

Although Xia Yan abandoned the chanting, there is no problem in dealing with the ordinary hollow attack.

After Xia Yan landed, the hollow rushed toward Xia Yan, without the tail to balance the position, its body left and right.

Xia Yan raised his hand and pressed it gently on the ground. The next moment, red’s smoke wrapped Xia Yan.

The hollow rushed into the smoke, he couldn’t see the sights around him, and he couldn’t feel the existence of Xia Yan.

But at this moment, there was a low sound in the distance. “The monarch, the mask of flesh and blood, Vientiane, flapping the wings…”

When he heard the sound, he rushed toward the source. Just came to Xia Yan, a huge red fireball shot to the hollow.

Hadō #31-Shakkahō,


The fireball hit the hollow head, Flame shot, and waited for Flame to disperse. Most of the hollow heads were destroyed.


It is a painful to see, but it has not died yet.

At this time, Xia Yan knife flashed, and the hollow head flew up and slammed on the ground.

The hollow body fell to the ground and was dead and could no longer move.

At this time, the hollow figure slowly collapsed, and the illusion killed by Zanpakuto will be eliminated, and the soul will enter the Soul Society and re-engage in the cycle.

Seeing the dying hollow, Xia Yan pounced on the ground, but then thought of something, ran to the real field.

At this time, the sixth grader was attracted by the vision here, and rushed to the side, Shin Nome shouted: “What happened?”

Xia Yan did not answer. Shin Nome ran to Xia Yan side and reached for Xia Yan shoulder. He pulled his body and found his eyes full of tears. He cried and said to Shin Nome: “Sakata was attacked, and already dead.”

Shin Nome body trembled and jumped over Xia Yan to see it. He found that Sakata was lying on the ground and had a big hole in his chest. There was no breath.

Shin Nome opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

But Shiroi Shika found a problem and asked: “Where, the hollow attacked Sakata Harada, where is it now?”

“Yes, what about it? Let’s kill it.” Shin Nome also asked anxiously.

Xia Yan cried and said: “I have killed it.”


Shin Nome gave a slight glimpse and asked: “You said you killed it.”

Xia Yan nodded, Shin Nome looked surprised, did not expect fourth-grade students can kill the hollow, at least until the fifth grade, will be internship with hollow battle.

Shin Nome nodded and patted Xia Yan shoulder and said, “Well, you killed it. You also avenged the murder of Sakata. Don’t be sad. What we have to do now is to send him back to the Soul Society. He was buried in the Soul Society and became part of the Soul Society.”

Xia Yan nodded and cried, trying to pick up the body of Sakata Harada but was taken over by Shin Nome and resisted on the shoulder.

“Get up, look like you are lying on the ground.” The Shiroi Shika screamed at Nozawa, who was lying on the ground and scared.

Xia Yan followed Shin Nome and came to the front of the gate. Shin Nome said to Shiroi Shika and Nozawa: “The internship is over, our Quest fails, you call the students, let’s go back.”

After receiving the reply, he looked at Xia Yan and said: “You go back with me and report to the teacher.”

Xia Yan nodded, followed Shin Nome into the gate, and returned to the Soul Society through the broken boundary to find the teacher.

Xia Yan reported the situation at that time, and waited for other students to come back and held a funeral for Sakata Harada before returning to the dormitory.

Xia Yan eyes is red, and my heart is very sad.

Although the relationship between Sakata Harada and his is not as close as with Renji, but also a few friends.

Xia Yan can remember that he talked to himself when he entered the fourth grade, and he remembered that he borrowed his own notes, and even remembered that he asked him to teach Kido to himself.

Xia Yan regarded him as his friend, but his friend died in front of himself.

Xia Yan has some self-blame. If he can find out in advance, this will not happen.

Renji patted him on the shoulder and said, “If you are sad, you will cry.”

Renji also participated in the funeral of Sakata Harada, and accompanied  Xia Yan. He naturally knew what happened.

When Xia Yan heard this, he couldn’t help it anymore and burst into tears.

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