BSI Chapter 28 : Graduation

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In a blink of an eye, half a year has passed.

In the auditorium, Xia Yan calmly stood in the team, waiting for the official grant of Zanpakuto.

After finishing his fourth year of study, Xia Yan directly applied for graduation and passed it.

Today, it is the graduating ceremony for all graduates and the official ceremony for the grant of Zanpakuto.

Not all people can graduate, some died in three years of internship, some did not meet the requirements of graduation, and some were not selected by the Division.

For graduates, only three-fifths of the students in a grade, and two-fifths of the students, will be taken back the Zanpakuto, and no contact with Shinigami.

Xia Yan quietly waited, in this half year, Xia Yan Strength is also slowly growing.

In the second half of the semester, Xia Yan poured more energy into Kido. He first learned the primary Hadō and the primary Bakudō. The more useful one is Bakudō #21, Sekienton, releasing a huge red smoke screen to cover his body shape. Ōmaeda Marechiyo’s mastery.

There is also Bakudō #26-Kyokkō, covering objects, so that objects can not be seen by others.

Bakudō #30, Shitotsu Sansen, releasing three huge pointed-toothed beams, fixing the waist of the opposite side and the both hands to the object, limiting the enemy’s action.

Learning junior Kido, only one month left in the fourth grade, Xia Yan can only learn some practical intermediate Hadō and Bakudō.

For example, Hadō #31-Shakkahō, shooting a huge big fire group, the speed is extremely fast, both impact and high temperature.

Shakkahō is also the most used Hadō by Shinigami, which is more suitable for both power and difficulty.

In addition to this, Hadō #32-Ōkasen, high-speed Flame shooting. Hadō’s 33-Sōkatsui, blue’s blasting Attack. Hadō #58-Tenran, shooting a huge tornado and so on to the enemy.

These are more practical intermediate Hadō, and some Bakudō, such as Bakudō #37-Tsuriboshi, are made into a hammock in the air with Reishi, with the help of fallen people.

Bakudō #39-Enkōsen, the original protective shield, and the Bakudō #58-Kakushitsuijaku, used to sense the enemy Reiatsu and track the enemy.

These Kido are enough for Xia Yan to deal with ordinary hollow and mission.


After the graduation ceremony, Xia Yan slowly walked out of the auditorium, standing outside the auditorium with some blasphemy, a voice rang in the ear, “Xia Yan, here.”

Xia Yan raised the head and looked into the distance. Renji and Rukia stood there.

“Renji Big Brother, Rukia Sister…”

Xia Yan quickly went over and came to them, directly in the arms of Renji, squinting his hair and said: “Congratulations on your graduation.”

During the year in the Onmitsukidō troops, Xia Yan and their time spent less, but each time he received the salary, they will meet with several people and maintain the friendship of several people.

Rukia looks at Xia Yan, took out a parcel and said, “This is a gift for you.”

“Thank you.”

Xia Yan just thanked her, Renji said: “Rukia, why don’t you tell me if you have a gift, so I can prepare one.”

Rukia said with no anger: “Isn’t it a good idea to prepare a gift? Still need someone to tell?”

“Of course, you see that they are not…What? You are all preparing gifts. ” Renji looks at everyone who took out the gift, the look is extremely helpless.

Kira Izuru sent a pen to Xia Yan and said, “This pen is for you.”

Kondo gave him a bitterness, saying: “I hear that Onmitsukidō troops are good at assassination, this bitterness does send to you.”

Hinamori Momo gave Xia Yan a sunny doll and said with a smile: “I hope that every day is sunny.”


Xia Yan took all these things and took them together.

Rukia said with a smile: “And mine, you can take it apart.”

Xia Yan nodded and opened the package sent by Rukia. He saw that it was a silver-white necklace. The pendant of the necklace was a silver heart.

Rukia explained: “This is the hope that you should not forget your heart at any time.”

Xia Yan hung the pendant around his neck and said with a smile: “I will always wear it.”

Renji said with a smile: “Since you have prepared gifts and I am not prepared, I will ask you to eat.”

Six people went to the food street together, looking for a home wine house to celebrate Xia Yan graduation.


The crowd raised the glass, and when Xia Yan wanted to take the glass, he was stopped again.

Renji said: “You are too young to drink.”

Xia Yan heard this, very helpless, even if they have graduated, they still regard themselves as children.

However, my age is really small, counting Rukongai year, and now is less than fourteen.

Xia Yan can only pick up the juice and said: “Cheers.”

Everyone sipped, Renji said with a smile: “Xia Yan only spent two years to graduation, it is really amazing, has it been gone for a few years?”

The most recent leapfrog, dating back to fifty or sixty years ago, a brat called Ichimaru Gin, spent a year and finished the six-year course.

Although Xia Yan is inferior, but after completing six years of study in two years, he is still amazed.

Of course, Hisagi Shuuhei will also shine. He will be rushed by the Division in the sixth grade, and recruited in advance, belonging to the genius that has not been in the past few years.

In front of Xia Yan, his halo will be faded.

However, after three years, a genius boy will enter the Spiritual Arts Academy, using only one year of graduation. After entering Division, he will be three seats. In 30 years, he will master Bankai and take over Captain position.

This person is the most genius person in the history of seireitei. His appearance can completely cover the limelight of Xia Yan.

For Xia Yan, this will be a very unexpected thing. Joining the Onmitsukidō troops is to reduce the attention of others. If he can get caught up in the limelight and draw the attention from him, he can avoid being noticed by others as much as possible. .

Xia Yan did not want to be noticed by Aizen before he grew up and became his observation target.

Once he was stared at, even the Captain-class characters couldn’t detect it and could only be played between applause.

Rukia said with a smile: “And Xia Yan was recruited in advance, and we will enter the third grade next year.”

Several others felt deeply frustrated. In the face of Xia Yan Talent, their efforts were insignificant.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “But you will always enter the Division, I will wait for you in the Division.”

Renji heard this. smiled and said: “You are right, we will enter the Division, our Abarai team members, all must become Shinigami.”

“Why call the Abarai team?” Kira Izuru asked.

Renji said proudly: “Because I am a big brother.”

Rukia interjected: “This name is so bad.”


Renji and Rukia glared at each other and the two quarreled again.

Several other people laughed and the banquet was very lively.

But in any case, it can’t change the fact of separation. Xia Yan will see them later, but more time, there will be only one person.

Of course, he will also meet new friends. Life is not always the same. There will always be separation on the road ahead. Xia Yan knows that welcoming himself will be a new life.

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  1. I just have a question that keeps bothering me very much. How old was he before transporting to bleach world? He acts like a 3rd grader. Its kinna embarrassing now. Like running into Renji’s arms. Like “Come to papa”. Smh. But I like the story so far. I am gonna put up with it.

    1. just 11 years, and sorry i don’t know the author preference “IYKWM” and thankyou for reading this

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