BSI Chapter 176 : Exchange

Edited: XiaXue

In the first Great Hall, Tristan’s toes were a little on the ground, disappearing all at once, appearing behind Abarai Renji and kicking out.

“So fast.”

Abarai Renji changed his face and turned back with his hands. He crossed his chest and was kicked.


Abarai Renji was retreat back and his feet made a mark on the ground.

“It turned out to be faster.”

Abarai Renji face was raised and his expression became strong.

After Tristan’s falsification test and complete Hollowfication test, Strength is upgraded to a higher level than before.

First of all, the upgrade of Reiatsu, with Hōgyoku transformation, the Reiatsu is upgraded once.

And in the process of blurring, Tristan and his boots soul are combined, faster and more kicking  power.

Even if it is not blurred, Tristan has the degree and strength of the ordinary Captain series.

“Get out, otherwise you will die.”

Tristan leaped high, flipping in the air and kneeling down.

Abarai Renji leaped to the side, and Tristan’s ankle was in the ground.

He saw a long gully appearing in front of him, extending to the far wall, the wall shattered, and the entire Great Hall was a little shaken.

“I don’t want to shoot a woman.”

Abarai Renji coldly snorted, but the next moment, a shadow.


Abarai Renji was directly drawn by a long leg and broke into the distant wall. The wall shattered and the gravel drowned it.

“Are you sure you don’t want to take it?”

Tristan asked coldly’s looks at stone wall.


On the other side, a dozen green numbers flew to Rukia. The latter’s toes move little bit, and the body jumped up, avoiding the digital attack.

 Boom, bang, bang.

The ground that Rukia just stood on was like a bomb hit, and there was a huge pothole on the ground.

The smoke scattered up and blocked Rukia’s figure.


When Kutsuzawa waved his right hand, the green figure flew toward the smoke again, merging in the middle of the smoke, and constantly exploding.

But after the explosion, Rukia’s figure disappeared.

“Hadō #31, Shakkahō.”

Along with the sound, a Kido emerged from the back of Kutsuzawa and shot at Kutsuzawa.


Takizawa turned and cocked his right hand and waved forward.


Kutsuzawa hand hit Shakkahō, Shakkahō burst, and Takizawa did not hurt.

“Very powerful defensive power.”

Rukia eyes shivered, and she didn’t expect the intermediate Kido to be useless to him.

Kutsuzawa said with a smile: “This is my Ability without a slang. In the moment, my defensive power increases, and you naturally can’t hurt me.”

“Here we go.”

Kutsuzawa spit out three words and instantly came to the back of Rukia and punched her out.

Rukia took out her Zanpakuto and smashed it out and slammed it on Kutsuzawa Fist.


The sound of gold and iron was sounded, and Kutsuzawa fist was not hurt, but the number of greens flew again, shrouded Rukia.

But the expected explosion did not appear, and the surrounding numbers were frozen in the air and turned into ice.

The next moment, Rukia holds the silver-white Zanpakuto in her hand and points to Kutsuzawa, shouting gently: “First dance, Tsukishiro.”

Along with the words of Rukia, a moonlight fell, shrouded Kutsuzawa, and Kutsuzawa was directly frozen into an icicle.

Rukia’s first dance, Tsukishiro is the moonlight projected by the sky, and the opponents shrouded in moonlight will be frozen by the ice.

However, at the beginning of the first dance, only the releaser can be the center, and Rukia can release the first dance after 17 months of original work.

Now Rukia can do this through the practice in Dangai.

Look at the frozen Kutsuzawa, Rukia sighed.

But at this time, with a bang, the ice layer shattered a little, and she saw a man with a white shoulder covered with white armor slowly coming out.

“A very powerful Ability, if it was the previous me, I have already been killed by you.”

Kutsuzawa stood in front of Rukia and said plainly.

“Second dance, Hakuren.”

Zanpakuto in Rukia’s hand clicked four times in front of him, and the four white spots flew up the bright white ice.

With the ice flying out, the Zanpakuto sword tip in Rukia’s hand was filled with cold air.

Rukia aimed the cold at Kutsuzawa, and then bang, centered on the four points, and the icicles permeated in the direction of the coldness front, freezing all the places where the cold was.

But at the moment of touching Kutsuzawa, the icicles are constantly melting.

She saw a fluffy Flame with the body of Kutsuzawa, and Flame encountered an icicle that melted all the icicles.

“this is?”

Rukia saw this scene, her face showing an unbelievable look.

Kutsuzawa said: “I can create other conditions, strengthen the degree, strengthen the strength, strengthen the defensive power, strengthen the perception, Flame, freeze, and cold wind by limiting the conditions. So, your Ability doesn’t have any effect on me. Next, the degree of reinforcement.”

Said, Kutsuzawa body suddenly moved to Rukia behind.

“So fast.”

Rukia hurriedly turned and lifted Zanpakuto in her hand.

But at the next moment, Kutsuzawa figure suddenly became bigger, his right arm became thick and sturdy, and he squatted toward Rukia.


Rukia propped up Sode no Shirayuki, and the tip of Sode no Shirayuki released coldness, constantly freezing Kutsuzawa arm.

But the huge Strength of Kutsuzawa directly caused it to smash the ice and smash it to Rukia.

Seeing that it was going to be smashed, the sound of the sound broke, and a residual shadow flew over and was drawn on the body of Kutsuzawa.


Kutsuzawa flew out and the image was slowly recovered. It was an extended zigzag machete.

The long sword was taken back, Abarai Renji rushed out of the gravel and came to Rukia not far away. He said, “I won’t shoot a woman, Rukia, you come to deal with the woman, and I deal with this man.”

When Rukia heard this, she nodded and said, “Okay.”

The two were staggered, Abarai Renji went to Takizawa, and Rukia went to Tristan.

Kutsuzawa slowly stood up from the ground, looks at Abarai Renji, and stunned his head and said, “Whoever can be an opponent, my Quest just takes you down.”

“There is no injury.”

Abarai Renji looks at Kutsuzawa, the opposite side was drawn by himself, and the body did not have a trace of scars, and his face became thicker.

“Is it changed?”

Tristan looks at Rukia, a little move, jumps out, comes to Rukia, and pulls out again.

But she just appeared next to Rukia. UU reading is getting slower and slower. When she is about to kick in Rukia, her right foot is covered by ice and frozen in the air.

And Rukia turned back and cut out Tristan.


The ice was filled and Tristan was frozen there.

“My Ability, is a system.”

Rukia holds the sword and slowly retracts the long sword.

But just as Tristan was about to be frozen, a white shadow passed, and Rukia kept the long sword in front of him, still kicked out and landed on the ground in the distance.


Rukia looks at Tristan in the distance, whose feet and calves are wrapped in white armor, keeping the right leg kicked out.

Tristan said: “Sorry, your Ability can’t restrain me.”

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