BSI Chapter 26 : Ōmaeda Marechiyo

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In the bedroom, Xia Yan sits cross-legged on the bed, Zanpakuto lies flat on the knee, and the both hands are pressed on the sword hilt and the blade.

There were no visions and no changes. After a while, Xia Yan opened up his eyes.

He had been this way with his Zanpakuto for a month, and he poured Reishi into Zanpakuto every day, trying to communicate with Zanpakuto, but he didn’t get any results, and he didn’t have any clues.

However, among the sixth-grade students, who Shikai Ability has been mastered and recruited by other teams in advance.

This is the first time that Xia Yan is not the first.

But Xia Yan was not in a hurry. He stood up, put the blade into the scabbard, then put on his clothes and got out of bed.

At the bedside, Renji, Kira Iziru, and Kondo have been dressed neatly, Renji looks at Xia Yan, saying, “We will send you out.”

Xia Yan nodded. Today is the time for the internship to begin. Xia Yan also went to 2nd Division to report.

This means that from today, Xia Yan will not stay on campus and be completely separated from them.

Xia Yan walked out of the room with the help of three people, walked out of the boy’s bedroom, and stood outside with two girls, Rukia and Hinamori Momo.

Rukia saw Xia Yan, came over and hugged him and said, “Be sure to listen to the words of the predecessors.”

Hinamori Momo also smiled and said: “Xia Yan, we will meet again.”

Xia Yan was sent to the door by them, outside the door of the Spiritual Arts Academy, five people standing side by side in front of Xia Yan.

“Then, I’m going.” Xia Yan bowed to the five people.


“Take care.”

Xia Yan listened to their goodbye and turned around. His heart was a little sad. If it was before, he might cry.

But now, he has the goal of his own efforts and is more strong.

Although I will not see them for the time being, there will be time to meet.

Xia Yan slowly walked out of the street, only to speed up the pace and rushed to 2nd Division.

2nd Division was on the mountain. This Division was hidden between the mountains and forests. Xia Yan boarded the stone steps and walked up. There were still few steps left. A figure leaped high and he squatted in front of Xia Yan.

The owner of the figure is very tall, two meters tall, tall and burly, extremely obese.

He is wearing a black Shihakushō, with a purple collar, and Zanpakuto at the waist.

He stood there, like a thick wall, blocking the sun from the body.

This person Xia Yan naturally does know, Legend has a Strength that subverts World, Legend, he plays the tiger and eats the tiger, never reveals the real Strength, but in the dark, will once again calm down the crisis against the Soul Society.

He is 2nd Division Lieutenant and Onmitsukidō Second Team Captain, Ōmaeda, the former god.

Xia Yan looks at the fat face, staring at him with a fierce expression.

Xia Yan said with no anger: “Ōmaeda Lieutenant, you blocked me.”

“Haha, I am sorry, I will let you go.”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo subconsciously apologized and let the road open.

But when Xia Yan walked over, he only reacted. It’s not right. I don’t say that I came to give him trouble, that is, there is no such thing. He can’t let himself go.

He is a Lieutenant, and a Second Team Captain. He is his own adjutant and his office is higher than him.

Ōmaeda Marechiyo immediately shouted: “You stand for me.”

Xia Yan stood in the footsteps and looked at Maeda Marechiyo and asked, “What do you have to do with Ōmaeda predecessors?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo walked slowly to Xia Yan and said with a cold face: “Little devil, you know, although Soi Fon Captain lets you join second team and make you my adjutant, but I have not agreed.”

Xia Yan heard this and said with a funny smile: “Ōmaeda Captain means, Do you think Soi Fon Captain’s decision is wrong? ”

“No, no, this, how is Soi Fon Captain’s decision wrong?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo thought of Soi Fon Captain and couldn’t help but shudder and said quickly.

Xia Yan asked curiously: “What does Ōmaeda Lieutenant mean?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo coughed and said: “But I still have to check you out. To prove to other teammates, Soi Fon Captain’s decision is correct.”

It seems that today can not be mixed, Xia Yan did not ask for a good gas: “Ōmaeda Lieutenant, how are you going to assess?”

“Come out.”

As the words of Ōmaeda Marechiyo fell, suddenly jumped out of several men in combat uniforms, black suits wrapped around their bodies, masks on their faces obscuring their faces, holding short knives in their hands, and surrounded Xia Yan.

Xia Yan counted the number of people, a total of six people, from the speed they just appeared, the accomplishments on Shunpo are not inferior to themselves.

And they have experienced actual combat. At the time of Shikai of Zanpakuto, Xia Yan did not know how to defeat them through close combat.

Ōmaeda Marechiyo said with a smile: “You can beat them, I will let you be my adjutant.”

Xia Yan frowned and said: “But I am afraid of hurting them.”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo heard this, haha ​​smiled and said: “Little guy, you really can talk big, you want to hurt them, then come.”

When Xia Yan heard this, he suddenly raised his right hand and a red light appeared in the palm of his hand.

“Hadō? Hadō #30 Shakkahō, abandoning chanting, is really amazing, but what about it?”

Seeing the red light in the hands of Xia Yan, Ōmaeda Marechiyo immediately judged the Hadō he used, but did not panic and waved.

Six members of the secret force flew toward Xia Yan. Xia Yan can only be Attacked at most, and it is absolutely impossible to avoid the Attack of the remaining five.

But when the six people were about to be close, Xia Yan body suddenly exploded, and the huge explosion shrouded Xia Yan and fired.

The smoke obscured the view, and after the smoke dissipated, six people lay around, Ōmaeda Marechiyo clothes were broken and his face was dark.

Xia Yan slowly came out in the distance. At the moment of the explosion, he used Shunpo to leave behind the boulders, while others rushed into the explosion and were seriously wounded.

“Cough, what is this?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo looks at Xia Yan, his face is ugly.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “Lieutenant, you only saw that I used Shakkahō, but  did not see that I secretly arranged Fushibi and Kyokkō, and Shakkahō detonated Fushibi, which could cause a huge explosion and a violent Flame.”

This is a hybrid use of Kido, which was created by Hinamori Momo in the original work.

Fushibi linearizes the Reiatsu to capture enemies, while Kyokkō is Bakudō to cover objects.

Xia Yan covered Fushibi with a curved light, arranged around, and used Shakkahō to detonate Fushibi.

If the power is not reduced after abandoning chanting, the explosion will directly kill the six Onmitsukidō members, but this is the case, they crashed into the explosion area and were seriously injured.

“Come on, come and send them to the team.”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo is helpless and can only send the seriously injured subordinates out for treatment. This kind of injury must be quadruped before it can be treated.

At this time, this attracted Soi Fon and she appeared in the venue center, and asked inexplicably: “What happened?”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo whispered the last thing, Soi Fon’s face was cold. “Who asked you to test him? What do you mean, my decision is wrong? ”


Ōmaeda Marechiyo just wanted to deny that, before the words were finished, Soi Fon punched the face of Ōmaeda Marechiyo.


Ōmaeda Marechiyo flew straight out, squatted on the mountain body and then slipped to the ground.

But he was extremely tenacious, a squid hit and straightened up, and a leaping step came to Soi Fon, and she couldn’t see any injuries.

This anti-attack Ability makes Xia Yan admire, no wonder the explosion can not hurt you.

“Ōmaeda, you will count your things for a while, and both of you will follow me first.”

Ōmaeda Marechiyo and Xia Yan followed Soi Fon and entered the team of 2nd Division.

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